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Crossgen: Meridian
Can anyone tell me what's been happening in Meridian lately? I read the first four to five graphic novels at my library a bit ago, and got hooked. Since then, the librarian hasn't seen fit to aquire any more, and neither of my local bookstores carry the title. Sad I'd have to go to the comic book store (It's kinda complicated, but it's harder to go there than to Boarders or B&N) and get individual issues to continue my reading. So I wanna know: which issues should I be looking for? :?
Okay, So Crossgen went under. I get that now.

Does anybody know what issues a lot of their series ended on? Like what were the last numbers of the issues of Meridian, Sojourn, Scion, Mystic, etc?
I'll do some digging for you. The only CrossGen books I got were Soujourn (which was AMAZING), Lady Death and Ruse. Ruse ended with issue 12 I believe, but I could be wrong there.
I did hear some rumblings after Crossgen's ship sank that when Disney purchased the rights, they were going to start publishing again.
That's been what? 2 years now?

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