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Igor Kordey-GROW UP!
Did anyone read the interview Kordey did after he was fired from Marvel? This guys needs a serious dose of professionalism! I mean, he starts out by knocking the company that paid his bills for a long time, badmouthing anyone and everyone who'd listen. I wonder if he ever expects to work in comics again? Seriously because I personally believe the guy is a decent artist, but he's no *artiste* and he certianly can't draw superheroes, he draws decent people who are superheroes, but had no idea how to capture a superhero.
I personally don't think I'll be picking up any books Mr. Ego trip draws, if he can ever get a job again. Most companies will shy away from a person who openly badmouths their competition.
After I read that particular interview I was just floored at his behavior! Yes, you got fired but for the sake of not severing any possibility of getting another job, be decent about it! You would think that common sense would have kicked in, but apparently he's devoid of it...Or he holds grudges for ages!

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