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Wizard World Chicago 2005!!
This Time With Pics!!!!!

Day one report.

Bloody 'ell!! What's wrong with me!? How is it that whenever I go to one of these things alone I end up spending more than I should have? But I digress. I'll start by saying I woke up late. Eleven o'clock late to be exact, and didn't get to the convention hall until 1. That alone cheesed me off to no end. But I got over it. Fridays are for shopping anyway, and boy did I shop. Picked up a Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors DVD for myself, and an anime one for a friend, along with the first two issues of Marvel's MAX Cage, one of the issues of Agent X that I'm missing, and a few indy works to support the up and commers.

What's more....I met MC Chris of Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame. Shook his hand, bought his album (he even signed it the nice guy that he is) and spoke with him a little bit about the ATHF movie that Cartoon Network should be putting out in the next few months. V for Vendetta? Yup. Saw the trailer and it looks pretty decent. However, keep in mind I'm not familiar with the source material (and I also reported last year that Constantine looked good Sad ) so you probably don't want to trust my judgement when it comes to something like this.

Random Cosplay Pic!
[Image: hellfire.jpg]

So...unlike last year when I made every other Cosplayer there my sworn enemy (save for pint sized Green Lantern and Flash) I decided to throw my a**hole attitude on a back burner for the day and actually embrace the Cosplayers. Not physically mind you (though there are a few like the ones above I wouldn't have minded hugging to say the least) but in a more social way. Instead of steering clear of them, I stopped them when I could and asked for a pic. Didn't see a Jack Sparrow this year (maybe tomorrow), and I missed an excellent Dr. Crane from Batman Begins, but I think I did alright for myself.

[Image: joker.jpg]

Tomorrow I plan on doing as I did last year, spending the day waiting in lines trying to get as many autographs as possible. I blessing, and perhaps my curse is that the McNabb is supposed to be there tomorrow, and I fear that If I don't get at the very least his three day ticket will have been for nought.

(I mark for Hollywood Hogan, Aisha Tyler, and Mercedes McNabb)

[Image: cloud.jpg]

Plenty of great booths this year selling plenty of good books, trades (gotta get a few tomorrow) and assorted swag, and I even managed to take in a panel. Yes, I know you've probably read it elsewhere by now, but at todays Cup of Joe panel, the Marvel EEC announced that both Jeph Loeb and Joe Mad have signed with Marvel comics and will be working on a project that will be discussed in next month's Wizard.

Also....I learned that Brian Michael Bendis is only 4 feet tall, Marvel's working on a GLA holiday special, and that a new book featuring Boom Boom (among others) called Next Wave will be debuting soon.

[Image: bunny_and_girl.jpg]

I still can't figure out why I her boyfriend into the shot. Ruined a perfectly good pic.

Ah Well. More Tomorrow!
[Image: mercedes_mcnabb.jpg]

I met her and totally got her autograph!! And to think, when I woke up I was so tired that I was considering not going. Damn what a fool I am. Well, at any rate today was spent much the same as it was last year, running about trying to meet people and get autographs before rushing off to work. Luckily I was able to get to Mercedes and get her to sign a photo for me, and even pose for the above pic. Unfortunately, I wussed out and only took a pic of her instead of being in the pic WITH her.

Stupid stupid Truth.

Aside from her radiance, Ms McNabb, I scored another Michael Turner autograph, as well as one from his extremely talented protege Koi Turnbull. Unfortunately they were the only three I could get to in time. Adam Hughes finished just as I was walking into the building, and the lines for everyone else were so long I would have been late for work if I'd gotten in any.(I was still almost late for work...but for other reasons)

Other people of note at the Con today were Mick Foley and Virgil of professional wrestling fame, Andy Hallet of Angel, and Optimus Prime. That's right..... Optimus. Prime.

You see, this was the first year I was able to take a digital camera to the convention, and while it's an older camera and the quality of the pics isn't the best, I decided to carry on yesterday's search for the best cosplayers and hit the jackpot when Wizard World staff called for all the cosplayers to me up in one spot to participate in a photo shoot. I tagged along, tapped a few shoulders, begged a few people, and had a photo shoot of my own. I'm not going to upload any of the pics until tomorrow night, or later, but her's one I thought our local Enchantress might enjoy.

[Image: willie.jpg]

Tomorrow's goals?

1. If Ms McNabb is still attending I plan on getting a second signature and this time actually taking a picture with her. (So you may actually see a pic of me! You've been warned!!)

2. Find even more cosplayers (if possible) to take pictures of.

3. Track down my missing issues of Agent X

4. Track down a few more issues of Dv8.

5. And of course....have fun.

My largest regret of the day (aside from not having taken that pic with Mercedes) is that I passed on the opportunity to buy Chanty that Rob Liefeld sketchbook she's been talking about for the last few months. I could have gotten it autographed for her and everything.

Shucks. Wink
Sounds like you had some fun!

I'm sure Nova and Surfer probably will have a report for those of us who couldn't go too.
My grail this year was getting astonishing x-men #1 signed by John Cassaday to add to the signature by Joss Whedon. I did that on saturday after spending an hour and a half in line without Surfer. But that's ok because I made some new friends. Another cool moment was sitting in the hotel lobby on Sat night watching two rival clix groups from Nebraska and Iowa duke it out for bragging rights. In that time we missed a brush with Jason Mews, got a shout out from Billy Tucci, and caught a glimpse of some others (Adi Granov, Walt Flannigan). Will tell more later and show pics.

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