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Making Movies: Batman Begins
I don't think they would, nor do I think they should because as you said in one of your earlier posts, it would just corrupt the Batman we've all come to know and love for so many years.

As for the overall tone of the movie itself, if they go back to showing that Bats is a Detective first and foremost as he was in Batman and Batman Returns, this movie will no doubt be a hit. But if they try to skew it and make it more like "The Matrix: Gotham Nights" they run the risk of killing Wayne's silver screen potential entirely.

As I said, the costume itself gives me hope that for the first time in quite a while they're going to try to focus more on the story and character rather than on the Advertising they can tie in with kiddie toys at fast food places and the like. The less flashy this movie is, the more hope I have for it, and while I personally might still have my reservations about the Batmobile, at least it's not half see through and just screaming "MAKE ME A TOY!!"
Posted 09/06/2004
Source Comic Continuum

Warner Bros. has provided two new images of the Batmobile from Batman Begins. The images are from Licensing 2004 International at the Javits Center in New York City this week.

"With the new film and animated content set to arrive in 2004 and 2005, we are excited to connect our partners to the global strength of the franchise," said Dan Romanelli, President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Consumer Products. "Batman has long been one of our strongest properties and we believe this resurgence will really take the franchise to a whole new level for fans around the world."

Click on the images for a closer look:
[Image: bat1th.jpg] [Image: bat2th.jpg]


I don't know if these closer looks settle my concerns but they do give the impression that the Batmobile is perhaps made out of whatever spare parts he could get his hands on what with it's jet style air intakes and industrial size wheels, rather than the sleek smooth models we have seen in previous films
Aint It Cool News posted this recently. It is an animated look at the Batmobile. This clip is from the same event as the still shots Local posted in the previous post.

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There's a nice article over at Newsweek on the upcoming movie.

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I managed to get a hold of a PDF that's been doing the rounds (was mentioned over at AICN) which seems to be an reasonably polished draft of the script. I would have to say that if they manage to make the film as scripted here, well.. I'm sure it will have even die hard fanboys weeping for joy. I am really impressed at the amount of characterisation goyer has shoehorned into the script but not it seems at the expense of action or drama. Even the Bat-Tank-car-thing makes sense! Wink
Ok folks, here it is. The very tantalizing first teaser for one of the most anticipated films in all of geekdom. Go have a look, won't you?

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Ok, can I just say...

That was too cool! Seriously, until the end you wouldn't have even known it was a Batman movie.
Which personally, I love. I love the deception behind it all.

Show me more!
The trailer does seem to fit the script I read... I would almost say I am moist with anticipation... but I won't Wink

oh.. and here's a wee tidbit...

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are adding to the excitement at Wizard World Chicago! David S. Goyer, screenwriter of Batman Begins, will be on hand Saturday, August 14, immediately after the DC Universe panel concludes, for a discussion of the movie. The DC Universe panel, followed by the special Batman Begins discussion, will start at 11:00am. (So get there early for the best seats!)

Goyer will also be autographing at the DC Comics booth at 1:00pm on Saturday. This will be a very limited signing. Wristbands will be available Saturday morning at the DC Comics booth on a first-come, first-served basis.

The DC Universe panel takes place starting at 11:00am Saturday and features DC writers and artists including Brian Azzarello (SUPERMAN, 100 BULLETS), Geoff Johns (THE FLASH, JSA, TEEN TITANS), Tommy Lee Edwards (THE QUESTION), Carlos Pacheco (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) and others, along with DC's VP - Editorial Dan DiDio and VP - Sales & Marketing Bob Wayne. Don't miss it!
More Pictures
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The new Batman Begins trailer.

Pretty sweet!

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