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Some awesome news to share...
Hey guys, what I'm about to say doesn't have anything to do with comics, but I wanted to share it with as many of my friends (and of course family) as was possible. As of 8:30 last night, I asked Jonna to marry me. Of course she said yes, and I am now officially an engaged man. I proposed the old fashioned way which included asking her Father's permission and the whole getting down on one knee thing. Every one of my geeky tendencies tried to get me to do it in some sort of comic book way, but I was able to contain my inner geek long enough to do it in a way that she wouldn't laugh at. For those of you who aren't Jeremiah and Annette and don't know her, she is a huge comic book fan and plays just as much Heroclix as I do, so it wouldn't have come as a big suprise to her, but I still wanted to go with more of a traditional proposal. This is the first I've been able to get to an internet connection, so I've been just dying to tell you all. Thank you to all my family and friends on this site who have been there for us over the duration of our relationship. Now our REAL adventure gets to begin...

I wonder if she will let us be married by Spider-Man? ...Just kidding 8)
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Look, if your brother wouldn't let me have Stormtroopers for Bridesmaids, then you don't get Spiderman...

ok, maybe.. but only for Jonna's bachlorette party!

Congrats man! I've been pestering your brother all day to call and find out how it went!
Asking her Father, doing it the traditional way, let me tell you it's every girls dream!!
Congratulations to you both, I really hope you will both be happy for some seriously long yearage Smile

And if ppl can get married by 'Elvis', I don't see why you can't get wed by spiderman, those would be some very interesting wedding photo's we'd all love to see.
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Congratulations, man! Big Grin

I have already heaped many congratulations on you, but I thought I should do it publicly as well, so our members aren't left thinking that I do not wish my brother well. Because nothing could be further from the truth. I wish you and your bride-to-be all the happiness any man could have.

And I am most certainly looking forward to congratulating you more next weekend when you visit.

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