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After Great Britian-Assignment R&R
As the jet hovered down on the landing pad, the team could see Mulder standing with his hands in his pockets next to a couple of heavily uniformed military personnel. That would also explain the Army green helicopter sitting on their landing pad as well.
With the Scarecrow in tow, they exited the jet and watched as the MPs silently came forward, took the Scarecrow from them, and made their way to their helicopter.
"Well, job well done and with only a few scratches I see." Mulder looked at AJ's bandaged hand and smiled.
"You do manage to take the brunt of everything don't you?" motioning towards the main house, he turned and started walking away.
"Come on, no debriefing on the beach."
Angelee looked up from where she was standing with Chandi still holding her hand and a small grin started to form on her face.
"What Spooky? No gettin' naked on tha beach anymore? Damn, go an' ruin all tha fun."
Letting go of Chandi's hand, she walked ahead of the group. Part of her was almost anxious to see of Cameron was back, another part of her felt a familiar sinking feeling in her stomach.
Looking back over her shoulder she tried to smile.
"I'm just anxious ta see Vicki..." but everyone in the group could see the look of disappointment on her face as she walked in to the house. Her footsteps echoed across the tiled floor as she peeked down the hall and saw that Cam's door was still closed...but Vicki was laying on the floor in front of it, chewing on one of his shoes.
"Vicki!" she called out and leaned down as the dog ran at her full force and proceeded to cover her with doggy kisses.
“You know we might be more receptive to debriefings if you’d hold them on the beach.” Chandi piped up, with a wink and smirk in Mulder’s direction Chandi quickened her pace a bit. She was in need of a good strong cup of coffee and a meditation session to help her cope with what Dr. Crane’s fear toxin had brought to the forefront of her mind. “Anyone know if we’ve got some Irish whiskey here?” Chandi was in need of a good strong Irish cup of coffee, though she doubted that Mulder would let her drink before the debriefing.
"What's there to tell mate? You sent sent us to go get the doc. We got the doc. We brought the doc back without blowing anything up."

De commented as he made his way up the beach and towards the house. One hand slipped into his pocket as his other mussed his hair a bit, the ordeal with Crane and the round trip to and from Britain leaving him in need of a good night's sleep and a shower. Of course he'd have loved to get right to one and then the other, but given Fox's tone of voice and what have you, he figured he was in for at least an hour of pointless storytelling and reaccounting.
Angelee had spent her life learning to deal with disappointment. She had learn to mask it very well. As she sat there petting her dog, she looked at Cameron's door.
"He couldn't handle it, let it go. He's ran away before. He might come back, he might not. Besides, it's not like we were exclusive."
Standing up, she watched as the others came in and began to fill the living area that Mulder was sitting in, waiting for an explanation of what had happened.
"Ah ain't up for this. Ah'm still recouping." she pushed some of that wild long pink hair out of her face and pushed open her bedroom door. Soon afterward, the soft refains of Brook Benton's "Rainy Night in Georgia" began to spill from behind the door.

She sat there for a few long moments, listening to the music and the sound of the waves crashing against the beach below. Her dark eyes scanned the beach for any signs of life, signs she wanted. But nothing.
"Get over it already." she told herself in a muttered curse under her breath.
"Maybe I should go find John and get good and drunk." she looked over her shoulder to where the door stood half open and smiled. That sounded like an excellent idea. She had spent entirely too much time mooning over Cameron Angus in her life. If he wanted her, he'd just have to stand in line.
AJ stood up, walked over to the door and called out to her buddy John.
"Hey Starlin', Ah got a bottle of Jamacian Rum and a up for it?"
De raised a brow as he watched AJ walk off from the rest of the group and into her room to be alone for a bit.

"Oiy. If pinky and her brain ain't getting the ol' one two interrogation about this mess, I sure as 'ell ain't. Besides, I do believe I promised a lovely or two some quality time once we got back. And I like to keep my promises when at all possible."

He stretched his arms out to the sides a moment, one of his shoulders popping into place in the process, before sliding himself in between Kei and Chandi and wrapping an arm around each of thier slender waists.

"So what say we all head on out for dinner and dancing tonight? Maybe a few drinks, a game of Twister, and then hit a massage parlor? Eh? Eh!?"
Walking along side his teammates as they exited their plane, ‘Vok couldn’t help but nod in agreement. “The beach surely sounds a might more inviting than anything to be found in the confines of this place. Hours upon hours of being told what we should have done, could have done and what we did wrong doesn’t sound like anything me wants much to do with anyway.” As the group entered their headquarters, ‘Vok noticed that his opinions seemed to be echoed on the faces of his friends. Not one of them was the straight laced bureaucratic BS type, and that was precisely what the shape shifter liked about them. In fact, it was one of the things that had kept him around this long. Had Valerie Cooper been ordering them around this whole time instead of the obviously more laid back Fox “Spooky” Mulder, ‘Vok would have been vapor long ago.

Almost as soon as they got inside, AJ took off for her room. She seemed out of sorts and for the time being, ‘Vok was going to give her some space. She had bins full of issues to sort through, and the Skrull thought that his always-on amorous presence would do her little good getting through it all. Unbelieving of his own restraint, he walked into the living room and saw Mulder with an air of ambivalence rifling through a stack of files. They likely held the details of the previous mission as known thus far, or possibly even information concerning their next odd outing. But whatever minuscule amount of interest that he had for such nonsense disappeared instantly as AJ beckoned for the alien’s presence from down the hall. The shred of control that ‘Vok had been exerting was gone in a flash as he stood bolt upright and turned to his friends, “Me friends, I cannot keep the wee nymph waiting.” He gave them a wink which was apparently aimed at none of them in particular, and added, “And don’t worry Spooky, I just may be doing some debriefing this evening after all.”

As he walked in the pink haired beauty’s direction, ‘Vok let his abilities go to work transforming his “work clothes” into a much more comfortable white tank and bright yellow pair of board shorts. He heard De behind him expressing a similar disinterest in anything that came close to paper work and smiled. This team was hopeless. He rounded the corner into AJ’s room and flashed the pixie a smile. “You know, Spooky has no shot of controlling this team as long as you continue to set bad examples like this. You’re just lucky that I am the impressionable sort,” ‘Vok snickered as he flung himself onto the bed, looking around for the promised bottle of Jamaican Rum.
Mulder watched in silence as they one by one made their way to their own destinations, rather than sitting through a debriefing.

A small smile curled his lips as De, Chandi and Kei all left the room together. Followed shortly thereafter by Starling almost leaping to AJ's beckoning call. Hell, he'd leap too if she called for him like that.
Letting out a bit of a sigh, he stood up and walked over to the door. Giving Vicki a pet on the head as he walked out it, he called back to them all...
"Ok, have fun kids. This is your R&R use it wisely. I'll be back in a few weeks. Don't trash the place."
AJ watched him flop down on her bed and admonish her for being such a bad example for the rest of the team.
"Hey! At least Ah'm still here! Unlike some people!" she pointed towards the bottom of the nightstand where 2 bottles of the preferred liquid refreshment were sitting, knowing thats what he was looking around for.

Turning her back to him, she opened her dresser and began rifling through it for her favorite black bikini.
"Ya know, Ah need a vacation. This place is enough ta drive ya bonkers." Looking over her shoulder past the mess of pink hair, she smiled at 'Vok.
Taking her attention back to the task at hand, she took her sweet delibrate time about stripping off her clothes and putting on the bathing suit. Hoping he got a good enough eyeful, she turned around and put her arms up in the air as if to say "well, what do you think?"
"Let me guess, you liked the in between part better, right? Come on, let's go soak up some sun!"
"Well then. Not that we've gotten rid of ol' Mr. X-Piles, I say we see what kinds of trouble we can get into. Bloke said we had a week or two right? So how's about a field trip, eh luvs? I wouldn't mind seeing Aus again for a bit. Give us a chance to settle with me sister, and afterwards we can lounge about the beaches for days."

De said as he slipped out from between the two buxom Bettys he'd pinned to his sides moments before. He hadn't been home for what felt like months, and the few precious moments he had spent there not to long ago were marred with exhaustion, confusion, and bad hair care products. He'd been galavanting about the globe and another dimension for months and longed to sleep in his own bed in his own flat on home soil just for a little while. And if he could track down Shyanne and give her a good and proper punch to the face in the process.....all the better.

"Think it over a bit ladies. Warm sandy beaches, clear cool water, and the type of nightlife that would put a hedonistic swinger couple from a Ron Jeremy film to shame. Be right back...."

The Australian man said he backed out of the room, rubbing his hands together with a grin on his face before stumbling a little bit as he backed into the corner of the couch. Trying to recover his cool as best he could, he quickly sauntered down the hall to AJ's room, rapping his hand against the door softly a few times before reaching for the knob and trying the door.

"Tuck and roll Johnny boy. I got a proposition you and AJ....."
AJ's eyebrow quirked in the direction of De' as he pushed the door opened and welcomed himself into her inner sanctum. She gave 'Vok a "what the hell, just when I got you alone!" look and then smiled.
"Proposition huh? Come on, spill it. This has gotta be sumthin' good."
"Right luv, here's the gist. I figure we'e got a week or so before Mully shows back up and gives us the ol' heave ho towards our next assignment, but we could probably stretch that out longer if we make ourselves scarce. So I say we pack up, top the jet off with petrol, and spend a little time on the beach. Of Australia!"

De said throwing his arms out to the side a bit to accentuate the point.

"Warm sands, loose women, questionable blokes of all makes and models. What do you say? Road trip to see the wizard, or lounge about 'ere and take our chances?"
Realizing that De had just missed the impromptu, and all too brief, striptease by seconds, 'Vok grinned, content in the knowledge that he and he alone had been privy to the pixie's assets. De would have to settle for the second hand viewing made possible by any number of local video rental establishments if he wanted a peak.

Tipping back a healthy swig of rum, ‘Vok listened to De’s idea with apparent interest. “Merry you should mention that friend, the pile of pink locks here was just saying how much she needed a wee bit of holiday. I was about to offer to ring up some of me old pals, in hopes of catching a lap around the Milky Way, but I suppose the Down Under would be far enough away to escape life’s more grueling demands. Besides, if we is trying to avoid Mr. Spooky, Australia would likely be the better choice anyway. Something tells me Mulder could track down the Starjammer in a heartbeat if he had to.”
Vok' encouragement was all it took for AJ to throw caution to the breeze and pipe up with an enthusatic..."OH HELL YEAH! Let's go!"

She grabbed the nearest bag and started throwing things in it. Looking through about four sets of drawers and cursing softly.

"anyone seen my bikini? oh wait, nevermind." she rolled her eyes realizing that she was wearing said piece of clothing.

Flopping down on her bed next to 'Vok, she grabbed the bottle of rum of of his hands and smiled up at De' as she took a swig of it.
"So sugah, when we headin' out? Ya've piqued mah interested with those "questionable blokes.".."
"Right off luv, right off. And you won't regret it, I promise!" De said excitedly as he rubbed his hands together once more. "Well two get packing and I'll go grab the the birds. Melbourne is lovely time time of year and I'm tell you.....just wait. Just wait. You'll see."

He finsihed, disappearing back into the hallway and running back to Kei and Chandi to inform them of the plan. The surfer girl and Australian native both seemed pleased enough with the idea, and headed off to pack their things as De did the same. If everything worked out as planned, in twenty-four hours they'd be half a world away and having the time of their lives. He took little care in packing his things, knowing he had a much more of a wardrobe at his flat. Oh yeah...this was going to be a good trip. He could feel it in his hair. What could possibly go wrong. After all...

The Guardians of Twilight Cove were going to Australia.

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