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Field Trip-The Prelude
Kei gave Vok a genuine smile at his words about the encounter in the surf earlier, “I forgive ya, just a mixture of neurotic behavior and surfer pride that’s been keepin’ the grudge.” Her smile widened as she sat up to grab the piece of paper from the table, “Now that you’ve explained yourself, I’m fine with ya…” skimming over the note she wrinkled her nose.
“There goes my bodyguard…” She muttered with an eye-roll, “Knowin’ my luck I’ll be stuck on this island until I’m forty! With no hope of seein’ the North Shore again.” Kei fell back onto the pillow she had been using, “But guess it ain’t gonna be so bad…coulda been stuck which a bunch of beach bunnies, which would’ve only furthered my need for Psychiatrists and Therapists.” Kei paused again, staring up at the ceiling.

“I take it since the TV isn’t on, that you didn’t find anything…which leaves us relatively stuck on something to do. Just for the record, I’m not playing 20 questions, truth or dare, or charades so don’t even ask.” She absently twisted a part of her dark hair between two fingers, “Unless one of you three has an interesting, adult way of playing any of those previously mentioned games…then I might consider it.”
Several days had passed since the team had arrived on the Island. Everyone had settled into a seemingly peaceful routine. Chandi and AJ had finally had a nice long girl talk that they both had desperately been wanting to have. Kei had noticed that the waves off of the coast of the Island were nothing to write home about, until late one afternoon when “Spot” had decided to help things along. ‘Vok and Cameron were still both on Vicki’s bad list, and when they came anywhere remotely close to AJ while she was around, the dog went into fits of barking and growling. De was still trying to find a way to get that red hair dye he was needing.

On Friday of the week that Val Cooper was due back, the team heard the sound of approaching aircraft and just figured it was the good Dr. returning to babysit them.
However, when the doorbell rang…they were shocked not to see Val standing there, but 2 of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
Hawkeye and Wasp looked around at the team as they gathered in the living room.
“Well, this should be interesting…” Clint whispered to Janet who in turn elbowed him really hard.
“Dr. Cooper has sent us down here to pick you all up. We’re New York bound. So get ready what you need to and we’ll leave within the hour.”

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