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Assignment - R&R
Hours after De's suggestion to move the quest for some much needed downtime from the sandy shores of Twilight Cove to the sandy shores of his native Australia, bags had been packed, the jet had been refueled and a note had been left behind to the effect of "Gone shopping. Be back in an hour!" With Chandi at the controls and a burning desire to get away from it all fueling them, the made the trip in record time, which was fortunate since De seemed to have a hard time keeping his mouth shut about what a great place it was and happy he was to be going back.

They touched down just on the far side of Melbourne Airport, after a bit of name dropping of De's part, and stepped out into the cool summer night of the Autralian air. It was beatiful really. A nice large moon hanging in the air, and stars littering the sky. They unloaded their belongings and locked up the jet, starting to make their way to the terminal so they could rent a car for their little vacation of sorts, and everything was going fine. Or at least things were until something told their resident intergalactic swashbucker to take one last peek at their ride home.

A ride home he found missing after having only walked twenty yards from the thing.
It was a complete random thing actually. He had been thinking of the note that he had sent just before leaving the island. Well it had been more than a note actually; it was an intergalactic request sent by way of stellar listening posts stationed throughout the galaxy, but why split hairs. ‘Vok was tired of wearing the same old standard issue metamorphic Skrull uniform. He had hoped that he could pull in a few favors from the boys out tripping the rift in order to scrounge up some new shape shifter friendly attire. It had been these thoughts that had caused him to turn around in the first place. He was wondering if the equipment onboard the Guardian’s jet would be able to pick up any answers that might come back from the void. But ‘Vok wasn’t ready for what he saw: or rather what he didn’t see.

With a muffled laugh 'Vok turned back to the team, sure that his eyes were playing silly buggers. But he couldn't help the feeling. That odd quizzical feeling in the pit of his stomach that told him his eyes were indeed not playing tricks. The alien stopped walking altogether, letting his teammates trail ahead toward the rent-a-car kiosk. He reached up with for-finger and thumb and rubbed his eyes thoroughly, hoping in vain that it might help. But it didn’t, as ‘Vok soon found out as he slowly turned back to where the team’s jet had just been parked, only to find its parking spot completely devoid of aircraft. With his back to them, the resident intergalactic swashbuckler yelled out to his friends and asked, “Hold fast mates. Have any of you seen a rather large jet that was, until quite recently, parked right here?”
"What are you on about?" De asked over his shoulder before turning around to meet the same sight 'Vok did. The answer to the question was of that wasn't the word that escaped the dark skinned man's lips as he stared at the empty space that should have been occupied by their rather expensive, and now rather absent aircraft. Were things like this unheard of? Certainly not. Uncommon? Not really. But the fact of the matter was it had never actually happened to him. He'd lost a car or two in his day, but that could almost always be attributed violence of crime of some sort. This was something else entirely. Something quite out of his jurisdiction as well.

"Well that's just lovely. Not on the ground a good ten minutes and already...." he voiced with an exasperated motion towards the nothingness. "Ok. Before we go any farther ladies and gents...let me fill you in on something you may or may not have known. Austarlia has....well....just about everything. This entire damned placed seems to be a hot spot for portals and wiggys and thingabuloos and what have you. What you see there....realitively speaking of a perfect example of Pixie mischief. Or Brownies. Or Goblins....I forget. Jist of it is, plane's gone and there's nothin' we can do about it now so let's just get inta the city and forget about it. More often an' not these things work themselves out anyway."

And with that he waved 'Vok along and turned back around quite intent on getting a car and getting to a hotel of some sort. Creatures trying to eat or smash the plane he could deal with. Sneaky little buggers stealing a plane in the space of a hiccup was something best left to the proper authorities, which he'd be sure to inform well after he was pissed. With a slight shaking of his head over the previous mishap, De continued to lead the others into the terminal and to the proper travel desk where he began the undertaking of filling out all the proper forms needed to rent thier vehicle for the trip.
AJ turned at the same time 'Vok did but could only giggle at the sight of the missing jet. Sure, Mulder was going to have a fit, but it was damn funny to her.
Up until De' mentioned Pixies, Goblins and whatnot. What if some of her fae family had decided to play a little prank on AJ? She certainly wouldn't put it past Rhys. She took a moment to push her hair out of her face and glance down at the tips of her high heel shoes. Giving herself the nod of approval for wearing the slinky little purple number she had pulled out of the closet, she forgot for the a moment they had a missing plane.
With a few mild curse words muttered under her breath, she decided just to let it go.
"Ahh hell with it. Ah mean, it ain't like jets go missin' everyday and it ain't like it was ours ta' take care of. Screw it. Mulder can find it. We'll figure out a way home when tha time comes...but for now..." she slipped her arm around 'Vok's waist and winked at him mischievous.
What AJ failed to realize however, as De finished up the paperwork and luggage was stuffed into the midsized minivan he'd rented for the week, is that jets did in fact go missing every day. At least, in this part of the province. Mr. Niles was just about to settle into the driver's seat to begin chaffeuring everyone about the city and towards the hotel when Chandi uncerimoniously grabbed him by the collar and pulled him away from the wheel. It was her first time back in a while as well, and it's had been far to long since she'd had the chance to drive on the right side of the road.

The consequent drive to the hotel wasn't as direct as De would have made it, but that turned out to be a good thing, allowing everyone some time to chat as they peered out the windows at a variety of shops, store, clubs, and a few places of ill repute. AJ's concern that some of her kind might be behind the disapperaing act their jet had pulled threated to distract her from the fun filled times she'd come to Austraila, but were calmed a bit after Kei asked if they should be at all concerned with getting the plane back.

"Not really. More 'en likely it'll be there when it's time for us to leave, and if not I can call a bloke or two over in Fairytales to look into it for us. But this kind of thing happens all the time. Local tixies playin' pranks on the tourists."

There were quite a few bars and clubs that lit up the dark night streets on the way to the hotel that enticed the passengers, but luggage had to be put up before they could head out for the evening. Normally De would have offered to hole them all up in flat, but given the size of his flat and the number of people involved it would have been much to cramped to afford any comfort. Plus, the hotel he'd choosen was much closer to to the beach than his place, and would give them a place to crash after a hard night of clubbing that he wouldn't have to clean up in the mourning.

The trip was planned on short notice, and the rooms on even shorter notice, so while five of the Guardians had made thier way to the land down under, only three rooms were availible, each with a single bed. Something De forgot to mention until the arrived in the lobby.

"No sweat luvs. If need be I'd be glad to take one of you home with me for the night. Just until proper sleeping arrangements can be worked out of course."
Chandi hadn’t had any qualms with having stolen the driving privileges away from De, after all this was her motherland as well and she missed it like crazy. Though the trip to the hotel took longer then it would have had De drove, one point being she was just enjoying driving the ‘normal’ way again and the fact that she wasn’t a native of Melbourne, now had it been Sydney it might not have taken so long.

“It’s about damned time I set my feet back down on Australian soil, why’d I ever leave.” Chandi wasn’t talking to anyone in particular; she was more so talking to herself as she took in the sights, sounds and smells of Melbourne. Upon hearing that the hotel only had three rooms book, each with a single bed Chandi leaped at the chance to haul up with De in his flat. After all it’d probably have more room for her luggage (the girl did travel with six bags after all.) “I’m so calling De’s apartment….” Chandi turned around in the driver’s seat and gave the rest of the team a look. “Unless the guys want to have the flat to themselves and us girls can enjoy being treated like queens at this place.” She added, realizing that she might actually enjoy being at the hotel more.

“Whatever the rooming situation is, all I ask is that I get some shopping in while we’re here…. and a nice tan.” Oh how she’d missed the land down under. A vacation was exactly what Chandi had needed, now the only thing that could ruin it would be running into her parents but Chandi had come prepared having called their Sydney offices to make sure they weren’t in the country at the moment.
"All the same to me Pet. I just know I can't wait to get a good night in my own bed and a spend a good mornin' going through my closet." De commented, thinking of the multitude of suits and shoes he'd left behind before heading to the Cove. He'd had some of his things shipped out to him, but certain outfits were just to precious to risk bagging, tagging, and shipping across oceans. "But who ever's going to be where, let's make it quick shall we? Still enough time to hit a spot or two tonight if we stow our things fast."

While the prospect of spending the night in some lounge or club appealed greatly to him, what he really wanted to do was get back to his flat for a moment, just to make sure everything was in order. Following the disappearance of the jet, De had gotten the feeling that the motherland was up to her old tricks again and that nothing would be sacred. Not even the fortress of solitude he called his place. True, the scented oils and candles stashed about his few rooms weren't holy in the least bit, but they'd helped get him to the promised land on more than one occasion.

But even as De's mind wandered to more selfish thoughts, the Guardians found themselves standing in the lobby of their hotel in fornt of a more than a little confused desk clerk who was still waiting to see which three of his newly arrived quests were going to be checking in to the rooms reserved for the party of five. As he sat there tapping his fingers quietly across his desk, and the Guardians chatted warmly among themselves, no one noticed the blinks of motion along the walls. Little shadows of things that raced behind columns and plant fixtures. De caught a slight chill, telling him something was amiss, and AJ could feel the presence of something.....but it was so small and without ill intentions that it was hard to discern exactly what it was.
AJ stood there for all of a few minutes before making up her mind who she was going to room with. Slipping her arm through Vok's, she gave Chandi a wink and smiled widely.
"Ah'd share, if ya want?"

She was just as anxious to get out of the lobby and see some of the Aussie nightlife as the rest of them. With one of her favorite tunes in her head, she began to hum softly as she picked her bag up and went to follow the others into whatever direction they decided to go singing softly to herself as she walked away, her hips swaying to the imaginary beat...

"Don't cha wish..."
The receptionist behind the counter cocked an eyebrow at the conversation unfolding before her. The rooms were all booked and ready to go, but until she was sure whom she'd be giving the keys too, she was just as much a loss as the small gathering before her. Luckily, AJ was there to get the ball rolling. Taking a pair of keys for herself and her bunkmate of choice, Vok, she started following De who'd started following a bellman who was in turn following another guest at the hotel who was following some hot blonde that was making her way across the lobby.

Chandi and Kei, who were both given keys to their respective rooms, were hastily trying to scoop up their bags lest they be left behind when another pair of bellmen appeared to arrange thier luggage upon a cart and wheel it after their companions for them. Awkward looks and half hearted laughs were exchanged when one of he bellmen yelped, his behind having just been pinched anonymously by someone in the less than small gathering that had convened at the elevator bay.

The blonde, unrelated guest, and bellman whom De had followed went up first. Followed by De, Vok, and AJ, and finally Chandi, Kei and the bellmen with their belongings. While the rooms may have been booked on short notice, and thus were not as extravagant as some of the more expensive suites, they were still luxurious enough to accomodate those looking to be pampered like a star...without having to have the bank book of one. All three rooms were located on the same floor with Chandi and Kei a few door down from one another on opposite sides of the hall, and Vok and AJ a little further down and around a corner. All three came with the same large bed, covered in lush cotton sheets and blankets, goose down pillows, and a sterling silver frame. The entire room was done up in rose colors, with the pillow cases and covers having a soft shade to them making them almost pink in appearance while the drapes were of a slightly darker color, filtering incoming light into a warmer off-amber.

The bathrooms were done in pearl overtones with brass faucets and silver shower heads, snow while towels in various sizes neatly arranged upon a rack near the door. Closet space in the main room was...adequate...though for a few of the heavier shoppers in the group it was likely to disappear in a hurry, and the entire hotel was kept at a reasonable 73 degrees, with the rooms bumped up to 75 at night. Kei's room had a view of the evening skyline, and Chandi's caught the mourning sun. Vok and AJ's room, because of the angle it was on unfortunately didn't afford much a view, but rather sat facing the rear of the hotel, 13 floors above the quiet streets below. Of course, this also mean that any traffic that came and went by said window would go practically unnoticed.

De waited in the hallway, chatting with some 11 year old French girl in Supergirl T-Shirt as he waited for the others to get settled. He was trying to argue how Power Girl was "waaaaaaay better than some illegal alien chick in a belly shirt" while she countered that De didn't probably didn't even know what color Power Girl's eyes were. Of course....he couldn't really argue with that.
You would think that a man who had been shape shifting his entire life would have the more precise motor controls worked out pretty well by this advanced stage of his life. But apparently cramped quarters held challenges all their own as ‘Vok, a suddenly startled bellman and everyone else in the lift soon found out. Truth be told, the Skrull was actually stretching his somewhat elastic form in order to give Kei a pinch on the bottom, but he missed. The Hawaiian girl had been far too quiet and he was attempting to rouse her from whatever daydream she was lost in. But instead all the alien did was give the poor bellman something to have nightmares about and ammunition his teammates could later use to impugn his good name. Ahh well, who was he kidding?

Instead of trying to defend himself, ‘Vok just shut his mouth and made his way to his room as quietly as possible. Of coarse he had the beautiful AJ at his side to remind him of his foray into homoerotic ass play, but somehow the jibes hurt less coming from her. He hovered near the door, waiting for his friend to unload her stuff so that they could get the evening’s activities underway. Because as much as he couldn’t believe he was thinking it, Chandi’s request for a shopping trip didn’t sound too bad. Some new threads would do the man a world of good. Of coarse anything bought off the rack wouldn’t adapt to his form the way his uniform did, but new clothes wouldn’t offer to get up and walk away on their own the way his uniform was threatening to do as of late. Maybe if he could get some nice vacation clothes to tide him over, his interstellar request would come through in time for their return trip to Twilight Cove. The only problem was he hadn’t quite figured out how he was going to pay for new clothes. For that matter, how was the team paying for any of this?
"You should not talk about Supergirl like that! She can melt you with her eyes!!"

"Yeah luv? Well I can think of at least two reasons why Power Girl's better. And neither of them have to do with her chest!"

True, it wasn't very tasteful to be arguing with a little girl in a hotel lobby about which super powered vixen was better than the other....but she was French and he'd never had any luck with French women, so what had started as an innocent enough and friendly conversation had quickly deteriorated into a full fledged argument about two girls neither of them had ever met before. The raised voiced pulled more than a few heads out into the hall, each peeking either from around a corner to observe the fight, or from doorways to see what all the commotion was. Of course, no one really expected to see a full grown man fighting a little girl.

When questioned about it later, De would explain how it wasn't his fault really. She'd kicked him in the shin, which lead to him pushing her to the floor, which in turn lead to her slapping him in the face, which promted him put her in a hammer lock. Of course, later wouldn't come for another 10 minutes when Kei came out into the hallway to find De laying on his stomache with the young miss sitting on his back with his arm twisted into a particularly painful looking position. It was he intial confused "Huh?" and subsequent laughter which brought Chandi into the hall, who was shortly followed by AJ and Xlorvok as they rounded the corner from thier room.

De was of course to proud to ask for help, having promised himself long ago that he was going to stop letting little girls kick his ass. Granted, the last one had super powers...but the point still stood. Luckily for him she was about as light as she looked, and a well maneuvered roll dislodged her from his back, but before he could even try to grab her ankle and put her in a world of hurt, Chandi had stepped between the two of them and was breaking up the fight. Kei shooed the young woman away as Chandi kept a hand on De's collar to keep him in place, the larger male straightening himself up a bit as the younger Aussie released her grip as the girl rounded a corner, disappearing from sight.

"Right then....ready to go are we?"

He asked amid the shocked (and in one case horrified) stares he was recieving from his teammates and lookers-on alike. He didn't even wait for a responce as he turned and started making his way to the elevators, the murmur of the girls making a joke at his expense falling lightly upon his ears. They could laugh all they wanted, but they could also rest assured that before this trip home was over he'd have his revenge on that little wench. She'd gotten the drop on him this time, but next time he'd be ready.

"You're not really going to act as though that didn't happen are you? Chandi asked as they rode the elevator back down to the street where they'd parked.

"Oh it happened luv. It happened. But she's got hers commin'. Yes....she's got her's commin'."

Still shaking her head in disbelief at what she'd just seen, Kei climbed into the back seat with her pixie and alien teammates as De was once again removed from the driver's seat and usurped by his feline femme du jour. Surprisingly enough, it was Vok who asked about what shops the city had to offer, though it was all but obvious any and all shopping would have to wait until mourning. Tonight however was all about some much needed fun, and in De's case, a few cold pints to wash away the disgust he felt at losing to the hands of a French girl. Of course, non of this made any difference to thier resident driver, as she purposely missed turns and ignored directions, enjoying her time behind the wheel. Eventually De simply stopped trying and let the others decide for themselves where to spend thier first night down under.

Fingers were pointed, heads turned, and voices rasied as club after club were driven by on their search for the perfect spot. Everywhere De suggested seemed to have some sort of deviant sexual undertone about it, which cause them to get shot down by Kei almost immediately. Chandi geared towards a few of the more upscale establishments, which refused to let them in either because John was the only one dressed properly (imagine that) or because they recognized Mr. Niles. Kei steered the group towards the beaches, and Johnny and AJ seemed open to just about anything. Unforutnately for all of them, they spent so much time trying to work around De's stubbornness while accomodating to Kei and Chandi's particular tastes that they ended up right back at the hotel without having gotten drunk at all.

At De's suggestion they all went back to their rooms, showered, and got a good night's sleep, deciding to try again the following night since they now had a better idea what the city had to offer. As they boarded the elevators to head back up to their rooms, De turned and sleepily made his way back outside, hailing a cab to shuttle himback to his flat for the first time in what felt like ages. Of course, it wasn't until he was halfway there that he remember he'd neglected to give any of them his number, and thus, left them without any means of contacting him....but they could take care of themselves and he could always swing by and meet them in the morning.

But as they all lay down to let the sandman come to usher them into dreamland, the same little something AJ felt before crept back into the hotel. And this time it was ready to have some fun. It was a little tingle at the nape of her neck at first, slightly distracting, but nothing ominous, but quickly faded into nothingness leaving her relieved and unsure all at once. Was this feeling an omen of things to come? Or had De's words about Australia being one crazy place been truer than she'd thought. She rolled over a moment and looked upon the green visage of her very own space pirate, and snuggled a little closer before finally falling alseep. Something she'd never remember doing as what felt like moments later she was roused from bed by the most unattractive howl she'd heard since the last time Vicky was sick.

She rushed to the door, yanking it open and peering into the hall to see what the fuss was about, only to be greeted by a nude man running down the hall as fast as his feet would carry him, pushing one of the hotel's room service tables ahead of him. The woman the howl was emminating from was a mere two doors down from AJ and Vok, and had moments before opened the door to accept her moring meal when her Eggs Benedict had arrived with quite a bit more sausage than she'd ordered. AJ brought a hand to her mouth to cover a giggle as the offened woman slammed her door shut, prompting the pink haired pixie to follow suit. she leaned with her back against the door as she collected herself taking a few steps back towards the bed just in time for her bunkmate to roll over and look upon her with sleepy eyes and a big dopey smile.

"And good moring to you too..." he said sitting up a little. AJ stood confused for a moment until she put her hands on her hips and neglected to feel any sort of cloth whatsoever. Much like the unexpected delivery man with his unwanted package, she too was standing in the buff, causing a rush of color to hit her cheeks as she backed out of the room and towards the hall closet where she'd hung her clothes. She didn't recall having gone to bed nude last night...and yet.... Had she and Vok.....? Thoughts of a previous nights fun slipped from her mind disappeared as the closet door was pulled back to reveal itself bare of any sort of clothing sort of a pair of socks. Her other belongings were still there, as well as her daggers and a few things John had brought with him, but all their clothes were gone. Just....vanished.

She stood there, looking a moment before nearly jumping out of her skin at the sound of a knock on her door. Before she could even inquire as to who it was, Kei's voice could be heard begging for entry. Entry that was soon granted and just as swiftly followed by the Hawaiian rushing into the room wearing nothing but a well wrapped bath towel and ranting about how all her clothes were gone. Even the hotel robes. Of course, what neither realized at the time is that they hadn't been the only ones affected, oh no. Ever stich of clothing in the entire hotel had vanished sometime in the past 5 minutes...and no one knew how or why.
“Nothin’, absolutely nothin’ is left!” Kei ranted, “All o’my suits are gone! My baggies, rashguards, everythin’.” She scowled, dropping down onto the edge of the bed, careful to keep the towel in place, “If this is some sick joke o’De’s I’m gonna skin him.” Her dark eyes were flashing angrily, and her mind hadn’t really processed the fact that AJ seemed to be very naked.
“I had plans t’hit the surf today.” She pouted, raking her fingers through her short hair as she reclined a little on the bed finally taking in the fact that AJ seemed to be devoid of clothing, “Did I interrupt somethin’?” Kei asked quirking an eyebrow up, her rant briefly forgotten as she awaited an answer.

“Would ya like me t’go bug Chandi instead?” Kei looked from AJ to ‘Vok and then back to AJ, “Or I could go call Speedy, and bemoan my situation t’him. I’m sure he’d be on the edge o’his sit t’hear that all o’my clothes have gone missin’.” Kei’s face was briefly lit up by an amused smile, “I could describe the whole situation in detail…” She let her sentence trail off, going to back waiting for an answer from her teammates.
Being naked usually had very little effect on AJ. She was a faery and it came with the territory. And with her chosen profession, she was rather used to walking around in the buff.
What did concern her however, was the fact that she couldn't remember what she had done with her clothing, and what she had done with 'Vok.
With barely more than a glance over her shoulder at the naked Skrull, she turned her attention to Kei.
"Speedy...umm...yeah, sugah Ah' don' know if ya'd wanna do that on tha first date and all... but then again..." looking back over her shoulder at 'Vok, a slow smile creeped over her face. "Ah' guess Ah' ain't one ta talk."
She paused for a moment as she looked back at the closet again.
"Ah' don't think it was De. There's been somethin' goin' on here since tha moment we sat down in Oz... this reeks of Faery mischief. Ah' can sense those kinda thangs."
AJ began to pace back and forth in thought. She knew she had felt something...but she couldn't put her finger on it.
"Maybe we better try ta' find De."
Feeling the sunshine stream in through the window and onto her exposed back Chandi opened her eyes blearily and wondered why something felt different, the sunlight felt a bit warmer then is should. Almost as if she hadn’t anything on to shelter her skin from its harsh warmth. “That’s a bloody ridiculous thought.” She muttered to herself, her right hand now shielding her eyes from the harsh brightness of the morning sun. “After all I know I went to bed with clothing on.” Chandi rolled over onto her back, only to be met with a lot more skin then she’d gone to bed showing.

“Or maybe I didn’t.” She added to herself, wondering momentarily if she’d lost her mind or gotten terribly drunk last night and had a bit of a romp with some random nobody, that was the only way Chandi could explain why she was now laying stark naked in her bed. Okay so it wasn’t like she was a stranger to sleeping in such a state as this, but she usually knew how she got that way and the fact that she couldn’t remember why she was minus clothing just made the petite Oz native a wee bit uncomfortable.

“Ah hell, not like I’m a prude.” She giggled to herself, stretching her arms above her head, noting just how little she felt in the large expanses of the bed. Returning to the pressing matter of what happened to her clothing, Chandi glanced at the floor next to the bed wondering if maybe she’d just gotten overheated in the middle of the night and discarded her clothing.

But upon seeing the empty space on the floor she decided this situation needed a little bit more looking into, so untangling herself from her sheets she threw her legs over the side of the bed and padded her way across the room to the closet to find something to wear while she went in search of her missing pajamas. Though what met her was an empty closet where her expanses of designer duds had once hung.

“Leaving a girl naked in her own bed is one thing, stealing her clothing all together is another issue.” Chandi muttered, a glare now firmly set on her feline like face. “Guess I’ll just have to make do.” She commented making her way back over to the bed she took the sheet in both hands and pulled on it roughly so as to dislodge it from the bed, after all when in doubt a sheet always works as makeshift apparel.

“Well this was one homecoming I’ll remember.” Chandi laughed softly as she fastened the large rose/pink sheet around her diminutive frame, conjuring up her human façade and trying to tame the rats nest of hair that made it appear as if maybe she’d spent the night doing other things then sleeping.

Opening the door to her room and stepping out into the hall Chandi noticed that all hell seemed to be breaking loose upon their floor, “Looks like I’m not the only one the clothing thieves hit.” Her green eyes roamed over her surroundings as she tried to remember what rooms her teammates were staying in and which belonged to whom. “Isn’t this just ripper!”
Of course, finding De meant knowing where to look, and finding out where to look meant getting out of the hotel and asking around. But getting out of a hotel who's receptionists, communications clerks, housemen, bellmen, cooks, and totality of guest had suddenly gone naked would prove to be a bit.....interesting. Several people had been walking the halls and lobby when their garments suddenly vanished, and now people of all makes and professions were scambling about trying to recover some sense of decency. Thouse who'd been fortunate enough to have been in their rooms when it occured made do with towels and sheets and blankets. Others ducked for cover behind potted plants and each other, more than one young lady taking shelter behind the closest male friend they could find, his chivalry leaving him embarrased as he lead her back to her room.

De on the other hand had slept soundly, if not a little unevenly. Somehow someone had managed to break one of the legs supporting his bed, leaving him sleeping at a slightly inclinded angle as he'd slipped between his bed sheets that night. It was no matter really, he'd slept in less confortable positions in less comfortable surroundings, so a little wobble in the bed was nothing. Of course, his sound sleep hadn't been interrupted by the same noises as his commrades, so at the moment he was still unawares of their situation.

Back at the hotel, things began to calm down as people scurried back into their rooms or into the room of a compassionate friend. The hotel staff itself appeared wholly unprepared for such an unusal occurance as was still in utter disarray even as the guests started to get a hold of themselves. Within minutes the front desk was swarmed with upset patrons garbed in linens, demanding to know where their personals had been taken, while other guests now roamed the halls and strolled from room to room covered in towels as if it were just another day at some spa. Chandi, standing out from the crowd a bit with her sheets stolled up the hall and around the corner exchanging a good natured smile and a nod with other passer-bys as she tried to remember which room AJ and Vok were in. Kei's she'd happened upon less than a minute out in the hall, but recieved no responce to her knocking, and now she tried to replay the previous nights conversations and quick tours to see if her recollection would lead her in the right direction.

To her credit she got it on the second try, her first attempt being met by a decidely older gentleman of what appeared to be German descent. She politely excused herself and tried the next door, this time hitting paydirt as AJ met her at the door and ushered her in.
In actuality, Xlorvok’s day started just like any good scallywags should, with a fine naked woman and a completely obtrusive haze lingering over the previous evening’s activities. But unlike most morning’s blurry memory, this one had nothing to do with alcohol, due to the team’s total lack of luck in finding a suitable watering hole the night before. So why was AJ naked, leaving ‘Vok with no recollection of how she got that way? And for that matter, he had to wonder, why was he left with nothing between himself and the sheets but the skin he was hatched with? Due to his formerly less than reputable lifestyle, ‘Vok usually kept every bit of his gear close by at all times, especially his uniform. Malleable clothing wasn’t too easy to come by and it wasn’t like him to just leave the only set he owned lying around. But it wasn’t until Kei let herself in, apparently wrapped in nothing but the hotel’s finest, that he began to think something more was going on than a momentary case of short term amnesia.

Comfortably concealed beneath his bed sheet, ‘Vok quietly extended his foot beyond the cover of the sheets, and carefully tugged at the towel that was wrapped around Kei. As she ranted about the situation, she swatted absent-mindedly at his foot. But his persistence was legendary and she finally whirled around and gave him an annoyed look that screamed, “Do you mind?!” His only response was a broad smile and a quick retort, “Don’t mind this ol’ pirate, me love. Was just huntin’ for buried treasure.” ‘Vok was quite sure that Chandi’s entrance was the only thing that kept Kei from punching him.

And what an entrance it was. Wrapped in nothing but a bed sheet, Chandi slid into the room looking easygoing as ever. She and AJ both seemed relatively at ease with their situation, even if Kei was more than a little on edge. As for ‘Vok, the nudity didn’t bother him in the least. He was completely comfortable with the female form. And as for his own bit of exposure, he had little to worry or be modest about. Because as he was well aware, there isn’t much to be embarrassed about when you are a shape shifter. The grin that was plastered to the Skrull’s face grew even larger as he looked at the trio of beauties now in his room: each of them in varying degrees of undress. He sat up proudly in the bed and knew in his heart that on this day, S'lgurt loved him. “Me ain’t quite sure if it be the faeries, De or the great spirit of nudity himself that be behind all this, but I know one thing ta be true, the gods must love me.” Jumping from the bed, ‘Vok made his way to the closet to make sure his sidearm and saber were still there. Happy that his weapons were where he had left them, he made his way to the window and yanked one of the drapes down, fashioning it into a long makeshift tunic, with the drape's tie-back acting as a sash holding it all in place. The deep rose color of the curtains now adequately hiding his green skin, ‘Vok raised an eyebrow and asked, “Me thinks we need to hunt down some answers. Who’s with me?”
"Well, if ya'll don't wanna wander around nekkid, Ah think maybe ah can help." AJ stood there for a moment and watched as 'Vok pulled the drapes down and covered himself. A small part of her got a giggle out of seeing him in a deep pink curtain.
"So, here's what Ah'm thinkin'...Ah'll shift down ta mah "Normal" size and scout out tha hotel and outside ta see if Ah can find De."
Reaching up, she brushed her bed tosseled hair out of her face and waited for a moment for them to grasp what she was saying.
Finally shifting down into the size of her diminutive namesake, Firefly... AJ hoped her wings had healed up enough to unfurl and take flight. Sure enough, she was in the air before she knew it and sitting on 'Vok's shoulder. Walking up it, she called out into his ear...
"Good idea or whut? Besides, at this size, no one can tell Ah'm naked as tha day Ah was born."
Shrinking down to her normal size would turn out to be a better idea than AJ had originally thought, for with her slender body and shapely wings, to the common passerby she would appear to be a butterfly, flitting along on whatever course she choose, but before she could even garner a responce from her intergalatic roommate, everyone's attention was pulled to what sounded like someone falling shoulder first into the door. There were the sounds of earnest apologies half heard over the din of what was going on in the hall, filtering through the wood of the door itself. Xlorvok, Chandi, and Kei looked at one another, trying to decide whether to investigate, or merely let the disturbance pass. Chandi shrugged as if to dismiss it to which Kei nodded in agreement, when there came a knock.

"Oh, with AJ perched here, wings a-flapping, suddenly there comes a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at our chamber door. 'Tis some visitor," Xlorvok muttered, "tapping at our chamber door. Only this, and nothing more."

Chandi and Kei exchanged confused glances as AJ giggled to herself at the pirate's particular brand of humor at that moment, his swagger seamlessly blending into a casual stride as the rest of his features slid into the more human form of John Starling who couldn't help but feel like the luckiest man in the galaxy at the moment. On the other side of the door he was greeted by a fellow in his early thirties with short, sandy blonde hair and a type of natural build to him that caught all three ladies eye's for a brief moment. A build that was being hidden behind nothing more than a cook's apron, which left the sides of his legs clearly visible, as well as quite of few of his other assets, if one was standing behind him.

"Sir. Ladies..." he said in a proper Australian way of speaking, his accent unbutchered by foriegn influences like De's had been. "...My name's Daniel and I'm here on behalf of the hotel to offer our deepest apologies to any inconvience this little... mishap may.... have caused."

He said in a slighly more than jealous way, peering over John's shoulder to see both Kei and Chandi clad in what was obviously no their formal wear.

"But on behalf of the hotel, please feel free to treat youselves to breakfast in any of the dinning rooms on the third floor, at no cost of course...." He added with a wink towards Kei. "...and please accept our apologies for this event, and our gratitude for your patience. Thank you."

And with that he excused himself, turning and walking down the hall to the next door where he'd deliver the same message to the guest within. John shut the door behind him, cutting off AJ's view of a proper postieror, before shifting back to his true self and looking over his companions.

"What do you say ladies? Up for a bit a breakfast before we head off?
“Hell yes!” Kei proclaimed, “’specially if I get t’glimpse that blonde again.” She smiled wide, having given Daniel a good once over; he reminded her of the surfer’s she used to go for back in Hawaii. The guys that she actually dated, and didn’t con.
“Who knows what else will be wanderin’ these halls.” She seemed to have forgotten the predicament she was in, clothing wise and was more than eager to check out breakfast and her fellow hotel guests.

“I knew this Brosef - used t’surf with him - he could make a wicked fruit thing. Called it Australian fruit stew, or somethin’ like that.” Kei stood up from the bed; and stretching, “I would be in heaven if they had that for breakfast.” Kei could just feel her mouth watering at the thought of fresh fruit; she was a sucker for fresh produce. Especially Pineapple, Marco used to tease her about how much fresh produce she kept in the apartment. Always used to say to her that it was like living in one of the open-air fruit markets.
Chandi hadn’t realized just how hungry she was until the apron clad Daniel had informed them of the large breakfast they had set up for the guest. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but if this shelia doesn’t eat soon you’ll have a very crabby Chandi on your hands.” She remarked her impatience was obvious in her tone of voice and her body language, after all Chandi wasn’t always used to having to wait for things.

“Plus we’re more likely to find De if we actually leave the room.” Chandi added with little smirk gracing her features.
With both Chandi and Kei feeling a bit peckish, and Xlorvok having something of an appitite as well, the group decided to take the hotel up on it's gracious offer and enjoy a bit of breakfast. AJ dropped from her perch on the Skrull's sholder just long enough to return to her human size and snag a towel of her own from the bathroom before the four of them made their way into the hall and towards the elevators. Several other guests seemed to be of a like mind, as there was a few minutes wait for a lift and a vernable mass of people located on the third floor. Luckily the hotel had dinning rooms on other floors as well, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it was still something of a mess.

Individuals and small parties of people made their ways into whatever room was availible at the time, greeted at the door by bellmen offering those who didn't already have one a towel and directing them towards the nearest washroom where they could change away from prying eyes. Chandi excused herself a moment as she took one for herself and headed off to ditch the bedsheets she'd gathered around herself. The tail of which had already been stepped on more and a few times on their way downstairs. Moments later she rejoined her mates, who were still trying to find a room within which to find purchase, now neatly wrapped like so many others. The entire estabishment had taken on an air of being more of a resort, what with so many of it's guests sporting matching attire, but it still had an air of disorganization to it as stewards and waiters rushed to bring guests their plates and clean up after those who'd finished, all the while others roamed the halls for a place to sit.

As the hotel wasn't near it's maximum occupancy seating was hardly scarce, but finding a free table to accomodate the four of them together took a little longer than the native Australian of the group would have liked. From bedroom to seat was about a half an hour's journey, and it took another 10 for their food to be prepared and served. However, it all proved to be worth the wait. The scents of egg white omletts, crisp bacon, buttery french toast, lightly seasoned hash browns, breakfast potatos, and a wide assortment of other dishes filled the air, only serving to heighten the sensation of hunger of those in the room who'd yet to be served, while at the same time providing a wide array of possible choices for those who'd yet to order.

As they sat there conversing amongst themselves over breakfast, the three ladies looking very spa chic while 'Vok opted to keep his makeshift tunic, they were offered a vast variety of juices, and treated to complimentary plates of fruits including blueberries, strawberries, sliced pineapples, mangos, and cantaloupes. But even the satisfaction of a well prepared breakfast couldn't keep their eyes from wondering, both across the extragant gold trimmed chandiliers that hung from various places on the ceiling, and across some of the other patrons of the hotel. Most seemed to be taking it in stride, though a few were obviously a bit self conscious about eating in a room full of strangers with nothing between them but a bath towel.

This time it would be Chandi who would catch something out of the corner of her eye. Her face was turned slightly upwards as she admired the intricate lacing that lined the ceiling when a glimmer of motion caught her attention. It had been brief, but she was certain she'd seen..... something. It had been small and quick... almost like a mouse... but it had been there.

Meanwhile, across town........

" again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh baby, baby. Oops!...You think I'm in love. That I'm sent from above. I'm not that innocent"

De didn't normally sing in the shower, but being able to bathe in his own flat for the first time in what felt like ages just made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a new pair of shoes. Or a Zylothian parasite worm. Cutting off the water and stepping out of the steam filled washroom, he made he way down the hall and into the kitchen, the cool blast of air erupting from the refridgerator hitting his still wet, and quite naked body, caused his toes to curl and all sorts of hairs to go standing on end. Of course, he was looking in the fridge more out of force of habit than out of hopes of finding anything. He'd discovered it quite empty the night before and had made no efforts to refill it before crashing for the night. He just liked the way the cold air felt on his skin.

He basked in the dichotomy of it for a few seconds before his attention was pulled elsewhere, his seldom used house phone ringing at a volume he didn't recall leaving it at. Never-the-less, fewer than 15 people actually had the number so if someone was calling....something was up. He left the fridge door swing shut as he made his was over to the table by the sofa, a still dripping hand reaching down to pull the reciever up to his ear. The conversation that followed, or at least his half of it, went as such...

"Hello? ...... Oh....hey. ................. Actually I'm here with a few mates on a bit of a retreat. ......... Some goverment bloke with his knickers in a twist. ..................... You know him, eh? ......... Yeah well, to what do I owe this particular call? .............................................. My money. Do with it what I want. ............................... Oh yeah? Bout what? .......... What about 'er? ............. .................. Yeah. Yeah I'm still here. said this morning? ....................................... Um, yeah. I guess so. Does Shy know yet? ............... That limey.. .................. Right. Sorry. ..................................... ..................... ............................... I know. I'll be careful, don't worry. It's not like I haven't dealt wit 'er before. Sides, I've got a few new tricks up my sleeve. .................... Good point. .......................... ............... I know, and I will. ................. Alright. ........... Yeah, I'll call. ........................... Yeah. Love you too Dad."
She could almost ignore the fact that everybody in the room was wearing close to the same thing, a towel. No, scratch that, she could totally ignore that fact because she was enjoying one of the best breakfasts she’d had in ages.

For somebody who didn’t cook more than Japanese cuisine and vegetarian meals that rarely ever tasted good, a good breakfast was something to revel in. Popping another piece of fresh pineapple into her mouth, she sighed in contentment.
“We need t’get a cook.” Kei commented, having finished all of her breakfast save for the fruit in record time, “Would make livin’ on the island way more enjoyable.” She leaned back in her chair, giving the cute tourist at the table next to them a coy smile.

“This actually really makes up for wakin’ up without a wardrobe.” Kei took a sip of her orange juice, “Well, almost anyway.”
For the first time in a while, AJ was actually hungry. So much had been going on between the time they got here, she realized she hadn't eaten anything.
Snagging a few pieces of bacon and some toast, she settled into her chair and let her gaze go around the room as she stuffed herself.
"Ah don't get it." she muttered between bites of food.
"Somethins' up of course, but what Ah don't get is why Ah feel all tingly... like Ah was at home layin' on the beach or somethin''s weird."
Of course it was weird! She was sitting in a hotel dining room with nothing but a towel on. It was a subconscious thought that shrank her wings down as she had wrapped the towel around her before coming down. The last thing she needed was folks staring anymore than they already were. Or worse yet, someone bumping into them accidently.
She had almost completely healed up from her forray with the big green radioactive lizard, but there were times when her wings still ached...then again, there were times she thought of Cameron and her heart ached too.
Angelee did her best to dismiss the thought. Everyone around her could see her mood change like the shifting breeze. She had been taking this all lightheartedly. Then "He" came into her mind.
Giving her head a light shake, she reached for a glass of orange juice, and prayed it had vodka in it.
Shaking her head slightly Chandi tried to reason with herself that she hadn’t seen anything, just a reflection of the sunlight against something, after all Australia did have a lot of sun. “It was nothing.” She muttered, bringing her gaze back down from the ceiling. Though a small voice in her head kept telling her it wasn’t ‘nothing’ she’d seen something, it was to quick for her to know what she’d seen. But it had been there and she couldn’t figure out what it’d been. “I think I might be going crazy….” Chandi exclaimed, not surprised that heading back to her home country would leave her a little off kilter. “I could have sworn I just saw something up along the ceiling, it was to quick for me to see what it was. But I think it has something to do with us being clothing less.” The petite Aussie began searching to room again in hopes of catching another glimpse of whatever it might have that she’d seen.

“Something tells me this is going to turn into less of a vacation and more of a mission.” Chandi didn’t sound pleased about that, she’d been itching for a nice long vacation full of shopping and various other less superhero-y things.
Just as she was finishing her comment about things turning into a mission, the ever pleasant Daniel walked up to their table to check on everyone and see how their breakfast was going. Since his earlier appearance he'd taken care to tie a second apron onto his midriff backwards as to hide his prosterior, but hadn't even made the slightest effort to cover his charm.

"Glad to see you ladies could join us this morning. I take it everything's well? Is there anyhting I can get you? Or do for you maybe? He asked with a hint of a smile.

Meanwhile, across town, De was standing in his washroom carefully doing up his tie, a deep gray one to match the suit he;d decided to wear that day, slightly lost in thought over the phone call he'd recieved a few minutes prior. It hadn't been bad news per se', but it was unpleasant enough to throw him off his game. Tie finally done, he exited into the hallway and made his way towards the front door, snatching up his jacket and stepping out into the corridor mind set on heading to the hotel and picking up his friends. Hopefully their presence would help take his mind off things.

He'd made it all the way outside and was fumbling around for the keys to his car when he noticed instead of slapping the soft cloth his suit pants were made of, he was slapping his own skin. Turns out in his distracted state he'd left his flat completely naked from the waist down.... 'Looks like the others would have to wait a few...' he thought to himself as he phased back through the front door of his building and made his way back upstairs.

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