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Gen13....Better Than I Hoped For
Wow. I Don't get me wrong....when I first heard of Gen13's cancellation and subsequent relaunch I was concerned they were going to do to this book what they did to Wildcats and run it into the ground with unneeded revamps and relaunches and volumes.

Boy was I wrong.

Now then...I'm not sure how many of you out there are picking this book up....but if you're not you really should be. Granted the original cast is almost completely gone (or are they?), but the new group has such a great dynamic and the story behind their powers is so expansive that the entire Gen13 world feels different, and yet is completely the same.

True, I was a bit put off at first that the story has been moved to New York, but after coming into contact with the characters all I can say is good move. The characters feel much more varied now than they did in the last book, even though just like those that came before them, this group has one common thread that links them all.

Now...I'm not going to talk to much about what they've done or the basic story in case someone comes along and wants to be surprised for themselves when they pick up back issues, but I will say I have yet to be disappointed with a single issue or single panel or cover. The art and story direction is superb and they way they reinvented the wheel that was Gen13 without completely throwing away all the things that made Gen13 great is....well....Great.

I highly reccomend this book.

But that's just me? How do the rest of you feel about this title? Seriously...I'm dying to hear other people's takes on it good, bad, or indifferent.
Well don't I feel like an idiot now....

I went to my "local" store today, all geeked up and ready to pick up another issue of Gen13 only to be told that's been canceled since December! What's up with that? Turns out the monthly fix I had been getting was just them getting in a few back issues from other stores. What a travesty. Now I have to go out and track down all the derelict issues I don't have. Yet another comic I attached my heart strings to that is more.
Don't get disheartened this happens to me on a weekly basis.. I browse through my favourite store and pick up a book which I rave about and intend to keep buying.. and almost immediately find that it's been cancelled. It has happened more times than I care to count.

Back on topic I haven't picked up any Gen 13, although I have seen them in crossover appearances. The one that immediately sticks in my mind was in the Divine Right mini series. (check this out if you haven't seen it the whole story is available in a couple of TPBs) If I was gonna pick up older Gen 13 stuff where is the best place to start?

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