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Comics Uncovered - Express Yourself
Well it had to happen considering that all of the admins are big on visuals (and no that doesn't mean we are fat - means we like teh art!). Anyways those of you who are observant about these things may notice another addition to the menu over on the main page.. yeah look again.. just below the Forum Link.. still can't see it well maybe you should give it a miss. For those who have picked up on the above hints then go on over to the Album link and add back some of the art that didn't make it through the move. I am going to see if it is possible to link the comments back the the Ink & Paint Club too. Enjoy!! Comments welcome to the usual address.
Awesome! Thanks for this. My question for you is this though...with the gallery, does that make the ink and paint club obsolete?

Oh, you rock muchly! Lol
no i think the ink & pain club can be as much about discussing art in general and for linking external art our members may have on other sites or something you have found on another site they want to show off. If i can link the comments to a forum it will be that one. if not I might be able to add a button to the album something along the lines of "Discuss this image on the forums"

similarly one of the other items i am looking at is a content management system so we could add things like stories as articles and then discuss in the forums. just some ideas
Wow...and I didn't even have to re-register! Heya where's the art forum again? Never mind, I'll find it... 8)

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