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DDP Brings Magic & Sentient Machines To Comics
<i>Official Press Release</i>
Chicago, IL, 2006 – This August, Devil’s Due Publishing, Inc. (DDP) unveils new original stories of the war ravaged world of EBERRON - for the first time in comic book form in EBERRONTM EYE OF THE WOLF (Cover A - JUN063047E, Cover B - JUN063048E). In a world of magic and machines left in post war ruin, an assassin’s dagger replaces a warrior’s sword, and the conspirator's whisper speaks more loudly than the general's bellow. The EBERRON® role-playing game is published by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) and was created by Keith Baker, developed by Bill Slavicsek and James Wyatt in a new way to address a new breed of roleplayer.
EYE OF THE WOLF is an all-new 48-page one-shot comic written by EBERRON’s creator, Keith Baker! This new world of magic and sentient machines is expertly illustrated by Chris Lie (SIGMA 6, ARASHIKAGE SHOWDOWN), and comes available in two stunning covers: cover A by Chris Lie; card stock collector’s cover B by Lee Moyer (EBERRON Campaign Setting artist). Both will be a fan-favorite for years to come. EBERRON is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc.
“This is DDP’s first opportunity to add to the rich tapestry of the D & D worlds, and I couldn’t be more excited,” said Mark Powers, editor. “To have the creator of the EBERRON setting aboard, and to have an artist like Chris Lie bringing his vision to life is the perfect way to bring EBERRON to comics.”<P>
“Magic is integral to the world of EBERRON. This is a realm where castles can stretch a mile into the sky, where spells can give life to steel, and where eldritch battles can devastate entire nations. Eye of the Wolf is the first installment of a saga that will take readers across EBERRON, and allow them to view the wonders of this world in an entirely new way,” said Keith Baker, writer. “ Chris Lie's work on the book is amazing; he really brings the setting to life, and it's wonderful for me to see things that have only existed in my mind brought forth into reality.”<P>
“It is a pleasure to work with an established writer and creator like Keith Baker,” said Chris Lie, penciler. “From artistic standpoint, it is a treat for me to be involved in building a relatively new world and designing the characters in EBERRON.”<P>
• ABOUT EBERRON: EYE OF THE WOLF (Cover A - JUN063047E, Cover B - JUN063048E) – EBERRON is a sprawling realm fueled by magic-powered technology—coming to comics for the first time in an all-new tale by EBERRON’S creator, Keith Baker! What becomes of a patriot who fails her country? That is the curse of young hero GREYKELL. But a conflict still rages—a secret struggle upon which her world’s fate hinges! EBERRON: EYE OF THE WOLF, 48 pages featuring two adventurous covers: (Cover A) traditional cover, by Chris Lie, $4.95; (Cover B) cardstock collectors’ edition, by Lee Moyer , $8.95. Written by EBERRON creator Keith Baker, illustrated by Chris Lie, and available in August from Devil’s Due. We encourage you to run, not walk to your retailer and reserve your copy today.
Please visit here for cover images and the first 10 unseen pencil preview pages: <a href="" target="_Blank"></a>
Devil’s Due: Reminding everyone that pop culture IS our culture.
Devil’s Due Publishing was formed in 1999 as both a commercial art studio and a small press comic book publisher. DDP’s first breakout success was 2001’s revamp of G.I. JOE, returning the long-lost 1980s characters to comics. Fans bought over 100,000 copies per month, immediately propelling G.I. JOE to the top of the charts. Today, DDP’s lineup includes FORGOTTEN REALMS, DRAGONLANCE, G.I. JOE: AMERICA’S ELITE, FAMILY GUY, eigoManga, the horror cult hit HACK/SLASH, Capcom’s Killer 7, and Monkey Pharmacy’s Elsinore.
The Hasbro Properties Group (HPG), the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc., (NYSE:HAS), translates one of the industry’s richest portfolios of brands into a world of fun and excitement for children and adults globally. Through a host of publishing, digital media, lifestyle and entertainment platforms, HPG is able to surround fans worldwide with consumer products that expand Hasbro’s core brands, such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, MY LITTLE PONY, MONOPOLY, G.I. JOE, TONKA and PLAYSKOOL.
EBERRON is trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. in the USA and other countries, and is used with permission.


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