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Comics Uncovered Amusement Arcade
Feeling a bit at a loss for something to do? Looking for a little diversion? Then click on one of the images below to play the games in the Comics Uncovered Amusement Arcade. We will be adding new games as time allows. If you don't find something that tickles you're fancy then let us know what you would like to see over in The Letters Page.
[Image: cuchkrs.jpg]
[Image: cubttle.jpg]
[Image: cu.jpg]
[Image: sw1.jpg]
[Image: pm1.jpg]
[Image: sw1.jpg]
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Here is a fun little game. See if you can help Steve Rogers manuever his chopper through the winding caverns and on to Hydra's Headquarters.

SlvrSr4's best distance...2972
The Mighty Thor's best distance...1861

Shoot me a PM and I will post your best distances as well.

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