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Making Movies: Batman Begins
I concur. One can only hope at this point.
Please discuss the upcoming DC franchise Batman Begins/Year One here

The official site is now online, although it is showing off only a stylized logo to tease fans. Also, producer Charles Roven was interviewed by, and here's some of the good parts: "The first two weeks of filming 'Batman Begins' have been hampered by 75 mph winds in Iceland, but the crew is moving to London this weekend. Producer Charles Roven says, 'As soon as we set down in Iceland two weeks ago, we were hit with the most crazy weather -- sunny one minute and two hours later a rain storm.' The storms have not delayed production, he adds. Roven also seems very excited about the new design and look for the Batmobile and some of the other gizmos planned for this new Batman film. 'The new Batmobile jumps and flies and turns on a dime! It's a fantastic piece of equipment, and there is no CGI [computer generated imagery] for that. It's a cross between Lamborghini and a Humvee -- not like any of the Batmobiles you've seen before.'"
Again...this is another one of those movies that has me worried. This is The DC movie of its time. If they somehow manage to mess this up....I really don't see them being able to redeem themselves to the point where they can hope to become a multimedia company. Marvel's doing exceptionally well for itself and has opened some great doors, but if the Batman curse continues into this film it might spell the doom for all future DC movies.

Of course...this also just goes to show you why I could never make a film like this. Why? Because in my version of Year One Wayne doesn't get a supercool Batmobile to fight crime in. Instead.....

The Bat Moped.

The Bat Moped!?!?! I just got the weirdest image.

anyway, I'm really looking forward to but dreading this film...because I really don't want to see the Batman franchise suffer if this one tanks like the two previous.

I love Christian Bale, so that could be a saving grace...but i'm still extremely worried about the outcome of this film.

I wouldn't say I am worried about the new Batman film, but I am certainly approaching it tentatively.

So far, everything about this film looks to be top shelf. I am a naturally optimistic person, so, taking into account everything that has been released about this movie, I am hoping for the best.

The only part that I don't care for is the ultra hi-tech Batmobile. I wouldn't go so far as to say he needs a moped instead, but I think I would have left the car out of the story completely. But, like everything else, if they make it make sense, then I will bite...hook, line and sinker.

I'm looking forward to this movie with an odd mix of anticipation and dread.
I mean, I was was looking forward to Batman and Robin when it came out.....

I think I'll walk away slowly now....
Unlike a lot of comics-to-film projects I have a lot of faith in this one. The wirter, director, actors and supposed storyline all look surprisingly good. We'll see.

Glenn Walker
I’m looking forward to this film for a while, and was rather thrilled when I found out Christian Bale was going to play Bruce Wayne/Batman. I think as an actor he’ll be able to pull off playing this beloved character almost as well (if not better) then Michael Keaton was able to. I’m not a diehard Batman fan though, so as long as this movie has good writing and good acting I’ll be happy ^_^ (And not so many cheesy fluorescent lights and such…) But that’s just my take on it.
Ok...big news on the Batman: Begins front.

Head over to the movie's official website (the one we have linked above) and click on the bat logo. If you do, you will be treated to 2 pictures of the all new Batmobile. It is ubber cool, in a real world sort of way. No converted Corvette for this Batman. No sir, this Batman looks to be kicking ass in a 'take no prisoners, might as well be driving a tank' sort of way.

Personally, while it is a departure from the Batmobile of the past, I love it! I think it has the real world functionality that this film seems to be dripping with. No goofy villains. No dumb side kicks. And no nipples on the batsuit, damnit! Nope, none of that crap. Just real life butt kicking Batman. Me...I can't wait.

Very nice photos! I'm impressed by what they are doing with this movie so far.
Meeehhhh. I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice looking vehicle that just screams real world functionality, but I don't wanna see Batman in it. I say he should be on foot or travel by rooftop. I mean...that Batmobile would just make things to easy. Plus I wanna see how he handles things before all the gadgets and gear, like the flashbacks in "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm".
I agree with you Truth. I would much rather see a Batman that doesn't have the car at his disposal. A dirty, street level vigilante that has to fight his way through the underbelly of Gotham, to make a reputation for himself. A hero that has yet to become a hero. Someone who fights every day of his life to strike fear into the hearts of the superstitious and cowardly lot. Not somebody that has it easy just because he has the money to buy fancy wheels and cool gadgets.

But, if he has to have the Batmobile, I think this is a bad ass, unique design.

Reported 23/04/2004

In an interview here in the UK with Christian Bale regarding his new movie The Machinist on TV, at the end of the interview he was asked a couple of questions regarding Batman Begins.

He made a veiled dig at Mr Knowles and AICN stating that the production has "to be careful and tight security wise in what we are doing otherwise, before you know it, you're getting reviewed and torn to strips by the 'ain't it not cool' community before even a strip of film has been shot!".

Best of all though, he rather angrily denied that he was making a "comic book movie" and said that that was actually an insult to the millions of fans out there. He said "We're making a film based on a much loved graphic novel. I think to use the term 'comic book' really under values the source material!"

And at the interview's end, Bale said that he cannot say much at all about the project but that if he had to describe it, he would say - and get this for uber-coolness - it "is a cross between Serpico and The French Connection mixed with a really <bleeping> cool samurai, kung fu movie, and there's like some really strong 70s conspiracy movie vibes in their too! It is definitely not a Batman that you've seen on screen before"
#14 may be grainy but it's the first definite image. This is a black & white scan of Entertainment Weekly's exclusive look at Christian Bale as Batman in Batman Begins. The picture is said to be included in the new issue hitting stands tomorrow. Hopefully a color version will be forthcoming soon...

Reported 29/04/2004
Source SSH
[Image: EWMAY7p11_t.jpg]
Click on the image to see it larger Smile
Well the look itself has a lot of promise, not to flashy, yet not to dull. And I know the more I post messages like this about subjects like this, the more shallow ans superficial I seem. But daggnabbit....I'm an American male between the ages of 18-35. 90% of my perception comes from visual stimulation and as such, if my first visual impression about something is bad, I tend to shy away from that something.

But this....this is showing me that they're not going to try and reivent the wheel or over-stylize the product, and that's just fine by me. A little flash here and there is good, even great, at times. But with Batman...basic black is always best.
I agree. As this is effectively the "Year One" I would have expected Batman's look to be rather basic, even though Bruce has all of the Wayne money behind him. he is just starting out on the road to becoming the world's greatest detective and has a lot of hard lessons to learn. it is those lessons which will cause him to refine his weapons and uniform. Well that's my thinking behind it.
Comics Continuum posted some pics this morning that you guys might like of Bale in full Bat attire.
I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, but I'm keeping an open mind.
OK Let's break this down....from a Real Bat Fanatic's perspective....

The car is a bit overkill. My wife hates the new car. I personally think that it looks like a cross between a hotwheel and a sprint/drag race. And both of these are NOT Batmobiles. The Batmobile is supposed to be sleek and graceful, yet formidable and (seemingly)unstopable. This car screams Arnold Schwarzenegger/Azrael/I'm not really sure....... maybe Spawn...but definitely not the Bat. I'm thinking that this has a shot at being a decent Bat-Flick since the first, but only if they don't try to over-emphasize the gadgets. Yes, I totally understand that this is what makes Batman BATMAN. However in the past couple of movies they've come up with more crap to put on that Bat-suit than the FF have in the Baxter Building. Let's get serious...what is the one main weapon of choice for Batman....anyone????.... That's right boys and girls....The Batarang!!!!! THAT'S IT!!!! Not some suit that protects him from a Nuclear (or Nukeular...for those who don't know don't's too long of a story and much to painful on my ego.) fireballs. I like the idear of the grapple hook cause that's classic Bat, but not some grapple with AI that's going to shoot five lines and catch Bat's the villan and the falling building too. It's just not doin' it for me. Thank GOD they haven't given him some kind of gun. I would have a anurism. OK sorry about that I kinda got out of control there. back to business.....

Has anyone heard who the main nemesis is going to be? I'm kinda betting on the scarecrow...but who knows.

The Bat. :dcbat: :bashlamer:
The Scarecrow supposedly has a small role, but the main villain is Ras Al Ghul. And if that right there doesn't send you leaping away from your computer in utter joy, then you are not a real Batman fan.

this ought to be a good movie.
You do know that at one point Batman did have a gun right? Wore it in a holster strapped across his chest. Forgot if the named it or anything but I think I have a picture of a comic panel showing him standing there with the gun.

Anyway, yeah. I too think the Batmobile is a bit much. But as i said, I wouldn't even afford him a whole lot of gadgets in this film, and most certainly not a Batmobile of any sort or fashion.

Now my Batmoped idea on the other hand.....that has potential.
The Bat without gadgets??!?! Why ya gotta hate like that...heh.


and no I don't remember the Bat having a gun...although I imagine that if he still did they might be trying to lock him up too. I guess I think that the Batmoped is ok as long as it's got that afterburner sticking out the back and sidewinder's on the carbonfiber/polyplastic front of that thing.

Yes, Batman did carry a gun, way back in the early 40's when the book was first published. I don't think it stuck around for very long, but he certainly did carry one. Of coarse, that has since been ret-coned out of continuity completely.

do you think that they would bring it back for this "new Beginning" story?
It might be an interesting twist to have Batman carrying a piece.

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