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Marvel's new X-Force
If you have no idea what this rant is about to address...go read the press release in the "Hot Off the Presses" forum...

Ok, so just when I thought Marvel was pulling itself out of the mediocrity, they make an announcement that will have many fans circling with their torches. Marvel Comics, under the direction of EIC Joe Quesada, is going to be releasing a new X-Force series. Which, in itself would have me jumping for joy. And Fabian Nicieza is writing it. More jumping. And Rob Liefeld is drawing it...what?! How can that be? I have never met one fan in my almost twenty years of comic collecting that appreciates, or even almost likes, Rob Liefeld's artwork.

Now I will admit, I have not spoken with every comic book fan on the planet personally, so I do not know if Liefeld does indeed have fans out there. It is possible. And if you are one of them, or if you are Rob Liefeld, I will appologize up front, but I think the guy has a big fat goose egg in the talent column.

He draws characters horribly out of proportion, even when they are in the simplest of poses. He is incapable of drawing a character looking anything but pissed off. The only reason his artwork looks any better today than it did in 1991, is because the coloring techniques have grown by leaps and bounds. A colorist can not be sadled with the responsibility of making an artist better than he truly is. You can paint a turd the prettiest shade of blue in the world, but you can not hide the simple fact that it is still a turd.

The Hammer has been Dropped,
The Mighty Thor
Ok...while I'll admit I'm not his largest fan, I can't honestly I dislike his artwork. Granted people tend to be a bit....large...when he draws them but overall its still rather reasonable. In my opinion at any rate. My only concern is...why X-Force? I mean...seriously. Sure they became midly interesting to me when Domino and Pete Wisdom came back and Proudstar regained the full scope of his power....but why restart the series when you felt it neccessary to cancel it once before?

I know Marvel is trying to boost sales and salvage itself, and I know X-Force had a nice sized following and offered up some quality stories but relaunching a title that you've taken off the shelves is kinda in the same vein as bring a dead character back to life. Sometimes it works (New Mutants), and sometimes it simply shouldn't be done.

I'll have to wait and see how X-Force fares.
I have to agree with Mr Thor about the artwork, just doesn't float my boat at all. I found an interview Liefeld did over at newsarama. Have added it to the X-Force thread over in Hot of The Presses. New Images of X-Force included. It does seem a strange choice to bring X-Force back especially following the recent Reload that is happening across the X-Books.
Ok, I'm going to shoot myself now, someone actually gave Liefeld another JOB???

the guy is a hack, no way around it.
having seen even more of the artwork I have to just say...

ARGHGHGHGH :brickwall:

a. who told this guy he was an artist?
b. who at marvel believes this sort of art will sell?
c. who told this guy he was an artist?
Don't be so harsh, Local. Rob Liefeld can draw. (And by this I mean he can draw flies, with the steaming piles that he routinely churns out) His biggest problem is that he can't draw proper anatomy or more than one facial expression. That is why all the covers of the Cable/Deadpool series look exactly like one another.

Ask Nova about her feelings on Rob Liefeld sometime...she does a great impression of a classic Rob Liefeld cover shot. It had me in stitches a couple weekends ago.

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