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Young Avengers: Kree-Skull war reloaded
Well, after a short hiatus, Young Avengers #10 finally came out today... and was I surprised by the events in it!

The first part of this is a summary of the issue and the second are my thoughts and things they've hinted at which we could find out in future issues.

[spoiler] first, the YA (minus Teddy) arrives at Stark Tower to ask for help after the Super Skrull killed Teddy's mom and kidnapped the shape-shifter. They're not there, but Jarvis goes to make a phone call while they "convince" Vision to come with them... since they're not powerful enough to fight the SS, they locate others from the Avengers fail-safe program... including a teenager who can accelerate things on an atomic level making him a formidable speedster as well as giving him an explosive power. But this new kid is in a correctional facility after he blew up his school - accidentally - so they get him out of there and go find Teddy. Meanwhile, Teddy learns a lot more about his past... Apparently he was the son of the unmarried Skrull princess with an unknown father and his mother sent him and his bodyguard (he thought she was his human mom) away to save them. In the end of the book, the Kree army arrives and kill(?) the SS... telling him they'll do anything to protect one of their own...

Which makes me think that Captain Mar-Vell and the skrull princess might have done the nasty and Teddy could very well be their son! Next issue, we learn more about that and about Wiccan's origins... I'm thinking the new kid, who is a blonde copy of Wiccan might have something to do with it... could he (a magic-user) and the new guy (speedster) be related to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? especially since they look like TWINS except one has dark hair and the other white/blonde hair....[/spoiler]

I really liked it, it's darker than the first ark, but the storyline is as good as that ark... I was scared when the first story arc ended because the second story arc was nowhere as good... I'm quite pleased that this arc is so good. Now, if only Kate could come up with a codename...

and if most of them could get good codenames to replace the crappy ones they currently have
Well, as of Wensday, Kate does have a codename. Wink And I too have been pleased with this book. I like the dynamic of the team and now that their freshman year is over I can't wait to see how they function in the feild. One has to wonder though, will they be going up against some of the Avenger's lower calibur foes....or will their presence spawn new villains entirely?
I am looking forward to reading this book. We are going to pick up the TPB's of the first 12 issues, and then buy the single issues after it returns from hiatus. It looks like a great book, and I have always been a fan of Jim Cheung, dating back to his X-Force days. The artwork alone will keep me happy, but I'm sure the story will delight as well. I'll post more after I've read the first year's run.

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