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We started picking this up from issue one, but I've had very little time to post about it.

So, is anyone reading it.

I so love that Songbird is back. She's one of my favorite characters...and that they brought my all time favorite Genis into it as well... know where that road leads, we've all read Avengers Forever!

Overall I like the book. I think Fabian is doing a good job of trying to get it back to the grandeur it had when the first series started spiraling.

"and that Photon...with a PH!" (to quote Marv)
Nova and myself are both reading it. I have been with Thunderbolts since the beginning. (even through that whole fight club crap!) I have enjoyed Thunderbolts since day one, and it just keeps getting better! (sans afformentioned storyline)

The most recent storyline where it was pretty much all of Hydra vs. the T-bolts was...WOW. Some of the best stuff I've read in a while. VERY ENTERTAINING.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Well, we have jumped ship on the Thunderbolts I am afraid. It was a combination of things really. Our comic book budget was being stretched for one, and this was the easiest book for me to cut. Which in and of itself tells you that I couldn't have been enjoying it all that much if I found it that easy to drop it.

I hated Captain Marvel's (I refuse to call him Photon) new name and new costume. The naked look was terrible. Although in the last issue I read he had adopted a new costume that I like marginally better, but nothing could compare to his red duds. His character no longer has anything in common with the character that Peter David introduced me to a few years back.

The classic T-Bolts characters are still good. I have no problems with them. But the rest of the team...gods, where do I start? Radioactive Man is basically a glowing green version of Namor. His personality is entirely too annoying for me to like him as a front line hero. Speed Demon is a poor man's Quicksilver. Joystick is a throw away character that has no redeeming qualities in my eyes. I would say that of all the new comers, Blizzard is the only one that I buy on the team. He seems to fit in pretty well on this misfit team.

I guess we will have to rely on you guys to fill us in on whats going on with the team from now on though. Because I am still curious as to who the heck the new Swordsman is. I kinda liked that guy. Which I guess is how I would best sum up my feelings of the series as a whole. I kinda liked it, but in this day and age of three dollar cover prices, I need a little more than "kinda."
I love this Stucker/Hydra storyline. To me it is very intreasting. Alot of people on the T-Boltz thread at HCRealms were guessing a to who the ew swordsman is, and I like it. I don't like how they played him down though after finding out who he is. Father or no, Andreas would of cut him down like a farm on wheat.
I'm a fan of the "classic" (if you can call it that) Thunderbolts.

The only reason I bothered picking up this book was because of Melissa and Marv. And look what they did to Marv! Jeezus pete! I liked it better when he was nuts!
I love the T-Bolts! I've been reading them since the very beginning and Songbird is easily in my top five of Marvel characters.

I just bouth issue 18 (99th over all) and I'm really glad the old artist came back! the one they've had for the pas couple of issues was just not right... the colors looked all grey and the characters were all out of proportions.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this issue, hopefully, they'll keep expanding on Photon's inner struggles and all that. I really like that [spoiler] Moonstone is back... that's not really a spoiler since she was on the cover, but it's still nice. Big cliffhanger at the end of this issue, but the next one is the big 100th issue, so they needed something huge, which is probably gonna be a big confrontation between the T-Bolts and Zemo's rag-tag team... and who knows who else could guest-star! I mean Andreas Von Strucker was revealed as the new Swordsman, I was really surprised by that... But I was a bit disgusted that his late sister's skin was wrapped on the handle of the sword so he could keep using his mutant power... it's kind of macabre[/spoiler]
Which "very beginning" are you referring to? The 97-2004 run? or the 2004-2004 "fight club" run, or the current run?

Sorry, but his name's Captain Marvel, there's already a Photon in the Marvel universe. Whoever's idea it was to go and change his name needs their head examined.

Current run has bored the crap out of me. The last issue we got was the one with Zemo and Von Strucker, which did interest me, mildly.

I think T-bolts lost it sauce for us because Hawkeye's gone. They stuck together a bunch of characters no one cared about (Save for Songbird and Genis) and thought they'd sell a book. The only reason it floated last time was because of it's strong ties with the Avengers.

It's medicore fanfic fluff at this point.
I've actually spoke to quite a few people who thoroughly enjoy T-Bolts on a regular basis, so I wouldn't call it "fanfic fluff", though news that they spanked the New Avengers kinda game a "What the fuzzy?" look on my face.


Enchantress Wrote:Sorry, but his name's Captain Marvel, there's already a Photon in the Marvel universe. Whoever's idea it was to go and change his name needs their head examined. a sort of a running joke. I do believe that Photon is the third codename Genis has stolen from Monica, and if I'm not mistake, she actually confronted him once about it.
I know he keeps stealing her name...and she's confronted him twice now.

Yeah, I know "you" wouldn't call it fanfic fluff, but I do.
Like I said, they threw together a bunch of characters that no one really cared about and pushed it off on us as "The Thunderbolts."

Nope, sorry...I'm a purist (says the chick with the T-bolts underwear!)

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