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The Possessed Word Document
I had to share this with you guys because it was too funny. Yesterday I'm at work doing a document in MS Word, when I look up from my typing to see the text running across the page BACKWARDS! I pulled my glasses off, thought "WTF?" and picked up the phone and dialed Batman's extension (that's DarkKnight430 for you kids who didn't know). And OF COURSE, he's not here....figures... :brickwall:
So, I call up IT help and I'm promptly told "Woah, I've never seen THAT happen's like it's possessed."

So, all the work I put into this thing... every bit of text was backwards. Great...
my tech's advice...."Kill it."

I swear, for a moment, I heard the music from the Exorcist.

Weirdness abounds...
OMG! I would have completely flipped out and shut the machine down...I've seen Word do so pretty weird things, but that is by far the weirdest story i've heard :S

Love the IT Tech's advise, so very helpful.
Check for viruses, Chanty. I had that happen at my last office job. We had been hit by hackers. No lie. Dissatisfied computer savy customers had not only messed with Word programs but also reversed the alphabetical order in our filing and inventory systems. A=Z, Z=A and so on.

Glenn Walker
Hey DorkKnight... did you catch that?? HELLLO?? are you listening to me or is it all "blah blah blah again?"

Naw, our computers at work are so up to date with virus software that it's insane. You'd be able to break into Fort Knox before you'd be able to hack into our systems

*ahem* (gives DK a funny look) Unless it's a terminal...which I'm not...

Anyway.. it was just that one document, nothing else has done it, so it's been a running joke that my computer is haunted. Cool. I maybe we can sell it on Ebay like the guy with the cheese sandwich did!
Kind of makes you wonder about the terminals, eh? We'll see what happens in the next 7 days........

Not sure if anyone would be able to get past the many protections we have in place. But, we can't be naive about such things, either. I mean, even the Fortress of Solitude got broken into for crying out loud.

(ponders for a moment) Hmmm. I could make a lot of money from a cheese sandwich with the Batsignal on it.
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When they caught the guys who did the reverse thing to our system, they had admitted that they used virus software to spread it. Be warned.

Scared of the magic box more than ever now...

We are seriously under the assumption that the office is haunted now.
I've had people try to call me at work to say my phone has been disconnected... printers are going offline for no reason... the safety guy is actually being NICE!...
Ok, that last one was a stretch.
I think Batman's on to what's going on, it's not a virus, it's someone we consider a virus at this point (and even before all this...) Idiot isn't covering his trail.
It is apparent to me, Robin, that either we have a silicon-savvy second-shift saboteur on the loose, or a peripheral poltergeist is haunting our hardware. In either case, the effect has been ultimately annoyance on the part of yours truly. Hours which could have been spent preparing for progress have been wasted cleaning up the clutter caused by the clever criminal.

We must get to the bottom of this..

To the Batmobile!! :dcbat:
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First off, let's get a few things straight.

1) I am not Robin, nor will I ever be a "side kick". If anything I'm Oracle. Ha!

2) It's the Penguin, I'm sure of it.

and 3) You don't own a batmobile.


But seriously, there's been some weird stuff going on at work, I'm going to blame it all on one of three things...

The Phanlynx
The Borg

Hey, there's always a scapegoat. :bashlamer:
Well, I see someone jumped to a 'concussion.'

Here's the lowdown:
1. I was merely paying homage to the corny yet historical aspect of the history of the Batman saga, the "60s version." I was not directing the monacle of 'Robin' to anyone in particular

2. That fowl-weather fiend would never get past security.

3. I do too. It's just in the shop....Alfred is..ehh...working on the brakes.

The Phanlynx? come on, really.
The Borg won't show up in their 'past' for another hundred years or so
Why would I sabotage my own handy-work?

If there is anyone who would fit the bill for the scapegoat, it should be our exiting employee. I think she knows more than she lets on....
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