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Field Trip-The Prelude
“You work for the mob then?” Kei inquired giving De and his suit another appraising look, “As muscle? Or are you a hitman…” She wasn’t exactly snow-white, “I bet you’re a hitman.” Kei gave him an entertained look, enjoying guessing at what De’s line of work might actually be.
“Or you’re an expensive male escort for the paranormal creatures residin’ on our lovely planet. Seem to know enough ‘bout what a woman would and wouldn’t look good in in the mornin’… Wearin’ the white shirt and all.” Kei paused for a couple seconds, a thoughtful look crossing her face, “Lotsa pockets would be useful in that situation.” She gave him teasing smile, waiting for an answer to her opinions/suggestions.
Her shoulders stiffened as his fingers brushed against them. Glancing at him over her shoulder as he spoke, she said nothing.
"Hate ya? You're damn right Ah hate ya! Ah hate myself more though. Ah should have known better than ta listen to anythang ya told me." her face was tinged with sadness as she spoke.
"Ah was stupid. Plain and simple...Ah made tha mistake of fallin in love with ya, Sparky...and look what it got me?" a soft sardonic laugh fell from her lips as she tilted her head up and let the rain run over her face.
Letting out a sigh, she shook her head and laughed.
"Damn, Ah've become F*@&*in' morose! See! See what ya did ta me? Ah can't even laugh anymore ya worthless..."the string of curses that came from her mouth would have made even John blush. She paused mid "mother humpin' son of a camel herder..." and laughed.
"Ok, now, Ah feel marginally better....marginally..." She smirked at him playfully for a split second then let the expression fall away.
"Cam...look, Ah don't know what ya expect from me. Ah'm hurt...and ya did it. Ah think it's best if we moved on. Ah don't want to get hurt again... and Ah don't know...has anything changed?" She was itching to just reach out and touch him as she turned towards him and looked right into his eyes.
"Look at me and tell me that Ah ain't nothin' more than anothah one night stand and Ah'll be fine and we can move on...otherwise..." she looked away for a moment, not sure if she was ready for the otherwise.
"Ye were never just a one night stand AJ." said Cam softly, despite the wind whipping across the rooftop. "When ah was ready tae give up on being with other people ye gave me something tae hope for. And the time we spent taegether just made me realise how much a care fer ye. And the time we were apart made me realise how much ah loved ye. And if ah've ruined that chance tae be happy taegether again, ah'm really sorry. Ah dinnae ken how what ah can dae to make ye believe me. If ah a could dae things different, ah wouldnae have gone tae London without ye, but at the time ah guess ah didnae want tae put ye in mare danger. And ye had just found yer family, it wouldnae have been fair tae take ye away fae that."
She wasn't sure if it was the rain or there really were tears welling up in her brown eyes. Eyes which, knowing the effect Cameron had on her, were almost a emerald glowing green at this point.
Angelee looked up at him again and slowly inched her way towards him.
"Don't....just don't say anothah word.."she laid her head against his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. It just felt so good. For him, it had only been a year, for her however, it had been almost a lifetime. The way time travels between realms differs, whereas man's world flys by...the fae realm moves at a much slower pace.
Just being in his arms, again...just having someone hold her, even if it was pouring rain on them.
She looked up at him and smiled softly.
"You break mah heart again, and Ah'll carve yours out."
"Ah'll lend ye one o' mah swords tae dae it with." said Cam, his voice almost cracking with relief as he wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes, saying a silent prayer to whatever god happened to be listening at that precise moment. He opened his eyes and looked down into hers seeing the familiar emerald glow he remembered from the other side of the veil. "Next time ah have tae take a trip ah'm nae going withoot ye. OK?" he said with a smile. "That way nothing can get in the way o' us being taegether. Nae even yer mither.." he began to chuckle softly and gave her a wink as he wrapped his arms a little tighter around her.
"De you haven't changed a bit." Chandi commented as she got up from the chair she'd been sittting in and began to pace the room, although it didn't seem like they REALLY had to stay in the command center any longer now that the threat of Spot had passed. "Kei I'd watch out how many ideas you give this one...he'll take them litarely. She added a playful grin gracing her features as she glanced at the De. "By the way, I liked the red better." Chandi had made a circle around De and was now standing behind him with a piece of his hair between her fingers as she inspected the now purple locks. For Chandi it was odd to see this many old faces reunited in one place on yet another superhero team Beauty, lets how this one doesn't turn into the team of hero complex people that the last one had.

"Wonder if AJ's killed Sparky yet?" She muttered mostly to herself, hoping to whatever god would listen that her two closest friends hadn't killed each other upon being placed in the same place again. "Although I wouldn't blame her if she did...." Chandi added shifting her weight and moving away from De to look out the big window towards the ocean below. Somehow seeing all these old faces was sending Chandi into a tail spin of emotions, she'd come so far from how she'd been back when she was with Valiant she wasn't sure she was ready to be reminded of how things had been and how much she'd changed. Although the change had been for the better Chandi wasn't sure if her old friends and the people she cared about most would still love her for being her, Cameron hadn't reacted differently to her but AJ was the real worry in her mind. Both woman had changed a great deal so would they still have that close bond that they'd had two years ago?

"Bloody, I'm thinking again." Chandi exclaimed pulling herself out of her thoughts before she truly when into non-speaking Chandi depressed mode. "Beauty, I'm still in my suit." She laughed having forgotten that she hadn't changed when herself and Cameron had gotten back into the building and although she loved the suit she did realize it wasn't very big at all and didn't cover much.
It took all the fortitude ‘Vok could muster to avoid jumping five feet into the air after taking the jolt from Cameron. But he managed to maintain his composure. Maybe he was posturing a bit, but he wanted to be sure the ex-guy knew where he stood. So he fought back the pain, and ignored the lingering tingle in his fingertips, and said his piece. But it didn’t exactly have the desired results. Instead of sending Cameron packing, it turned out to be ‘Vok getting the brush off. ”That’s savvy. The girl has things to work out. Better to let her unpack now, instead of later. My arms get tired when I try to carry around someone else’s baggage.“ He flashed an unnerved smile at AJ and remarked, “S’alright princess. I’ll see you downstairs later.” Making sure to give Cameron a wide berth, ‘Vok turned and made his way down the steel steps, and back into the control room.

Once inside, and out of earshot of the duo on the roof, he let out a rather loud cry of pain, “Yeeouch! Little tip for you all…do not touch the human lightning rod up there when you just happen to be standing in a large puddle. It smarts.” With the exterior door closed behind him, ‘Vok was just in time to hear Chandi’s mumbled comment. He replied, “No…AJ has not killed anyone. In fact, I think they are making up.”

Glad to be out of the rain, ‘Vok removed the now drenched club shirt he had been wearing, and draped it over his arm. He wasn’t especially fond of having to wear the same clothing all the time, but it had its purpose. Every stitch he wore was made of a native Skrull polymer that shapeshifted along with its wearer to suit his needs. As long as he remained in contact with his clothes, they would retain their false appearance just the same as him. Finding his attention drawn to Chandi’s especially skimpy outfit, ‘Vok smiled. “Ye be tellin’ no lies there, girl…’tis a beauty indeed. Looks like we could both use a wardrobe change. So, if the world is not in any immediate peril, I’ll be off to find the laundry.”
A slight smile curled her lips as he spoke.
"Sparky...Ah undastand that Morganna can be a bit of a pain...but she's always gonna be around." she pulled back away from him a little bit and sighed.
"An' were just gonna have ta deal with that." Looking up at the lightening streaking across the sky, she shuddered momentarily and turned back to him.
"We should probably get inside, Ah don't wanna catch mah death out here, and Ah'm sure they've all got their ears pressed against tha door."
Stepping away, she held her hand out to him and started towards the door to the downstairs.
"It's a start Cam...we can't set everythang right in 5 minutes...but we've got all night." she almost blushed, almost as she said it.
Taking her hand, Cam followed AJ indoors, despite his love of the stormy weather. He was sure in this part of the world, he would get plenty of chance to sate those particular urges. "Aye, Yer mither's a real peach." he said, trying to keep a straight face. "Ah ken she disnae like me because ah'm a mundane by origin, and only magical by a trick o' fate." he shrugged as he said this, knowing that final truth really irked Morganna, and that knowledge tickled Cam no end. The fact that he was now pretty much the only person in the other realm who knew anything about the new Techno Magik which had allowed Proteus powers to pass into him made him unique and powerful enough that she put up with him for the sake of keeping the knowledge from spreading throughout the realm and disrupting the way things had been for millenia.
"The Mob? Please luv. They couldn't afford me if they tried. And I haven't been a giggilo in over a decade. Well...except for that one night...."

He responded to Kei with an almost distant look on his face as he was circled by Chandi. He turned his head a bit to the woman who seemed to know a bit to much about him considering he'd never seen her before in his life.

"Oi. No touching unless you plan to let me touch ya back. And no letting me touch ya back unless ya really mean it luv."

De commented as he tilted his head away from Chandi, slipping his dred from her grasp. He kept a steady gaze upon her as she made her way from behind him and over to the window. The last sheila to walk up on him like that whom he didn't recognize had shot him, and the one before that had shot at him, so he had made it a point to keep a careful eye out for any more women like that since he hated getting shot.

"But as I was sayin' I don't work for any mob. And quit trying to badmouth my suit. The all black motiff is a classic and great for nightclubbin', which is always a plus considerin' I was thinkin' bout walking into town for the night."
Angelee looked over her shoulder at Cameron and rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, and your a real peach yourself, too sugah." she let go of his hand and began squeezing the water out of her long pink hair as she descended the stairs back into the control room.
Giving Chandi a quick wink, she made her excuses and headed towards the confines of her room. A long hot shower was in her immediate future. Looking to see if Cameron was following her, she smiled.
"You can wait with Vicki if ya like. Ah' won't be long."
“Thanks.” Chandi threw a coy smile at ‘Vok as he made his comment about her outfit, after all what girl wouldn’t fancy a comment like that from someone that looked like the space pirate did. “Be seeing you then.” She added as ‘Vok went to find the laundry room. I’ll change once I’m done playing with De’s mind.

Suppressing a giggle at the obvious confusion as to why or how she knew so much about De. “I didn’t find those comments amusing a few years back and I still don’t find your constant need to hit on any breathing woman amusing now.” Chandi replied in answer to De’s earlier comment about her touching his hair.

Her attention was pulled away when AJ made her quick appearance and exit from the room, giving Chandi a wink in the process. “At least their happy and talking…” She muttered pleased to see that Cameron and AJ had both survived their encounter on the roof. “Ripper, I need to talk to Christian.” Chandi wouldn’t admit it but she missed everyone back in New York, even the people she couldn’t trust she missed him or her non-the less.

“Well De figured out who I am yet? Or to you need a few more hints?” Chandi questioned him turning to look over her shoulder at him, “How ‘bout I give you one last hint.” She added dropping her illusion to reveal her actual appearance in all its furry glory. “Miss me?”
As AJ busied herself in her bathroom, Cam stood staring out the window at the winds which still lashed the waves into a froth beyond the beach. He wondered if Spot had been there all day or if he just came into the cove at night. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Vicki lying on the bed eyeing him suspiciously. "So ye are the mysterious Vicki ah heard so much about." he said as another flash of lightning brightened the sky. "Ah hope ye have been takin' good care of her?" he moved away from the window peeling off his soaked shirt and dropping into the chair. Cam looked at Vicki and Vicki looked back at him. "Ah'll take the fact yer staring at me like ah'm something that should be scooped up after ye means ye have been."
“And hopefully, I’ll be seeing ye too,” ‘Vok added to the bikini clad cutey as he left the computer bay. He threw his dripping wet shirt over his shoulder, and continued down the stairs in search of the laundry. He wasn’t sure what to make of the flirtation he and AJ had shared. He thought that he would be utterly enjoying his first night on fantasy island, but fate seemed to have handed him a false map. ”Oh well, its not like this place isn’t chock full of fine little treats. But first, I’ve gotta do something about this smell.” ‘Vok had come straight from the Vault, and had nothing to wear but the clothes on his back. And those clothes hadn’t been washed in a very long time. He often traveled light anyway, seeing as how a set of shape shifting pants was sort of hard to come by in this neck of the woods. But even a pirate had to wash up once in a while. The only problem was, he didn’t have one damned clue where the laundry was.

At first, he thought it would be on the ground floor, somewhere around the living quarters. So he began to hunt. A bathroom, three closets and a microscopic temporal vortex (hiding behind the vacuum cleaner) was all he had been able to find until he stumbled into the kitchen. He hadn’t even realized he was hungry until he discovered the kitchen, but then his stomach spoke up in order to tell him that he was indeed ravenous. So he grabbed a delicious looking turkey leg out of the refrigerator and began to chow down. Apparently being a few hours from Orlando had its advantages. But, as delicious as it was, the food was not getting the stink off of him. So he made his way back to the building’s entryway, and tried to get his bearings. But now, the floor seemed to be far less abandoned than it had been only moments earlier. He could hear the distinct sound of a shower running, and the telltale sounds of a ticked off dog. Curious, he went back down the corridor to the living quarters, only to find Cameron sitting in AJ’s room, talking to Vickie. ‘Vok stood in the doorway staring at the other man for a moment before walking in. He didn’t say a word to Cameron: he simply walked over to the table and grabbed the bottle of Jamaican Rum. He pried the cork from the bottle’s neck with his teeth and spit it into the wastebasket. With a nod of his head and a tip of the bottle in Cam’s direction, ‘Vok continued his search for the laundry.

It was quite obvious that the laundry was no where on the ground level floor, so he would have to continue his search. He once again found the stairwell, and took it down to the basement. There, ‘Vok found a full gym, a few empty offices and at long last, the laundry. He was almost happy for the seclusion. He figured it would be hard to explain the Skrull uniform tumbling around the washing machine. But he would take his chances since his clothes hadn’t had a good cleaning in longer than even he would care to admit. So, he stripped off every last stitch and threw them into the machine. With his laundry under way, ‘Vok stood naked as the day he was born, and drained the last few drops of dark liquor from the suddenly too small bottle.

the details of this post were ok'd by the GM
De quirked a brow as Chandi's illusion fell and he saw her true face. The fur certainly narrowed down the list of possibilites considerably...and the tail even moreso, but he was still left with nearly a half dozen names in his head. Well he could eliminate Tara and Michelle, as the first was orange and the other about 3 feet taller. Nichole he'd ditched about three dimensions back and if memory served him correctly the two of them had shared quite a weekend, which in turn meant she'd have tried to slit his throat instead of play with his hair. That left Chandi and Lala. Both of which had the black fur and tail the beauty before him was sporting, but the accent told him it definately wasn't Lala.

De quickly opened his arms and left them outstretched as if for a hug as he let a warm smile spread across his face.

"Pet! Long time no see! And I don't hit on eeeevery woman I see. Just you exceptionally attractive should know that."
Kei couldn’t help but let her jaw drop, a chick with a set of wings she could handle…a chick that was quite literally cat woman was a completely different story, “You’ve got fur!” She blurted out, her jaw dropping just a little more after her exclamation, and suddenly she was feeling like the most normal of the three women residing on the island, which was definitely a new occurrence for the 27 year old surfer.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to say that. Shutting up now.” She forcibly closed her mouth so as not to look like she was shocked and tried to think of something else to say or do, “So, uh, you want me to leave so you can catch up? Since it seems like everybody in the complex knows everybody else…I could probably go retrieve my boards and unpack if you two want to be alone.” Kei stood up from the chair, unsure if she should actually leave or stay or what she was supposed to do, every turn in this adventure had a new twist that she couldn’t have foreseen had she been psychic.
“Make myself scarce and all that, maybe get something to eat…” She trailed off, running her hand through her short hair absently. Part of her wanted to stay and get to know De more, he seemed interesting, but another part of her felt like she was suddenly intruding upon some sort of reunion.
“You could just find me if you plan on going anywhere, since no way am I staying in this building if there’s fun to be had somewhere else…or men to deceive. Course if I do the last part, Cooper would probably chew me out, since I’m not supposed to be doin’ that…” She gave a crooked smile; still waiting for some sort of reaction from either of them that showed they wanted her gone.
“Now do I really want to hug you?” Chandi joked as she walked over and took the offered hug. “Still think the red suits you better.” She added before letting go of De and taking a step back to fully get a look at him. Though before Chandi could say anything else to him Kei spoke, sending Chandi into a fit of giggles at the girl’s reaction to her appearance.

“And a tail.” Chandi replied swishing her tail about as Kei still had a little bit of shocked look on her face. “If your more comfortable with the non-furred version of me I can go back to it.” She added knowing that her cat like appearance had on more then one occasion made people uneasy. “Oh and please don’t leave or stop talking on account of me. Plus I’m sure De wouldn’t mind two woman fawning all over him.” Chandi shifted her weight from foot to foot and gave a toss of her long hair. “Unless that is you really want to leave…but I don’t mind more company.”
It was a low growl that met Cameron's question as Vicki eyed him from the bed. But when John came in she began barking. Satisfied that she had scared him off, she turned her glaring eyes back at Cameron.

AJ heard the sounds from the shower and smiled to herself. She was indeed lucky. Having a hot shower was one thing, but having been lucky enough to snag the room with the coolest shower on the planet was something else. 6 showerheads stationed around the glass enclosed shower heated up the room with a tropical steam.
She peeked up over the glass and looked through the door to where Cameron sat and smiled at Vicki.
"Her bark is as bad as her bite. Trust me. She's not very happy with you. You've got alot ta make up for sugah, and she knows it."
Kei shook her head at Chandi, “Nah, I’m fine with the whole fur thing…just suprisin’ is all, like bein’ launched without warnin’.” She explained quickly, the older woman wasn’t uneasy with Chandi at all she just wasn’t expecting the sudden transformation.
“I just don’t wanna feel like I’m droppin’ in on a private moment, and makin’ you all aggro.” She continued, before hesitantly takin’ her seat again, “In honest I really don’t wanna leave, wanderin’ ‘round this place ace isn’t exactly givin’ me a warm fuzzy feelin’.” Kei leaned back in the chair, assured that she wasn’t bothering the two others in the room, and if she wasn’t forced to leave then she wouldn’t.

“But, ya know you hafta be sure that I’m not botherin’ you before I make a final decision here.” She sat upright again, bringing her legs up to sit cross-legged in the chair. Looking from Chandi to De she waited for confirmation, hoping that the smaller woman wouldn’t change her mind and push her out of the room and into solitude.
"Ah guess ah'm nae the only one Vicki disnae think is good enough." Thought Cam as John exited the room, Rum bottle in hand. At the sound of AJ's voice however he turned to look at her, enjoying the sight which met his eyes. Through the steam and frosted glass of the shower, her well defined form was as alluring as ever. AJ had thought it was her glamour that had attracted Cam initially and while the faery mistique may have helped, she could entrance a man without resorting to magic. Pushing himself up from the chair, Cam made his way over, scooping up a large bath sheet as he did so. Leaning against the doorjam, Cam chuckled. "Ah know AJ. But if ah remember rightly, the same canne be said fer yerself." he said, watching her as he indicated the pattern of silvery lines which criss-crossed his torso. "Ah'm sure ah still have a set o' yer teeth marks amongst these scars somewhere. Towel?"
Angelee shut the water off and reached out of the shower and jerked the towel out of Cameron's hand.
"Those were mah younger days sugah. Ah'm more refined than that now." dried off quickly, leaving behind the heady scent of orange blossoms and lavendar from the shampoo she had used.
Wrapping the towel around her, she stepped out of the shower and looked at Cameron with a curious gaze.
"Looks like you could use one of these yourself." Indicating to the towel. Without missing a beat, she pulled it off and threw it at his head. Reaching for a pink silk robe on the back of the door, she pulled it on and set about drying her long hair. Standing infront of the mirror as she used the hair dryer, her eyes never once left him. Almost as if she was afraid that if she looked away, he'd be gone again.
Satisfied her hair was dry, she brushed it out until it fell down against the small of her back in a curtian of pink spun silk.
She leaned against the sink momentarily and closed her eyes before turning back to him.
"Ah'm dreaming, aren't Ah? Ah'm gonna wake up after this storm is over and all this is going to have been some rum induced dream?"
From the Kitchen the sound of a telephone ringing off the hook filled the hallways of the Guardians home.
Nate happened to be the only one in the direct area at the time, so he grabbed the phone. Figuring it was probably just Val Cooper checking up on them.

"Hello." he started the conversation. Surprised that the call was actually for him.
"You don't say. Giant Worm in New York, subway system right...probably an hour, but there's a storm here....right...ok, I'll be waiting."

Scribbling a quick note, he threw it on the fridge, grabbed his bags from his room and headed out on the porch to await his transportation.

The note simply said...
"I've been paroled! NY bound. Have fun kids! Shadow Strike."

As Vok finished up his laundry and quickly redressed, he was on his way through the kitchen and saw the note. Grinning, he raised his empty rum bottle in salute.
"One less man in my way!" he smirked, grabbed the note and was heading towards the control room when he saw Chandi, Kei and De all walking into the living room.
"Well Ladies, looks like I've got you all to myself." plopping down on the sofa motioned for them all to have a seat.
"We all might as well get to know each other. Looks like it's going to blow a gale out there tonight. No where to go, no one to do but each other."
He grinned wickedly as he reached for the TV remote.
Kei gave Vok a questioning look, “What is that supposed to mean? Last I checked there was still four males livin’ in this jail.” She remarked sprawling out on the living room floor and snatching one of the pillows from the couch to use.
“Unless somebody got eaten by Spot…” Kei trailed off, looking at the other occupants of the room, “Which brings me back to how much I don’t relish surfin’ those waves with that monster…which brings me to how you made me bif it like a barney!” She was looking directly at John when she said this, her dark brown eyes harboring the slightest bit of annoyance.
“So they’ll be no doin’ of any kind unless you give me a real nice apology,” Her face broke into a devious smile that could match the wicked one now gracing Vok’s own features, “and just for reference purposes, I’m a con-artist…specializing in connin’ men and spittin’ ‘em back out when I’ve got what I wanted. Government told me I have to behave while I’m in this sentence, ya know…for the US citizens sakes, they never said anything about my teammates.” Kei moved her gaze to the ceiling, suddenly becoming much more interested in it.

“Anything else you’d like to know before you give me that apology?” She inquired, resting her hands behind her head looking as comfortable as possible and waiting for whatever reaction or answer she elicited. She wasn’t expecting an actual apology, but a surfer’s pride was not something to play with and Kei’s had been bruised with that fall…she hadn’t wiped out like that since her first couple sessions on a board, that was twenty years ago.
Catching the devious smile Kei shot in his direction, ‘Vok couldn’t help but immediately like the girl. A flirt and an imp…this team was shaping up nicely. Hopefully the rest of the team was as much fun as AJ and Kei. He had only briefly met the latter female earlier on the waves and he apparently hadn’t made the impression that he had intended. “I didn’t mean ye no harm out in the surf, lass. Was just tryin’ to say ‘ello the only way available to me at the time. Woulda been downright rude to just swim past with naught but a nod of the head.” He hoped the attempt would help to soothe the girl’s bruised ego a bit. He didn’t need to be making enemy’s out of his new team this soon into it. And a bit of honesty would go a long way to gain their trust, so he continued.

“And its not like I was given much choice in me mode of transportation this afternoon. The boys in black picked me up straight outta the pen, and dumped me here. Fortunately, a bit of ocean doesn’t hinder a guy who can web his feet and grow gills, right? Bein’ a shape shifter has its advantages that way.” ‘Vok kicked back on the couch, and tossed the remote control along side his feet that had just found their way onto the coffee table. There wasn’t anything worth watching on the tube, unless you happened to be one of those boring degenerates who actually enjoyed the Weather Channel. He rung his fingers through his finally dry hair, and proceeded to wrap his long dark hair into a quickly formed ponytail. His current appearance was the complete opposite from his true form. Lightly tanned skin replaced the emerald hue that naturally graced his features. A pair of cut off shorts and wife-beater T-shirt rested on his frame where a stolen Skrull military uniform could usually be found. Also, Skrull hair was worn much shorter than his now was. He should be used to his human guise after so much time spent wearing it, but once in a while, it just annoyed him…the hair in particular.

With a flip of the wrist, a folded piece of paper hit the coffee table at the opposite end from where ‘Vok had planted his feet. “Oh, and that there will answer your other question, love. Seems Shadow Man’s sins weren’t as unforgivable as ours. He got off early for good behavior and split for the Big Apple.”
Catching the towel easily, Cam looked down at it for a few seconds. "Thanks, but ah prefer mah way." he said as the air began to crackle around him. A slight smell of ozone crept into the air as the the thin layer of water which still clung to his body reacted to his static charge, leaving him bone dry. "Although it does have it's disadvantages." he said with a sigh as he caught sight of himself in the mirror. "Ah end up looking like a bad reject from a Seventies cop show." Reaching up he ran his fingers through his hair, brushing the remaining charge from it as he pushed it back into place. Satisfied that he at least didn't look like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards, Cam moved nearer AJ as she busied herself with her own hair, wanting nothing more than to hold her once more. At her question he paused momentarily, looking at her wide eyed. "Well if it is a dream, ah intend tae make sure it lasts. With or without alcoholic aid." He moved forward and wrapping his arms around her, he looked into her eyes. "Besides, ah think yer mate from upstairs nicked the last o' yer rum." He said with a grin.

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