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Server Move, June 17th.
Comics Uncovered will be down for a few days on or around June 17th while we move to a new server.

Please be advised (those of you who've re-appeared and promised to post more) any posts made after June 17th may not carry over in the conversion.

I'll let Local Hero fill you all in when he gets a chance. Just relaying the basics.
Well everything has gone ok. You may notice that we are using the default phpBB theme. This is because I installed the latest version of phpBB 2 and using our old theme would have been just too much work to get it running. We are also missing a few features which I will look to add back in as i remember themWink Specifically the attachment mod is no longer in place meaning the Art thread in particular is a bit bare, we are also missing a few of the bbcodes I added (like spoiler) so I will try and find the codes and add them back in.

If you have any features you miss and would like to see back or any features you have seen elsewhere and would like here either PM me or post a request in the Letters Page forum. If you find any errors please email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
First, we all want to thank Local for all his hard work in moving the site around.

We understand the new layout is umm... different. But don't let it deter you if you want to post. We will be working in the coming weeks on a new layout, banners and the like.

So go ahead, it won't bite!
Upgrade News: Post Formatting Toolbars

Those of you who take the time to post may notice a new fangled interface. this should help you all with the formatting of your posts as well as embedding various files you might want to bring to the attention of other users. Please bear in mind though that if you embed a video for example please include a link back to the source site - it's only fair Wink

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