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Amazing Spider-Man #504
Hot Dogs with a God

I may be a bit behind, but I just read 'Chasing a Dark Shadow' part 2, and sorta liked it...sorta didn't. It was an odd 2 part story that felt somewhat rushed. While I like a good one or two issue story, I thik this one could have been longer.

I liked the overall dynamic of the story. As Spidey himself said, his stories are leaning a bit more to the magical here lately. That is an area I think is pretty cool for him to be headed. And this issue certainly set up some cool things for the future. Where do you think JMS is going with this? Will he revisit this story soon? I hope so...for it seems there is alot more story to be told.

I am quite split on this story. I loved the interaction amongst the characters. It had a good story, and a good plot. I'm not quite sure I like how magical everything has gotten, though. It kind of rubs me the wrong way, since I love classic villains like the Rhino, Scorpion, and Kraven. I can learn to live with it, though, because, there are a kajillion other Spidey books that lean more to the classic Spidey stories.
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