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Battlefield Photography: McNiven talks “Civil War”
With only two issues released so far, “Civil War” has created more excitement and thrills than a summer blockbuster film. CBR News spoke with one of the men responsible for those thrills and chills, “Civil War” artist Steve McNiven


Source: CBR Articles
Articles from the comic book site you HAVE to visit!
I'll admit it, my favorite artwork of late has been the Civil War stuff. It's eyecandy and I love it.

Great articles there!
I've been a fan of Steve McNiven's art since his first issue of Marvel Knights: 4. He didn't stay on the book long as he was given more high profile jobs quickly. I met him 2 years ago at Wizard World Chicago. Nobody seemed to know who he was. I was in line to get Bendis' autograph, and he was just sort of standing there at the booth. I ALWAYS read name badges when I'm at WWC, and upon realizing who was standing there, immediately broke out my copies of MK4 and had him sign the first 4 issues. He's a really nice guy. He signed everybody's stuff that was there even though it wasn't his signing time, and he looked overjoyed to be doing it. He was on his way out of the show as it was Sunday at about 5pm, but said he would have stayed to hang out if it wasn't for the fact that he had a plane to catch back home. He firmly cemented himself as one of my favorite creators.

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