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What are you doing?
#1 Yeah I'm talking to you?

Ok, so here's my point. My best friend and Isabelle's Godmother is on vacation right, probably burning her buns at some exclusive resort or whatever...and I'm stuck in rainy midwest US.

So, thinking about vacations... are you planning on one this year? Where are you going?

Oh come on come on! I've got to have someone to envy when I look out the window at the prepetual "Scottish" weather I'm having!
Well this isn’t really a vacation because I’m going with a mission organization and camping all 8-9 weeks of it. But this summer I’ll be traveling Europe for 8 weeks (first week is spent preparing in the states.) The countries I’ll be traveling to will be:

England and/or Scotland
Czech Republic

So yeah, that’s what my summer holds for me. It’s not really a touristy kind of trip but I’m looking forward to it non-the-less ^_^ I’m really looking forward to seeing Germany and Poland because I’m German/Polish. Btw, yes I’m still alive and kicking…just incredibly busy lately and thus haven’t been able to get online much ^_^
No real planned vacations this year. There's Special Olympics and Wizard World on the same weekend so we'll get a bit of both in. And we're having houseguests in for a week or two each a couple times this summer, but no plans for us to go anywhere yet.

COMIC-CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my Vacation Every year. Jonna and I are both going again, and both can't wait! We get a Hotel room and go all three days! It's a blast and we get to do EVERYTHING that we want to without being rushed for time.

The only other possible vacations that I foresee taking would be to Pana, Illinois to visit my good friend or to a certain little town in Indiana where 3 of my favorite people in the world live.
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