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The Blazing Return of Jonah Hex
I had picked up the Showcase reprint book of Jonah Hex because I had only read a few of the original All-Star Westerns, liked them but never followed up by getting more. Nature of the beast - I'm a superhero guy, not a western guy. Still, it's excellent stuff at a reasonable price, well worth picking up.

While I was at it I also picked up the newest version of the character in Jonah Hex #1. I was blown away. I have to admit I wasn't thrilled with the Frank Quitely cover, whose work I usually like but the inside was incredible. Inside was proof that a dead art was not dead. Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti had crafted an engrossing multi-layered story with wonderful characterization and no loose ends -within the confines of a single issue! That's right one story, one issue. Wow, and it was good too!

Anyone else checking this out? If not, you have my utmost reccommendation.

Glenn Walker

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