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Field Trip-The Prelude
Shock would be the word best to describe Chandi as Cameron walked up to their little group and introduced himself, and deep down the young woman was pleased to see a familiar face in amongst all these new ones. “Maybe we’ve met Sparky…” Chandi replied to Cameron a little smirk gracing her features as she waited to see how he would react to her choice of words. She wasn’t going to drop her cover yet though, she wanted to wait and see if he’d be able to figure out who she was without the tail and ears. Okay…if Cam’s here could that have been AJ? Chandi wondered as she began to make a slow circle around Cameron as if she was trying to place where they might have met before and had to fight with all her might not to mention all the new scars he’d acquired and ask how he’d gotten them. “Well?” Chandi placed her hands on her hips as she stopped her circling and now stood in front of Cameron her green/gold eyes held a twinkle of mischief in them and she had one eyebrow raised slightly as she pretended to be impatient with him. “Have you been able to place me yet?”
"Sparky?" Cam arched his eyebrow quizzically as he searched her features. Only two people had ever called him that. One he had already met. His grin widened as he opened his arms and took a step towards Chandi. "Aye Tails that ah have. Yer looking good princess." he said as his eyes travelled the length of her body. "A wee bit different fae the last time ah saw ye. Now ah hope a get mare than a wee handshake fae an auld friend."
"Its nice to see everyone knows everyone here." Nate said to Kei, "Whats your story then? Everyone seems to have done something here, who'd kill, blow up, rob etc etc?" Now he was just trying to make conversation, he could tell half the people here really didn't want to be here and the other half just didn't care, at the minute he didn't know which half he belonged to...

-Shadow Strike
She sat against the window for a long time, her hand coming up to rest against her heart as she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of the ocean and the birds that surrounded them.
She could sit here forever and nothing would wash away these feelings and she knew it. Finally deciding she should probably meet the rest of the group, she stood up and walked over to the dresser and pulled out a clean pair of denim shorts and yellow t-shirt. Using a trick she had learned from her fay kindreds, she shrank her wings down, and carefully put on the shirt. She then slowly let her wings resize, taking the slow time to slip them through the holes custom designed in the back of the shirt. She smiled as she fluttered her pinkish wings and adjusted the shirt. One perk for working for the government she guessed, at least she didn't have to customize her clothing anymore.
Deciding to go barefoot, she remembered she had left the beach in such a rush she left her radio and towel down there.
"Damn, oh well." she sighed, pushed the window open even wider and took a swan dive out the widow. Of course, having wings gifted her with the ability to catch the first breeze and glide along it if she wished, but for now, she flew down to where she had been laying, grabbed up her towel and radio and started to walk back to the main building once again. Looking up to her window, she saw Vicki sitting there barking at her. More than likely, the dog was just mad because AJ hadn't taken her with her.
She came around the bend and saw the gathering of people and took a deep breath.
"No time like tha present." she muttered and walked up slowly and put on her most dazzling smile.
"Well well..." her southern accent drawled as she came into the small gathering.
"Ah don't know if Ah've died an' gone ta heaven.." she said looking at the two women, then glancing at Cameron.."Of if Ah'm being sentenced to purgatory for some sin, but oh what a sin!" she smirked playfully, deciding that she had said her peace to Cameron privately, no using in airing dirty laundry infront of the new team.
A broad grin took over Chandi’s features as she step into Cameron’s outstretch arms. “It’s been to long.” Chandi stated pulling back to survey his appearance. “You’ve got more scars then I remember you having you bludger.” She was almost relieved to see a familiar face amongst all these new ones and her mind traveled back to thinking about weather or not that had been AJ earlier. Her question was soon answered when the fairy herself appeared in the little group forming. “Yeah, well it’s a long story.” Chandi replied to Nate’s statement of everyone knowing everyone, she had taken up a bad habit of eavesdropping of sorts. “Don’t worry about my appearance Sparky, it’s only an illusion…I’ve still got that tail.” She gave his shoulder a reassuring pat but wasn’t able to stay much more as the question that’d been bugging her since she’d seen the pink haired woman earlier was finally answer when AJ joined their little group. “Ah so the white pointer appears.” Chandi had to giggle a bit now that she’d realized the woman sunbathing had been AJ. “Still up to holding Sparky down while I paint his nails?” She questioned AJ while trying to fight the overly wide grin that wanted to surfaces.
Two Days Ago

"Hey De....its me. Lookee, when you get the chance, call me. Some strange men came and delivered a package for you. Oh! And tell your aunt I'm sorry about the chickens."

Aims' voice said over the machine. Hearing from her wasn't anything new or out of the ordinary, but hearing that people were leaving packages for him with her....that certainly was.

"What do you think that's on about? And what the hell did she do to Auntie's Chickens!?!" Shy asked as she watched her brother stand and head towards the washroom.

"Haven't a clue. But why don't you give 'er a ring and let her know I'm back. See if she can't swing by and drop me package off." he replied as he made hios way into the restroom and began to run the water for a shower. Thin whisps of steam curled up and about as he got undressed, listening to Shy pander about his commons room.

"Oi! Shy!"


"Run down to the market and pick me up a box of red!" he called out as he hopped in the shower.

Normally he would have waited to dye his hair first, but given the circumstances he just wanted to get cleaned up first, prettied up later. His eyes drifted close as he let the warth of the water cascade down his face and chest, basking in his first hot shower in what felt like ages.


As De entered an unclaimed room he quickly made his way to the bed where he dropped his large bag before strolling over to the closet to hang up his suits. He'd brought such a small selection with him in his rush that he knew he'd have to have the others sent to him, but hopefully these would last him long enough.

Closing the closet he made his way back to his bed and began unpacking his bag. The first item removed was a small wooden case, much like a jewelry box, which he placed upon the nightstand. The next was a larger black plastic case which he sat on the foot of the bed, knowing he'd need to work with that in a bit. Next he pulled forth a half dozen dress shirts, each a different color, which he then took to the closet to hang up as well, followed by a third trip which found him hanging up about a dozen or so ties.

The final contents of the bag where then dumped across the bed, a myriad of panties and bras and garter belts and corsets falling all over the place intermingled with a few g-strings, a dozen pairs of socks, a couple of pairs of boxers, two towels and a harness. A wide, satisfied grin covered De's face as he looked down at his things, his hands soon thereafter rummaging about trying to find something decent for him to wear. Not that he didn't enjoy that which he had on, it was simply that his current bra had an uncomfortable underwire that had begun to pinch and bite into him on the trip over and he wanted a change.

After a short period of deliberation he picked a simple pair of boxers and scooped up a towel, tossing both to the foot of the bed and out of the way. The rest of the garments were then tucked away into his dresser, a seperate drawer for each different type of unmentionable. Pleased with himself, he headed towards his washroom, taking with him the small plastic bag, towel and pair of boxer shorts. He needed a shower and a dye job bad and wasn't in the mood to let anyone see him until he looked his absolute best.
Over the years 'Vok had found himself caught in quite a few predicaments. Situations that required difficult decisions, that could spell his ruin or his rapture. And now, he found another of those decisions sitting squarely in his lap. He could easily transform into a bird and leave Valerie Cooper alone with her insecurities and ineptitude. He could fly off, find the nearest inter-dimensional communication relay, contact Corsair, and be off this rock by tomorrow morning. But, if he did that, he would find himself back on the Starjammer, with Ch’od and Raza as his only company, no where near cute pink haired chicks with wings. It was definitely a quandary for the ages. And on top of her looks, she apparently could cook, and ‘Vok liked eggs.

He had been standing, cemented in one place, on the path down to the beach. He was so conflicted that his legs refused to work. He could not budge in either direction, for fear of making a colossal mistake. He hoped the girl was worth being stuck working for the Battle-ax again. After minutes of scrutiny, he turned back to the building, and began to make his way back, hoping to get to know the pink haired girl a little better. ”Pink haired girl…you don’t even know her name. What are you, nuts? Well yeah, I am, what’s your point?” But before he could get back inside, he heard a window slide open, and she flew out, down towards the beach. Time for the hunt. He concentrated on his form, transforming it in exacting detail, leaving a large striped cat standing where John Starling had been. Time for her to see just how much of a tiger I can be.
Angelee had been about halfway ready to pop something smart back at the woman when the sentence registered in her mind.
"Chandi???" She took a double take, then took another one. She hadn't been close enough to hear the earlier parts of the conversation.
She stepped foward and gave her a big hug, and leaned back and looked at her again. AJ's eyes had begun to change from brown to emerald green when she had approached the group, now they were glowing almost.
"Gods it's good ta see ya. There's someone ya gotta meet." AJ pointed towards the open window where Vicki sat barking loudly, again.
"That's Vicki..." she smiled again, then realized she was being rude to everyone else.
"Ah'm terribly sorry. Mah name's Angelee, most people just call me AJ or Firefly...nice ta meet ya'll." Having grown out of the stage where using her given name bothered her, she slipped an arm around Chandi's waist and smiled as she saw a very large striped cat come wandering down the path from the main building.
"Oh kitty kitty." she snickered as she watched the cat, arching an eyebrow and giving Cameron a passing glance as she did.
Feeling a wave of discomfort overtake her, she stepped away from Chandi and gave her a smile.
"Ya'll should head on in to tha building, unless ya are used ta tha heat, sometime's it gets unbearable." She started to walk away, giving Chandi a "We'll talk" look over her shoulder.

She walked down the path and smiled as she approached the big cat.
"Well well now...Ah've been on this island for 3 weeks now and Ah ain't seen nuthin' as big and dangerous as you...except Cooper's temper..." She reached out and stroked the cat's ears, and purr forming in her own throat.
"Such a pretty thang ya are, Mmmm...enough ta make a girl wanna curl up naked in bed with ya." she smiled and began to walk back towards the building slowly.
Kei looked down at her stuff and then at the group, “Heat? What heat?” Kei cocked her head to the side, “I don’t feel anything…” the Hawaiian was used to the weather, it was similar to what she grew up in so it wasn’t bothering her in the least bit. What was bothering her was the slight itch of saltwater drying out her skin, and with no shower in sight except for the base it seemed like she’d be heading back up there to get herself into one of the shower facilities.
“Any of you wanna come with me to the base so I can get into a shower?” She asked, biting her lip and giving them pleading eyes…the look always worked on Marco it was bound to work on somebody in this group, “I’ve got issues with bein’ alone, need some company…please?” She picked her board up and under her arm, continuing with the pleading look.

“Plus, you never know what kind of disease I might get from this water…” Kei kept the look but was completely joking, she knew that the water wasn’t harmful but she was testing these people out to see what buttons she could push to get her way.
“Could end up with some rare illness that is incurable, ya know.” She pushed her sunglasses up into her hairline, then slipped her sandals back on and picked up the towel and rashguard.
Weaving in and around AJ, 'Vok walked along beside the pink haired pixie. Still in the form of a large African cat, the Skrull continually rubbed against her, driving his head into her, almost knocking her over on more than one occasion. He was intent on rubbing as much of his scent off onto her as he could. There might be a couple other guys on this island, but as far as 'Vok was concerned, he saw her first.

He wanted to revert back into his human form, and properly introduce himself, but he was simply having too much fun. He walked along side AJ, all the way back to the main building, ramming his head into her hip every so often, just to remind her that he was there. This pixie was either an incredible tease, or the girl of his dreams. He wasn't sure which, but he knew that he would have a whole lot of fun trying to figure her out.
She kept stroking his head as she walked, talking not only to the tiger, but to herself.
"Ya know what sugah, Ah see it this way, Ah'm all about havin' fun, but when you lead a girl on for ovah a year, get her to tha point of wantin' ya so bad she can't think straight, then finally give in...then up and leave, ya seriously can't expect a open armed welcome, now can ya?" she muttered, as she stroked the cats silky fur.
"Ah just can't believe some men!" She opened the door and allowed the animal to make its way in before she followed. Motioning her head towards the living room, she went in and flopped down on one of the large sofas that sat against one of the walls and pointed towards the tv.
"You wanna watch somethin? Or you wanna get better acquainted? Ah think we get Animal Planet." she smiled down at the cat, still rubbing it's head.
Leaning down, just placed a soft kiss on the tip of the animal's cold wet nose.
"Welcome ta Fantasy Island sweetheart."
Nate shrugged his shoulders and picked up some of Kei's stuff. "I'll help you out." Walking back towards the main building he thought it may be best to leave those who knew each other time to catch up. Plus he needed to actually claim a room before all the good ones were gone...

-Shadow Strike
Chandi wasn’t sure how exactly she felt about seeing two of her former teammates and close friends again. Of course she felt happiness and little bit of relief at the fact that the whole entire team wouldn’t be new faces, but then the fear started to creep in and the doubt. It’s been two years, you’ve changed…done some things you wouldn’t like to admit to anyone. Things aren’t going to be the same as it was before…remember that. Chandi ran through all the rather shady things she’d done in the past two years and the company she’d kept for the duration of her stay in New York. “Oh, Vicki’s a beauty….” Chandi stated as she glanced up towards the barking dog. “Can’t wait to be formally introduced to her…and have a nice long talk with her owner.” She added as AJ began to make her way back up towards the building to get out of the lovely Florida heat, and the passing look AJ gave Cameron didn’t go unnoticed by Chandi either. Note to self, ask about that later. She rolled her shoulders and tried to fight off her growing need to be indoors and away from the heat at that moment, Chandi enjoyed the weather in New York far more then Florida weather. “Nate just remember you’re a gentleman no sneaking into the shower after her unless your invited.” Chandi chided Nathaniel as he agreed to accompany Kei up to the compound to take a shower. “Kei just lock the door behind you and you should be able to keep the Perve out.” She added tossing the other dark haired woman a smile and a wink. “Looks like it’s just you and me.” Chandi said turning her attention back towards Cameron. “Want to explain some of those scars which are messing up that body of yours?” She questioned him not entirely sure what to say after two years of not seeing him.
Watching AJ disappear back towards the building again, Cam couldn't help but wish he had said something else to her. Anything. Just to break the ice that was forming a little. Mentally kicking himself, he turned back to look at Chandi as she asked about his scars.

Cam threaded his arm around Chandi's drawing her towards the stand of palms he had passed earlier. "If ah'm gonnae be telling stories, it's probably best tae take advantage of that wee bit o' shade. It's just a wee bit warmer than the west coast o' scotland eh.." He smiled down at her, genuinely pleased to see a friendly, if at present unfamiliar face. "And ye can fill me in on the new look as well." As they moved over the beach, the warm sand oozing around their feet, Cam looked upwards at the trees arching skywards and the broad leaves which crowned them. The sun was still high in the sky and the broad leaves cast a cool shadow almost straight down onto the sand below. Dropping a little more heavily than intended, Cam made himself comfortable, pressing his back against the silvery trunk of a palm. He patted the ground next to him as he looked up at Chandi before looking down at the scars plainly visible on his forearms. "The scars.. Most o' them were a little goin' away present fae some pointy toothed buggers back in London. Ye'll be pleased tae ken that what ah gave them in return makes this lot look like a bad papercut." He looked back up into her eyes. "As fer the rest, just general bumps and scrapes. Ran intae some troubles up on the Canadian border. Ah think ah must be gettin' clumsy in mah auld age. How about yerself?"
Nate look back at Chandi as continued he walking towards the building. "Doors aren't too much of a challenge for me, mam." Smiling and winking he turned back around and turned to Kei. "Though I have a bit more respect for people than that."

-Shadow Strike

"...and then he just handed this to me and told me to get it to you. Normally I'd tell someone like that to just sod off, but somethin' told me he and his mates weren't the type to take that in the good spirit its intended."

Amy said to De and Shy as he read thru the files she had given him. Shyanne was seated in the living room while De and Aims spoke in the kitchen, the young blonde mutant perched upon his counter, her feet swinging back and forth slightly. She seemed out of place in the presence of the Niles, De's 6'3" frame and Shy's own 5'11" making the fair skinned woman's 5'3" seem almost dismal. And where the brother and sister pair both dressed somewhat professionally, De constantly clad in suits and Shy clothes of a similar fashion, Amy dressed as she always had, super baggy jeans over a pair of worn gym shoes and a white belly tee with the word "Love" written across its front doing little to convince anyone that she was actually a government agent who dealt with demons and vampires and the like on an almost daily basis.

"So what's it about?" She asked as she leaned forward on her perch a bit, trying to catch a glimpse over the top edge of the file.

"Some type of team deal being done over in the US looks like. Some bird by the name of Cooper and a little talk of "Specialized Individuals and Resources" being brought in. Whatever that's supposed to mean. If I'm interested I'm ta report to some tomorrow!?! Aims when did you get this!" De asked almost indignantly as he tore his eyes up from the paper to meet hers.

"Like I said...last week. But you were no where to be found."

De's gaze immediately shifted to where Shy sat, though she was no where to be seen thanks to her having slid down on the sofa and out of sight.

"Stupid sister drug me out of town, she did. Shy! Pack me a bag! And pack it right 'cuz so help me if you screw this up..."

He didn't have to wait long for a responce as she reappeared from off the floor and headed to his room muttering something under her breath. De returned his attention back to the file, wondering all of a sudden why it is he wanted to check this team out when he had been home not even two full days. Could it have been he missed the whole team experience? Or perhaps he simply wanted to know what this Valerie woman looked like. Whatever the reason he knew for sure one main incentive for him to go. Quickly was approaching a time when all hell was going to break loose in his life, and if he was half a world away then maybe....juuuusssst maybe...he'd be safe from it.



...his voice cried out as he saw himself for the first time after his brief shower. He had long ago found a type of dye that would allow him to color his hair in a short amount of time and his sister had taught him how to do it in the shower as well. Unfortunately, his sister was also the one who had bought this particular hair dye. But even with how much he knew she hated him....he never once thought her capable of this. Not of this.

De rarely looked in the mirror before a shower anymore, a bad experience with a vampire, a bottle of lotion, and a "back massager" having taught him better. Plus with his dyeing method the only time he got to see the end result was after the shower anyway, but what he saw today was almost to horrible for him to comprehend. The method itself had worked, as had the dye, both his eyebrows and hair once again the same color with no hint of his roots in sight. But they color they were....the color they were....

For almost 15 years he had been dyeing his hair Red # 65 without once letting it get to the point where his hair was more black than red. He had bought suits, shirts, ties, sunglasses, and even a pair of handcuffs to match, all in the name of helping to further his reputation of the "red haired devil". But this day what he saw in the was as if he had lost a part of himself.

Purple. Somehow, at some point, somewhere....she had switched his red dye out for Purple. PURPLE!!. He owned no purple suits or shades. Shirts or underwear. Handcuffs or shoes. Nor did he want to. How could anyone walk about in that much purple without looking like some type of corny supervillainy clown? But here he the middle of the ocean...with a head full of purple hair.

He stormed out the washroom without fully drying off and phased himself right through the room's door and out into the hallway, looking about for Valerie Cooper so he could plead his case and hopefully be provided transport back to the mainland to buy a decent dye. De found himself back downstairs and walking about the main foyer before long, muttering and mumbling to himself about all the low down dirty dispicable things his family members did to one another and how this topped the list. He knew that if he could find Coop he'd be able to convince her. Just as he knew that once her got his hands on Shy he'd choke the life outta her.

What he didn't seem to know that he had stormed out of his room completely naked.
Kei quirked an eyebrow at Nathaniel as they reached the door to the bases main foyer, “You better hold true to that! Don’t mind bein’ naked in front of people but you walk in when I’m undressing and so help me I will make beloved parts of your body explode very painfully.” She shifted her towel and rashguard to her other hand and opened the door stepping inside a couple of feet and then halting.
“Oh my god!” She breathed her eyes falling on the tall; purple haired, naked black man, “Think I found another teammate…or big foot…” Kei tore her eyes away from De to glance back at Nathaniel, attempting to harness her laughter that was bubbling up inside her chest, “You have got to see this!” She turned her head back around and continued to stare at De’s naked body.

Leaning her surfboard against the wall she dropped her rashguard beside it all the while keeping her eyes glued to De, this was mostly definitely the most interesting thing to happen since she reached this island.
“Looks like you need this.” She commented offering her beach towel to him, “Unless you’re a nudist and then you probably don’t…” Kei couldn’t hold it anymore she gripped her sides as she broke into hysterical giggles her gaze finally breaking away from De’s figure. It was the hair that set it off it was just so absurd! The purple color was reminding her of a certain dinosaur, “I’m Kei by the way,” She managed through her sniggers; arm still outstretched with the beach towel in hand as her gaze landed on him once again.
“And who’re you?” She asked him as her laughter subsided.
It had been a while, so he couldn't quite be sure, but 'Vok was beginning to think that he was falling in love. Sure, AJ was apparently rebounding hard, but the Skrull didn't really mind playing bumper boy. He circled the room slowly, watching as the pink haired beauty made herself comfortable. He was dying to revert to human form so he could finally get to know the girl of his dreams, but he was having too much fun. And he was pretty sure she was too.

He waited in the middle of the room a few moments, letting the girl get good and comfortable. He wanted to time this just perfectly, and he was more than willing to wait. Once he was convinced that she was good and snuggled down into the cushions of the plush couch, he lowered his head to the floor, letting his chin rest against the hardwood floor. He paused there, letting the tension of the moment hopefully drive her mad. His hips swayed back and forth as he contemplated his target. A low deep growl emanated from his throat, warning of what he was about to do. Like uncoiling springs, his powerful feline hind legs propelled him forward, directly into AJ's lap. The enormous cat engulfed her beneath him, as he drove his head into her, pushing her deeper and deeper into the couch. He was almost completely gone into the role of the tiger. And the scratching, rubbing and petting that AJ was giving him as he pushed against her wasn’t helping any. Content to play along, he let his head fall into her lap, as she absentmindedly rubbed his ears while flipping through the channels of the television.

He knew that the charade could not last forever, but he didn’t want this to end. He could do playful with the best of them, but what if she didn’t like him after she found out who or what, he really was? What if she had some deep-seated hatred of the Skrull race? It wouldn’t be the first promising relationship queered by a green cleft chin and a set of pointed ears. He was considering his options just as a cry was heard from out in the foyer. “Oh my God!” shouted a female’s stunned voice. The sudden outburst caught AJ by surprise, causing her to look up towards the sound of the commotion. But, the hysterical laughter that soon followed told her that nothing could be too terribly wrong, so she returned her attentions to the tiger lying in her lap. Or, what until very recently had been a tiger. Now, she looked down to find a dark haired man, with thin handsome features staring sheepishly up at her from where her feline friend had been comfortably laying. He smiled brightly up at her, and said with the smallest hesitation, “Hi…I’m John.”
The soft breeze coming off the ocean and the bright sunny sky was something Chandi didn’t experience in New York very often so she was in fact inclined to agree with Cameron’s suggestion that they take refugee underneath the palm trees while they discuss the events of the past few years. “Bonzer sounds like you’ve been leading one hell of a life Sparky.” Chandi smiled down at him and made a vow to herself to her the entirety of Cameron’s stories on how he got the scars, but that would be another day for today she just wanted to get a feel for how much he’d changed. “Old? I’ve never seen a body like yours belonging to an old person.” She informed Cameron as she lowered herself down onto the sand next to him. “Especially that butt of yours, still looking the same after two years…if not better.” With and evil smirk and a wink Chandi flipped her hair out of her eyes and tried to figure out how to sum up the past few years of her life into a short story, after all she didn’t want to be sitting on the beach for the next week or so, although the company was good and the weather great.

“You want the drum on what’s been going on in my life?” Chandi was a bit tentative about relinquishing any information of her life after leaving Valiant why she didn’t know; maybe it was because she was afraid it might have all been a dream or that it’d be taken away from her somehow. But the young woman had finally gotten her life in order and felt like she’d left the adolescent broody drama queen persona behind her once she’d left the previous superhero team she’d been apart of. Releasing a deep sigh Chandi laid her head down on Cameron’s shoulder and allowing herself to just sit like that for a few moments, taking in the comfort of having an honest to goodness true friend by her side again.

“Well the new ‘look’ came about after I left Valiant, I’ve gained the ability to drop illusions on things…I’m not really changing what’s there by altering it a bit.” Chandi demonstrated by dropping an illusion over a seashell that sat near her right foot. “See, it’s not real…nor is my appearance. Underneath this all I’m still all tail.” She lifted her head and gave the Scotsman a broad smile and drops the illusion on the shell reverting it back to its original appearance. “I like using my human appearance more, call me vein if you like but I really like being ‘normal’ for once in my life.” This was the first time Chandi had ever admitted to this little vanity, sure she’d spoken to her old teammate Zahra about this change and how she felt about it, but she’d never told the Egyptian woman that she preferred it for vanity reasons, shifting her weight again Chandi placed her head back down on Cam’s shoulder and left the brilliant sunshine hit her skin closing her eyes to fend off the brightness of it.

“Here I am earbashing you with my story….” She murmured as she allowed silences to slip over the two of them as they sat underneath the trees. So many times in the past two years Chandi had longed to be able to speak to AJ or Cameron or even both of them at once, they had accepted her and allowed her to be just exactly who she was without wanting to change her for their own benefits. “Been spending most of my time with Seppos in New York City, spent a bit of time with the New York branch of the Hellfire Club that isn’t something I’m proud of…but I had something to take care of with one of their members.” Chandi began to wrap a strand of hair around her finger, not sure she wanted to divulge her relationship ups and downs with the Shinobi Shaw. “Spent some time in Tibet as well…. for the most part I’ve been a real Bludger about things. Keeping a part time Job as a Jockey and bartender.” Finishing up her clip notes version of her life in the past two years Chandi let the silences seep in again wishing she could almost hear what it might be that Cameron was thinking at the moment and what his opinion might have been of a far more grown up version of the girl he used to know.
She was actually having fun. AJ couldn't believe she was having this much fun with an animal. She would have to find out exactly who he belonged to, because he had apparently arrived on the island with one of the new team members and taken quite a liking to her.
Talking to him while she stroked his ears, his head firmly ensconced in her lap, she began to tell him about New Orleans, about Vicki and about being a faery.
"Most folks think Ah'm just another mutant, but nope, found out some time ago that Ah'm not even human, ain't that just a kicker?" she was laughing when she heard the sounds from the hallway and looked up.
When her fingertips touched soft warm skin, she looked back down and saw him smiling up at her.
"Ah thought you said you were leavin? Hmmm? What changed ya mind sugah?" She didn't stop the stroking she had been doing when he was in his cat form. AJ was content to run her fingers through John's hair, knowing that he had been tormenting her earlier, now it was her turn.
Looking up again, she shut the tv off and turned her attention to the man in her lap.
"Mah name's Angelee, you can call me AJ, or you can call me "Yours", tha choice is yours."
"Hey as I said, doors aren't really too much of a deterrant for a guy who can move through shadows." Smilling back at Kei, "But seriously i got over the locker room girls thing when I was 18, you've no need to worry about me popping up in the corner of the shower, i'm what few people call a gentleman, though..." He said his grin growing broader and broader. "...Its my loss."

Then the nudity happened... Infront of Nate and Kei stood a very tall and VERY naked man with increadibly strange taste in hair colour. Nate just couldn't help but look down and his eyes widened, it WAS true what they said about black men... very very big feet... Nate couldn't help but stiffle his laughs, it wasn't the nudity that he was laughing at, hell he'd seen scarier things it was the hair. "I didn't know that hair could be THAT purple..."

-Shadow Strike
"Need what? Nudist?"

De asked as his attention fell on Kei, noticing the offered towel. It took him a few moments to realize what was going on and what she was offering him, his own gaze tracing down his chest and past the rest of his form.

"Well wouldja look at that..." he stated before noticing that her eyes were already fixed upon his body. "...well, guess you already have."

He accepted the towel with a grin and slid it behind him, wrapping it around his waist and holding it together next to his right hip. He stood still a moment before shifting his weight a bit, perfectly content to let her keep staring at his body as it afforded him the opportunity to return the gesture.

"Hello Kei, name's Nathaniel. Some call me Nate, most call me De, and there's one sheila back home who calls me 'Big Nasty', but don't mind that none. It's not what you think. And well...I'd offer to shake but I'm not certain you'd be reaching for me hand just now." He said with a smirk. "What's the matter luv...." De carried on before opening the towel again. "....see somethin' ya like?"

He couldn't help but snicker a bit himself as he closed the towel again and looked about the foyer trying to see if Cooper was about, torn between getting his hair fixed and continuing to play with the sheila before him.

"Well the color wasn't my first choice mate, but if it keeps making choice birds like this fall in my lap, I just may have to keep it."
As Chandi rested her head on his shoulder, Cam smiled, his arm naturally falling around her. "It sounds like ye've had an interesting time o' it. Apart fae London and it's inherent..erm..difficulties, ah spent some time in upstate New York. It's a pity ah didnae ken ye were so close. Ah could have visited ye." He said a little disappointedly. "Ah'm sorry we lost touch. Ah've always been too easily caught up in other things." he continued as he brushed his fringe away from his eyes. "As fer yer illusions, ah can see where it might be annoying having everyone staring when ye just want tae blend in and lead a normal life fer a change. And ah must say those extra couple o' years look good on ye, but ye shouldnae worry about hidin' yer natural looks Chandi. Ye were always stunning in mah book." He paused for a few seconds in thought. "Ah think we've all o' us done some growing in the past couple o' years eh?" He grinned down at her. "Although like ah said once before, ah still always seem tae end up getting chased by somebody or something looking tae take a bit oot of mah butt."
She wasn't even human. That little nugget of information made 'Vok smile a bit, knowing that it might make his eventual revelation that much easier for her to accept. But whether she was human or fae, she could still very easily hate Skrulls. His people didn't exactly have the best reputation across the universe, and that fact usually spelled bad news for 'Vok. Hell, for that matter he didn't have the best reputation across the universe, and that fact definitely spelled bad news for ‘Vok.

But, he was willing to give it a go anyway. “Well, it’s like this. I’ve worked for Val Cooper before. And, in case you haven’t figured it out yourself, she is an incompetent hag. I had every intention of catching the first breeze off this ‘burg, but then the oddest thing happened. My inner beast caught wind of fresh prey, and the hunt was on. I tried to resist, but he could not be denied. Hunger consumed him, and he had to feast. But, now that the prey has finally been subdued, I am left wondering who caught who?”
"Wondering hmmm?" AJ looked up momentarily towards the hall again, thinking she had heard a familiar voice, but dismissed it and turned her attention back to the man in her lap.
"Sugah, it's like this...Ah'm a faery. Mah kind is all about tha thrill of tha hunt and the playful chase. And if ya a real good boy, Ah'll show you some of that faery glamour, you'll be happy for tha remainder of ya life...that ah'll guarantee ya." She continued to run her fingers through his hair as she smiled down at him.
"Yeah, Ah've got the distinct impression Doc Cooper ain't a fan of mine. And here Ah thought everyone loved strippers." She laughed as she twined a strand of his hair around her finger. Leaning down a little, she whispered to him.
"Although, personally, Ah think she's just jealous. Ah wouldn't give her tha time of day. Uptight prudes are so not mah style. Give me someone with a wild streak, who likes ta have fun, but is still willin' ta take certain things seriously, then Ah'm all there."
Angelee paused again, her mind going back to Cameron, who was probably still on the beach with Chandi.
"Ah should have listened ta myself back all those years ago, there always was some spark between those two...ahh hell, let it go. Ya got exactly what you deserved for lettin' him play with your heart. You were the one dumb enough to fall in love with him. Now, times passed, and you've got this extremely hot guy laying in your lap, almost beggin' ya to take him back to your room, so do it already! Ya worked your way through half tha men in tha Quarter trying to get Cam out of yer mind and it didn't work. So you might as well enjoy the company you have now and he can just be damned in the process."
Again, she smiled down at John.
"So, ya do realize, Ah've got a German Shepard dog who's going to be furious with me for leavin' her in mah room, then on top of it, Ah'm gonna have the smell of a large cat on me..." she paused in her thoughts again, then smiled.
"Maybe we should get acquainted with tha rest of tha team, then we can spend tha evening gettin' better 'acquainted' with one another?"

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