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Happy Birthday to our favorite twins!

A great big happy birthday to Solace and Tessa today!

I hope you guys have a great day and enjoy yourselves!
Happy Birthday from Scotland! :bdaygift:
Happies from Jersey!

A big Happy Birthday wish from me as well, sitting here at work wishing I was anywhere but. I hope you both have a lovely Birthday and a fun summer ahead of you.

I know that college will be keeping both of you busy in the fall, so I hope that you can make some time for us between now and then. You are definately missed around here.

Wondertwin's Powers Activate!!!
Thanks Y'all for the lovely birthday wishes ^_^ Though at the time I'm writing this it's no longer our birthday....but oh well.

Don't worry J, we'll make sure to make time for y'all here at CU....

- Liz

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