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Not the End of the World
Those of you here who know me know what a comics purist I am. When I heard that DC Comics would be publishing a new series based on Will Eisner's Spirit I thought for sure it was a sign of the apocalypse. There is no way they could maintain the quality, reputation and integrity of one of the world's greatest comics by one of the world's greatest comics creators.

Well, I refused to buy either the Batman/Spirit team-up or the first issue of the regular series, but a friend was so taken by them that he bought copies of them for me, insisting I give them a look. Begrudgingly I finally did.

I have to say that the integrity of Will Eisner's Spirit is more than intact, and the world is safe. Darwyn Cooke is the man. He has faithfully done justice to Denny Colt and respectfully brought him seamlessly into the 21st century. I was so impressed I am awaiting the second issue breathlessly.


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