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Role Call!
Just starting this so everyone can check in and we can see what's new with each other.

Thor and I are doing great. SuperGirl is 10 months old and trying her darnest to walk. Her favorite word is "Momammaaaa!!!" said almost like a curse word.

I'm taking some "Vacation" time so I'll be around a bit more in the upcoming weeks.

We're all looking forward to fall here. I'm so sick of summer I can scream.
I'm doing fine. Trying my darndest to get rid of this chest cold I'm fighting off. Other than that, same old same old. Work, surf the web, go out with Surfer, not necessarily in that order. Hope everyone else is well. I am definately enjoying the cooler weather. Plus the leaves are starting to change.
I spent the summer in the hospital but I'm still not dead yet. Taking forever to catch up on online projects and emails... but not dead yet, damn it. Let's face it, folks, I'm Hal Jordan. ;-)

i'm also struggling to get rid of a cold which has be wheezing away like an old granny every morning. Work is beginning to settle down after the restructure although we are all still finding our feet in the new jobs (spend most of my day trying not to do my old job and concentrate on my new one) I have also become a student - evening course up at Caledonian University - which should hopefully get me out of the flat.

I do still look in on things here just so's you know - I just haven't been in the comic frame of mind recently - as with the rest of you lots of worries but that's life eh.

anyways got to love you and leave ya - i'm at the class at the moment!! Wink
Glenn-Glad to hear you're doing better. I think you ARE Hal Jordan! Big Grin

Bill-At least you love us! Lol
I'm still 'hanging' around, you could say. (Forgive me for the blatantly dry bat-joke. I've been reading "Batman: No Man's Land", and I'm in the middle of a Joker scene in the book). I've been surprisingly busy at work lately. We are also in the middle of a corporate restructure that will take several years to complete. As for yours truly, I'm not sure what my future place is in the grand scheme of things. I might even have to move out of my humble little cave (a.k.a. CLOSET).

I'm also still taking classes 2 nights a week, moving ever-so-closer to that elusive degree. Once December rolls around, I'll be 12 credit hours away from freedom. Woohoo! Looking forward to having more time to do the things I want to do. I might even be able to do some actual programming, since I will have a programming degree. (What a concept!) Been hard to keep my skills fresh as busy as I've been.

By the way, Enchantress, I'll keep you posted on everything that happens here in "No Man's Land" while you're out. I'll try to keep them off your back as much as possible, but no promises.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
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I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. School is almost over and I plan to spend more time online this summer. I have also been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. Man that is addictive!
Nice to see you again!
I myself have been absent awhile...been reading things, just not responding. I'll try to be more attentive.
I've been a BAAAAAAAD boy and not posted anything ANYWHERE on here for what has probably been close to MONTHS AGO. Sorry to all those who play "THE WATCH." I have recently gotten a promotion at work and what little free time I can scrape together, I usually have to spend wisely as it is getting farther and further in-between days off. I will make an effort to be active in the site more even if it's not in taking part in the role playing games.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH

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