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The Guardians of Twilight-A Synopsis of the Story
The Guardians

A group of unique individuals given the chance for redemption set up shop on Twilight Cove, a small island in the Florida Keys. Valerie Cooper, their liaison with the US Government, is using the team as her own chance to redeem herself after the disaster with the Thunderbolts.

The Cove- Is a five-mile wide island situated in the Lower Key area of the Florida Keys. Covered with thick foliage and trees, it provides ample cover for the Guardian’s base. A small helipad resides near the base. The building itself is a 4 story *2 sublevels* metal exterior building built to withstand hurricane force winds.
Within the building, consists living quarters for the team, a training facility, medical bay, garage, a large scale computer satellite tracking and monitoring system, and a recreation facility. Originally, the building was used by the National Weather Service to track hurricanes before they approached the United States Mainland, but was rendered obsolete after it failed to predict Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Dr. Valerie Cooper, having failed miserably with the Thunderbolts, is on the verge of being booted out of the government’s good graces. Her position as Chairman of the Commission on Superhuman Activities is in jeopardy. She’s been given one last chance, and that chance, is the Guardians. Procuring their base on Twilight Cove was fairly easy, the team however, was a different story. Cooper was given a group of misfits, each with their own shadowy past. Criminal troubles, mental troubles, mutant troubles, she had her choice of who to pick, and the selection process was, interesting….

However, Dr. Cooper was pulled from the Guardians before their first actual mission began. Only to be replaced by FBI Agent Fox Mulder. "Spooky" as he insists on being called, informed the team that the truth really was out there....and things did change.

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