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Updates: Members List, Random Signatures
Although my PC is still as flaky as the singing detective I managed to make a couple of adjustments to how things run.

A. Members List

The Members page has been revamped to collect the information together in a more user friendly manner. The Avatar is now on the left and clicking it or the member name will now take you to the member's profile page. The member name and location have been combined, as have the various dates listed. You can now also filter the member list by the first letter of the member's name.

B. Random Signatures

As some of you will no doubt have noticed since the upgrade of the board to the latest version of phpBB, the random signature images have not been working properly. I am pleased to announce that for those users for whom I host the image files this has now been corrected using a workaround on my own webspace. This will allow me to continue to provide this freebie for the RPG members.

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