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Captain America #25
Are we just our usual quiet selves here at Comics Uncovered, or has no one here yet read Captain America #25?
Captain America is one of many books that we don't actually read, but I of coarse have heard the news. I am not going to put up spoiler tags for this post, because the news of this issue made national news on television and radio and was all over the internet Wednesday. But if you haven't heard what happened in the latest issue and don't want to know, stop reading now.

Ok, I warned you. In the latest issue, #25, Captain America has been gunned down by an apparent sniper, killing one of the longest lasting super heroes in the Marvel Universe. Now I don't know if the gunman was shown or not, but here is my theory. The sniper is actually the Punisher and the shooting was a premeditated plan concocted during the Civil War between Steve and Frank so that Captain America can go underground and possibly assume a new heroic identity. It seems like a pretty easy explanation to me. Maybe Ed Brubaker will have something different up his sleeve, but on way or another folks, Captain America is not dead.
For the record, from someone who has read the books in question, a mind-controlled Sharon Carter shot Captain America three times. It should also be noted that in The Initiative, Ms. Marvel tells Spider-Woman that Cap is not dead, but she might have been lying.

The main thing about this that bothers me is why Marvel chose to break the news to the mainstream media at six AM Wednesday morning, knowing that none of their readers would see the actual comic until at least noon. I doubt anyone learned of Cap's death by reading the book.

GlennWalker Wrote:It should also be noted that in The Initiative, Ms. Marvel tells Spider-Woman that Cap is not dead, but she might have been lying.
This event has since been addressed by the powers that be. Ms. Marvel was lying in an attempt to get Spider-Woman to turn herself in. Captain America is dead. Wow, how heroic of Carol. Liar and leader of the Mighty Avengers.

Cap dying is almost a tradition at Marvel. I wonder if the news outlets that covered this stunt were aware of this:

Captain America vol. 1 #443 Sep. '95 - Cap dies after his super-soldier serum gets corrupted. There is a whole issue without him, and issue #445 begins with his funeral (Bill Clinton is a pallbearer!). Two pages later - he's alive again.

Captain America vol. 1 #454 Aug. '96 - The long-running title is cancelled. Cap dies in battle with Onslaught, along with most of the Marvel Universe. He returns in Captain America vol. 3 #1 Jan. '98. (This is a "COLLECTOR'S ITEM 1st ISSUE" that today sells for less than cover price.)

Captain America vol. 3 #50 Feb. '02 - Cap is killed by a bomb, has a funeral, book gets cancelled. He returns in Captain America: Dead Man Running #1 Mar. '02. Captain America vol. 4 #1 Jun. '02 follows the mini-series.

Captain America vol. 4 #32 Dec. '04 - It's the final issue and Cap is dead on the cover. Inside he survives, but the book is still cancelled. Captain America vol. 5 #1 Jan. '05 appears the very next month. At this point, Marvel is just going through the motions.

Captain America vol. 5 #25 Apr. '07 - Cap is shot and killed. What is newsworthy here? The only surprising thing is that the next issue is not another #1 relaunch.

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