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Green Arrow
Ok, I've been reading Green Arrow from Issue #1 *which I got a some sweet ass autographs on too!* and while the artwork took a bit to win me over, I'm a huge fan of it now. It's just that Phil Hester has a different style than most people, and after you get used to it, they change artists, you find yourself wanting Phil to come back. Which, did happen to me.

So, Judd Winnick is writing the book now...and it's actually better than Kevin Smith's run on it. While Kevin did a top notch job, I think he had too many forks in the fire at the time he was writing it. *coughspidermanblackcatcough*


But, for the money, Green Arrow is probably my favorite DC book right now.
The current Riddler story is wonderful, just filled with laughs. Which, me, that's why I buy comics, to make me laugh.
What did you think of the Brad Meltzer arc, Chanty? He is an amzing novelist and a big comic geek. I thought his "Archers Quest" was a nice little romp through nostalgia. The interplay between Ollie and Roy was perfect, I thought, better than anything we've seen since the 1950s.

Glenn Walker
"Archer's Quest" was a fantastic story. The character interraction was top notch, and the story had a wonderful feel to it. When Ollie opened the glove box of the ArrowCar, and it began to glow green, I got chills. Comic book moments like that are too few and far between.

Along with the Mighty One there, I did enjoy Archer's Quest ALOT. Moreso than I thought I was going to.
I can't say enough good things about Green Arrow. DC hit gold with this book and it's been great all the way around.
Just an update here-Reading the last bits of the Riddler story and OH MY GOD! It's just great!
As I've said before, I'm a huge fan of Phil Hester's cartoonish artwork, it just makes the book even more enjoyable. But this great
I can't wait to see where it goes next.
No no no no no!

See, they had to go screw it all up and Phil and Andre had to leave the book!

Although Judd Winick's writing is as solid as ever, the art sells the book and I cannot stand the new artwork in the book. It's just not "Green Arrow" for me.
I gotta agree wholeheartedly. It is particularly difficult for me to enjoy this book right now. Judd Winnick is consistantly one of my favorite writers working, but the schlock filled artwork that they have slapped on this book leaves me irritated and annoyed.

Maybe the word will get out that the fans are disappointed and DC will find a more suitable follow up art team to try to fill the impossibly large shoes that genius Phil Hester and Ande Park left behind.
Ok-after a lapse in writing.

Green Arrow has taken a turn for the worse. The artwork is horrible. They have fill in writers who do not continue over into the ongoing story.

This book used to be the best, now it's the last one I read because I dread looking at all that hideous art.
Does anyone else find it odd that the Green Arrow title is now being used as clean-up and in-between stuff for the mega-crossover Infinite Crisis and the minis that preceded it? The last half-dozen issues have all been tying up loose ends from those books it seems.

Glenn Walker
Green Arrow One Year later is AWESOME.

I had been losing interest in this book, but Judd Winick is winning me over and the artwork is more along the lines of what I'm used to (Phil Hester).

I love the idea of Ollie as the Mayor of Star City. It's a bit of an oxymoron.
Enchantress Wrote:I love the idea of Ollie as the Mayor of Star City. It's a bit of an oxymoron.
Actually, Chanty, Ollie as Mayor is an old idea. I shouldn't really say old... cuz it just makes me feel old. A subplot of Ollie running for Mayor was featured in World's Finest Comics during its Dollar Comics phase in the late 1970s. He didn't win (actually pulled out of the race iirc) but that series had lotsa fun stuff including Trevor Von Eedon art and the debut of Count Vertigo. I might just pick up a new copy of GA just to see what Ollie's like having won.

Glenn Walker
Well Glenn, considering in the late 70s I was just being potty trained, the idea is rather new to me. Lol

Ollie having won? He's a hardass! and it's great!

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