Poll: What do you think of the site changes?
It Rocks! Keep up the good work.
Looking Good. Needs Work.
Don't like it. Bring back the old site.
There were changes?
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This poll will close on: 02-20-9103
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June 2006: What do you think of the site changes?
June 2006 Poll
I like it, however I miss the old dark blue theme. The grey is just blah, it's not the funky CU I know, love, adore and have a shrine built to.

It'll grow on me, I know.
heh.. yeah i know.. don't worry the actual look of the pages will change.. just takes time and i was more worried about the back end stuff.. speaking of which tried the chat box yet?
Looks good! I like the new main page look. Like Chanty said, need to work on the colors, though. Like the chat idea.
...and I love the module on the top right of the main page that tells you how many posts have occurred since your last visit!
[Image: status.php?host=]
I love the main page...although I would dig it even more if you could somehow make it look like the front page of a newspaper...Daily Bugle/Planetish, if ya get my meaning. Also, I need to know just what we are gonna do with the colors and themes and stuff, because I wanna revise and design new banners to better fit the new look, whatever it turns out to be. I have ideas, but I need to know which way to go with them.
I like the new set-up. 8)

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