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No more Marvel at Marvel?
Taken from ComicsContinuum 23/03/2004.

It looks like Captain Marvel #25 will be the final issue of the Marvel series. I haven't picked up the current run of this character but have flicked through a few issues while in the comic shop and found what I had seen so far interesting enough to considering buying the trades that have been released. Looks like perhaps Marvel are looking at the comic sales and figuring that the book might not be as popular as say an x-man title. Which is a shame, because I have always liked Marvel's diversity of characters.
While I find it incredibly disheartening that Marvel is cancelling Captain Marvel, I can't say that I am surprised. To be honest, the book has been loosing momentum for a while now. The stories haven't been nearly as strong as they once were, and the humor that drove the book to be a critical success 4 years ago has all but disappeared.

When they relaunched the title almost two years ago, it seemed to be to a good thing. While the humor was gone, the storylines were deep, dark and compelling. But, that initial boost slowly faded and has left the book a pale version of what it once was.

I do not like to see any books cancelled, but I will say that maybe it was time to let this Captain Marvel go, before he and the great Peter David slipped any further into madness.

Captain Marvel went down the toliet when they relaunched it! I absolutely LOVED the run before that. The book had humor, which is lacking in about 90% of comics these days. And as I've always said, if you don't have your sense of humor, then you have nothing.
Marvel...upon losing the humorous side of "Marv" lost a great book.
I can't say I'm sad to see it go, but I can say I did enjoy the book quiet a bit.
I myself have been a fan of the book in all of it's incarnations, and I can honestly say that it's been lacking in it's creativity and superb storytelling for most of the current relaunch. As remorse as it is to say, with the current quality of it, I won't miss it. I usually read my comics in order from most to least favorite. It used to be the first or second comic that I read every week, and now I usally save it for the last few issues that I read.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I just read Captain Marvel #25, and here are my thoughts.

The cover, drawn by series originator Chris Cross, was wonderful. It showcased all the main characters of the series in a very nice tribute image that fit to send this once great book off on a high note. This was a nice touch that only ended up being icing on a truly delicious cake.

I opened the book up and was immediately assaulted by what, in this reporters opinion, was some very lackluster art. Keith Giffen provided pencils for the issue and they did not impress. His is a rough unpolished style that doesn't do much for me. I was not looking forward to staring at this for all 22 pages. But for the record, I will admit to being wrong. Each subsequent page seemed to get better and by the end, I realized it actually fit the tone of the story perfectly.

Of coarse, this may be due to what I guess might be the most creatively written story I have ever read. Peter David was on his game when he conceived of this final issue, and his genius shows through on each and every page. The book does not end with some climactic battle between good and evil. Fate did not hang in the balance with the whole of existance on the line. They simply called it quits, struck the set and said goodbye in the only way this quirky book could. My opinion of this title ran the spectrum over the years of reading it, but I can honestly say that I am glad I did not miss an issue. Peter David struck out to create a superhero comic book unlike any other, and he succeeded brilliantly. My hats off to you guys, it was a helluva ride.

I completely enjoyed the final issue of Captain Marvel. It was, as Thor put it, probably the best ending ever given to a book. They just "wrapped" it up. Closed the set, packed up the costumes and sent everyone on their merry way.
It really was genius.

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