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Comics Uncovered Amusement Arcade
Just a short note to say the Comics Uncovered Amusement Arcade is now open in The Pub. There are currently two games available to help you pass a few quiet moments.

Battleships - Help Batman prevent the Penguin from destroying the GCPD fleet.
Checkers - Assist Professor X in a tactical battle against Weapon X

We intend to add some more games in the future. If you have any suggestions please make them in the Letters Page Forum.
We have added another Game for your entertainment.

Mahjongg - Play the game that is installed on the main computer at the Guardian's Twilight Cove Base.

Stay tuned for more new games soon.
Most Recent Additions to the Arcade:

Hexxagon - Help the Scarlet Witch against an interdimensional Demon

Pac-Man - Yes you can now play the old arcade classic in the comfort of your own browser.

Stay tuned for more games soon.
Another game to help you waste a few minutes:

Fear Window - Help DD clean up hell's kitchen in this crime based game of Concentration

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