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Mark Waid signs 2 Year Exclusive DC contract!

July 26th, 2005 - Mark Waid, renowned writer of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, EMPIRE and the upcoming BRAVE AND BOLD monthly, has signed a 2-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"In a sense, DC's been my home since I was four years old and learning to read, so it's a very natural relationship to make," says Waid. "The assigments spinning out of this exclusive will have me collaborating with some of the greatest comic-art superstars in the field today, and every one of them is a writer's dream to work with. In signing the exclusive alongside comics' brightest talents, I feel as if I've been asked to join the JLA or the Legion of Super-Heroes. And then I realize how dorky that sounds, so I won't say it out loud. Hey, you didn't quote me, did you?"

"No one knows more about our heroes and our history than Mark," says Dan DiDio, VP — Executive Editor, DCU. "We've very happy to make his expertise a major part of our planning, both on new projects and the direction the DCU takes in the future."

And don't miss LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #8, hitting comics shops tomorrow, July 27!

Also, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1-6 will be collected in the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES VOL. 1: TEENAGE REVOLUTION, coming in November!

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