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52 Pick-Up
So, who here is picking up 52? Gor those out of the know, 52 is the weekly DC series designed to let readers know what happened in the mysterious year between Infinite Crisis and all the regular DCU books that began 'one year later,' the year that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman took their hiatuses.

We're twenty-one weeks in this week. Catch up here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Of the highlights, we've seen the reintroduction of Isis into the DC Universe, even though it's into the arms of Black Adam. Ralph Dibny has been exploring ways to return his wife to life via a cult based on Superboy and communicating with Doctor Fate's helmet. Adam Strange has returned to his Silver Age personality and resourcefulness even blinded. An excellent Clark Kent scene where he's saved by new metropolis hero Supernova. And Booster Gold returned to his original glory that seems to only be known to the three of four people who actually read the original Dan Jurgens title.

Low lights of 52: Death and downfall of that ill-remembered Booster Gold, the introduction of the new 'lipstick lesbian' Batwoman, an uninteresting Question that resembles neither the Steve Ditko, Denny O'Neil nor animated versions of the character (my lord, how do you make the Question boring???), a snoozer of a Luthor scheme (old baldy just can't paln without the S-man around), Lobo as a religious leader, and a disappointing subplot involving Steel and his niece.

We have a mystery or two: Who is Supernova? Is it Booster Gold? Superboy? A Superman robot? The original Supernova? Brother Power? And the biggie, what does 52 really mean?

Thoughts? Or am I the only one reading this series?

We aren't reading DC's 52, mainly due to the budgetary problems a weekly book such as this would cause. But I am happy to hear your reviews of the title. Because even when I can't read something, I always try to keep up on the goings on, just so I feel in the loop.

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