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*Insert Chirping Crickets here*
Yeah, we've been absent for a bit. While The Mighty One had every intention of moving along his game and posting in Guardians, he will be unable to do so for about another 6 weeks.

See, he got into a wrestling match with a tablesaw at work. The tablesaw won. He's got his "hunt and peck finger" (cause he can't type) cut pretty bad and is in a cast.

Me, I'm trying to take care of him and a chicken pox infested 9 month old.

I'll be around sporadically.

Oh, and I hear our fearless leader (local) has been lurking!

Ouch. Well, hope he's okay. Good luck with the chicken pox thing, I feel your pain. I remember when my kid had them. Not fun, but you don't need me to tell you that. Well, get well soon you three!
I say look on the bright side. With TMT's hand laid up you don't have to worry about him browsing those Furry boards any more, and having your child catch the pox early is a blessing in it's own right as well. i didn't get mine until I was in high school and it was rough. Made me out to look like Quazimoto.

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