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Wildstorm Lives Again!!!
Majestic. WildCATS: Nemesis. Captain Atom: Armageddon. Gen 13 (2006).

Planetary and the Authority have both held their own in the absence of a large line of other titles to help flesh out their universe....but they're coming back. Gen 13 has been annouced for fall of 2006 featuring the original cast of Fairchild, Freefall, Grunge, Burnout, and Rainmaker and that news alone was enough to make me care about Wildstorm again. However, I've also been reading Majestic. And WildCATS Nemesis. As well as Captain Atom: Armegeddon.

The Majestic character has always been interesting to me. He was first introduced (in his ongoing solo series) as being a homage to Silver Age Superman. What kind of kid doesn't get excited about that? And now in his new ongoing, he seems to be holding up that tradition. In his first issue back in the WSU...he finds his planet completely void of animal life, as if every person, mammal, reptile, and fish just suddenly up and left. In his second story arc, he finds himself dealing with the Daemonites, a foe he'd thought long defeated. Currently.....he's kicking ass and taking names as only Majestic can. And damn is it good to see him.

The current WildCATs mini deals with another Kheribum. One both Majestic and Zealot know all two well. Her real name is Charis, though she's been called Nemesis for as long as she can remember. Mr. Majestic and the CATS think sh'e a villain. That's she's up to no good. And her actions...well...let's just say I'm not completely convinced she's on the up and up. And while I normally don't pay attention to such things, conversations with the likes of our own The Mighty Thor have given me a new appreciation for artists and I must say that Talent Caldwell is doing a tremendous job on this title.

And then there's the Captain. I wasn't a Captain Atom fan until Justice League Unlimited. And even then I knew precious little about the man. Then I read a little bit of him in the pages of Batman/Superman, and it's good. He seems good. I go out into the depths of the internets (all 3 of them!) and try to dig up some info on the man who was once part of the JL with Captain Marvel, Max Lord, and the Blue and Gold express. I find myself starting to think that's he's an underappreciated character for all that he can do and all trhe potential he holds.

Then I see him in Wildstorm.

And I become a fanboy.

Now, like so many other fans of comics now a days, I've become a bit jaded with the industry following one to many retcons, bad stories, and terrible artists. But every once in a while someone will come along and write an issue, or rarer yet, a single line of dialogue, that validates and entire story arc for me. Not only have issues 1 and two een that good in my opinion...but they've both had that one line that's made me say....."Wow...."

In issue one we see Captain Atom square off against Mr Majestic himself, and while Majestic gets the upper hand early in the fight, Atom finally says to hell with it and puts an end to the conflict. After getting punched in the face one time to many while trying to figure out who Majestic is and why they are fighting he thinks...

You know what? I don't care anymore. That's enough.

And after blasting Majestros point blank, stopping his assault dead, he stands over him and says...

"My Name is Captain Atom. As in A-Bomb... As in Nuclear Fission... As in... The End of the World

At which point he bashes Majestic down through the city street, ending the fight. And while this in and of itself brought a smile to my face, it was the reaction of the people standing by that let me know this mini series is going to be something to read. Something important to Captain Atom as a character. It was that reaction that led him to say in issue 2...

Alone. A planet full of people. Billions of them. And I've never felt so alone.

Later he thinks to himself my favorite line of the issue....

I'm lost. I'm God knows where. And I'm alone. And to top it all off, for no good reason.....I'm Gold.

Big Grin

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