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On Sale August 10th!

ok, how can I not pick up a book written by Jeph Loeb??? and with Ian Churchhill cover art...*swoon!*

(here's what says about issue 0)

A new printing of the amazing story by SUPERGIRL creative team Jeph Loeb, Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund originally presented in SUPERMAN/BATMAN #19.

Now that Kara Zor-El has accepted her role as Supergirl, what will she do with it? And just how powerful is she? How will her life impact Batman and Superman? This issue is the starting point of an incredible journey that leads into SUPERGIRL #1!
I've been reading this book since I first decided to pick it up.

The last issue I read was issue #6 "Kara in Kandor".

I really enjoy this book. I do have a few of my own critiques to it, but for the most part, I'm loving the ride so far.
I was a bit excited to see a new Nightwing and Flamebird as they were among my favorite Superman Family folks. That said, I have no idea why they are now Power Girl and Supergirl... and what exactly is Kandor in the post-Crisis-post-Infinite-Crisis continuity anyway? I'm so confused, and disappointed. It's no longer the Kryptonian city in a bottle I assume?

Glenn Walker
I'm not even gonna pretend to understand what's going on with the T-shirt and Jean skirt version of Supergirl that's flitting around, but the Superman/Batman issues showcasing her caught my interest and I was amazed. The art and storyline were absolutely beautiful. Pretty much how I would want a re-telling of Kara-El's arrival from Krypton. She's young and eager to know the world; Bats is warry of her; Krypto hates her, and despite the misgivings of everyone else, Supes adores her.
Glenn, from what I just read recently, Kandor is still the City in a Jar. So I think it's interesting that they've decided to do a story based from INSIDE the jar.

AngelRogue-Michael Turner's artwork or the Ed McGuiness stuff? Personally I'm a fan of both.
I did pick up Supergirl's book and I have been enjoying it (although I'm still puzzled as to why it didn't get put in with my stash o' stuff this month.)
Yeah well, Big Blue always was a bit of a pushover...
I was refering to the Turner art. I'm a fan of his. I liked the work he did for Top Cow, even if the writing for Fathom and Tomb Raider coulda used a little work.

Do you have any idea what the T-shirt and Jean skirt version is all about? I've heard things like "matrix" "rebirth" "infinite crisis" and stuff, but haven't caught on to much. Sad
No idea really, but I'm sure Glenn does, he's a vast tomb of information. (As we did not read Infinite Crisis).
There was a time that I knew a thing or two about Supergirl, but she has seemingly become as convoluted as Powergirl to me these days. Instead of trying to explain the little bit of info that I do know, just go to this Wikipedia link. It should give you all the info you desire. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

[Image: 6.5Supergirls.jpg]

I'm pretty sure the white t-shirt/blue skirt version was Linda Danvers after she lost her Earth-Born Angel powers. As for the current Supergirl, I really like the character and the book so far. I just hope that when she gets home from Kandor that she adds a few inches to her skirt. I'm all for cheesecake, but come is a girl supposed to fly around in that?!
He hee...he said cheesecake.

I love the photo though, very cool!
*reads wicki* BOOM! That was the sound of my brain exploding. I think I kinda-sorta get it least, enough to be grateful that somebody brought back Kara. Things like infinite crisis make me want to either return to the silver age, or just lock myself up with my marvel books and never venture into the territory of the Distinguished Competion. But, given my current Lois/Clark obsession, that would be a touch tricky. Tongue
I completely understand... (says the woman who named her daughter after Supergirl.)

I tend to venture lightly into my DC books. Supergirl is my one "good I'm glad I got that" book I have.

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