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Wow, I had to stop and ask Thor which forum to post this in! LOL

So, anyone else reading Batman/Superman? I was really digging that Ed McGuinness artwork....and it's basically just DC letting Jeph Loeb having his way with their two flagship characters, but I don't mind that. As long as the story is interesting, and cool, and the artwork keeps me into it, I'm game.

Hell, let's do Batman/Wonder Woman next! I'd buy that!
Well, Ed McGuinness is done with Batman/Superman for now. I'm not sure if he is coming back for a future story arc or not.

But, it does look like you will be getting your wish sort of. Michael Turner takes over the pencilling chores in the second story arc of this book, which heavily involves Wonder Woman. So there ya go.

But over all I agree with you, Batman/Superman is a good, fun book to read every month. Jeph Loeb infuses it with all the glorious little fanboy tidbits that make it so great! Like Krypto running amok in the White House in issue #4. Or the Captain Marvel/Hawkman fight. Plain and simple, the book is just fun.

Ok, just finished the recent issues of this! I'm really really enjoying this book. It's seriously a huge bit of fanboy/fangirl fun.

I loved Robin and Superboy showing up in issue#7. Seeing those two, act like Bruce and Clark was hillarious.
I sneaked a quick read of Batman/Superman #8 when I was in Forbidden Planet on Thursday. Very nice storyline indeed and Michael Turners art is definitely up to par and fits it nicely. (Plus the issue I read had a great pencilled cover by the man.)
What do you guys think of the "Supergirl From Krypton" storyline? I was enjoying it immensely up until the latest issue I read, #12. In the issue previous to this one, Superman gathers his forces, consisting of Batman, Wonder Woman and Big Barda, and sets off on a mission to Apokolips to rescue Kara from the clutches of Darkseid.

So of coarse I was expecting a knock down drag out fight with Darkseid in the middle of it all. Instead I get...[spoiler]Three pages of Kara beeting the hell out of Superman (wtf?), 4 pages of Batman doing his best to intimidate Darkseid all the while getting the crap pounded out of him, Wonderwoman and Barda beating the Furies in two panels and a big shock ending to leave you wondering...huh?[/spoiler]

Lumped together like that it sounds kinda cool, but the execution just wasn't there for me. I was hoping for more. I don't know more of what exactly, but just more. Maybe some sort of evil bad guy monologue or some high level fisticuffs from Darkseid to up his badass stature? Maybe a longer more involved battle all around? I don't know what I was expecting. Just more than what I got apparently. Maybe the next chapter will deliver the things I felt lacked from this issue.
I actually enjoyed issue 12.

True, the fights went by rather quickly and the only real knock down drag out fight consisted of Darkseid knocking down Batman and dragging him around, but I don't exactly read the book for the action, but rather for the character interaction. And even during these short skirmishes I was hard pressed not to smile at some of the interactions going on. Darkseid and Batman? Face to face? Talking the talk as only they can? They could have written the entire issue without a single punch being throw (except for that last bit of course Wink) and I would have been happy. But like I said, I love the interaction. Reading Batman pull one over on Darkseid....


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