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Site Tweaks
While you are all waiting for me to finish the new layout I thought I would tweak the colors of the existing layout so the change isn't quite so startling. Also I was getting a bit P'd Off with the old bland whites and greys. hope you all approve
Most definately! I miss the old dark blue sooo much. The white was just "blah".

Thanks Bill, you kick ass!
Noticed the cool azure tones immediately. Local shoots and scores! Smile

Kinda has a 60's Batman look/feel to it, but I like it anyway LOL! Seriously though, much better than the white. Can't wait for the new look, but thanks for giving us something to hold us over!
[Image: status.php?host=]
just as an update,

the new look is getting there I promise. local has been working hard, but he's such a nice guy that he's been helping me out a fair bit atm with my sites. I'll give him back I swear :oopsy:

If you guys were holding your breath, you can let it go, you must be 3 shades of blue by now!
The wait will definately be worth it. Thanks guys for your patience Smile
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