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Crisis Confusion & New Developments (Teen Titans)
Anything Crisis confuses me. But here's what I get so far...

  • Crisis is when realities collide and need to be set straight by DC heros of both realities.

    Somebody (usually someone with an "S" on his/her chest) gets killed so things can be put to rights.

    One of the most recent to die was Superboy.

    Somehow, several years have passed in comic time and now the Young Justice remnants are grown up.

Now it appears that Bart Allen is ready to become the Flash, Tim Drake is trying to create another Superman clone, Cassie Sandsmark is trying to get on w/life after her boyfriend's death, and Victor Stone has just woken up from some coma and is shocked by all the changes.

My come we missed the changes? Is this simply another facet of how crisis works, or is it some story-line that the writer's will come back to in something titled "The Missing Years" or some such thing? Or is this some reality fracture that will be fixed in a few issues? Or are we simply not supposed to know, so the writers can confuse/surprize us further later?

And further more, what's everyone's opinion on that teary/emotional outburst kiss between Tim and Cassie?

And really, does anyone know what I'm talking about?
I don't follow Teen Titans any more, AngelRogue, so I can't be specific to your questions but I do know this:

After the events of Infinite Crisis, all of the regular DCU titles were rebooted 'one year later.' Reportedly, the series 52 will fill in what we've missed in the preceding year but, while it's telling some great stories, I've seen very little filling in myself. Many of the regular books are doing their part to fill in, but I guess that Teen Titans isn't one of them. Sad

Ah, well. Thanks for the heads-up. I'd seen 52 on the comic rack, and wondered what the heck that was about.

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