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Spider-man 2
Reported: 25/04/2004
Source: ComicsContinuum

Columbia Pictures will release Spider-Man 2 on June 30, it was announced at ShoWest by Jeff Blake, Vice-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and President, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group.

Spider-Man 2 had originally been slated for release on July 2.

"We decided to move the film up two days to take full-advantage of the Fourth of July holiday period," Blake said. "When you have an event movie that is so widely anticipated, it makes sense to give it as wide a berth as possible during the lucrative summer season."

During Columbia Pictures' presentation on Wednesday night at ShoWest, the world's largest convention of theater owners and operators, Blake also confirmed the studio is developing the third chapter in the continuing adventures of Spider-Man and the next installment will be released on May 4, 2007.

The presentation featured an exclusive first look at approximately 10 minutes of the film highlighting the range of emotion and drama in the movie while also introducing exhibitors to Spider-Man's new nemesis, Doc Ock. In addition, theater owners also previewed a new Spider-Man 2 trailer, which will appear in their theaters in the coming weeks. The session included an appearance by the film's stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, director Sam Raimi and producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad.

In Spider-Man 2, two years have passed since Peter Parker walked away from his longtime love Mary Jane Watson and decided to take the road to responsibility as Spider-Man. Peter must face new challenges as he struggles to cope with "the gift and the curse" of his powers while balancing his dual identities as the elusive superhero Spider-Man and life as a college student. The relationships Peter holds most dear are now in danger of unraveling as he clashes with the powerful, multi-tentacled villain Doc Ock.

Joining the ensemble cast are Alfred Molina as Dr. Otto Octavius, Daniel Gillies as John Jameson, Vanessa Ferlito as Louise, Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors and Donna Murphy as Rosalie Octavius.
I saw the trailer for Spiderman 2 in the theater this weekend and enjoyed tha HELL out of it!

I so cannot wait until this movie comes out!
The full trailer is now available for viewing or download over at

(Bear in mind that the download for fullscreen version is a 45MB zip file so if you are on dialup be prepared for a long wait. It takes around 12 mins on a .5MBs ADSL line. It also requires Quicktime 6 to run, typically a 10MB download)
Thought I'd better revive this! I've got a friend who has tickets to see the movie tonight...

and me... I'm planning on sneaking out of work early Wednesday...hopefully!!

However, being who I am, I already know what's going to happen (knew what was going to happen in the first one too [on that note, I'd like to say that the ending of the 2nd movie rocks!!!]) but I'm still excited just the same. I'm going to the midnight showing, and being the Spidey freak I am, I took the whole day off work on wednesday and am going to be in the theaters the whole day. WOO HOO!!!
Posted 01/07/04
Source Newsarama

While official word won’t come until later today at the earliest, industry estimates are putting Spider-Man 2’s one-day take at near $35 million, putting the film in a dead heat for the highest-grossing Wednesday opening. The film opened at a reported 2,000 theaters for a midnight showing, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which, according to estimates, brought in $5 million alone. Spider-Man 2 opened on a total of 4,152 theaters, second in film history behind Shrek 2, which opened in 4,163 theaters.

As THR reported, a Sony representative said that many of the midnight showings for the film were sold out, and matinee business was extremely strong. The highest-grossing Wednesday opening to date was last years’ The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King at $34.5 million. The highest-grossing single-day came from Shrek 2 with $44.8 million on the Saturday of its opening weekend. The original Spider-Man ranked at #2 and #3 in regards to highest daily gross, with a $43.6 million Saturday of its opening weekend, and an opening day take of $39.4 million in 2002.

And, as perhaps a sign of the times, THR reported that a 16-year-old boy was caught at the first showing of the film in a Los Angeles theater trying to record the film with a camcorder. The boy was arrested under a new law in California which prohibits recording of films in commercial theaters.

UPDATE: Press Release

Sony Pictures Entertainment's Spider-Man® 2 established a new industry record for opening day box office receipts with an estimated $40.5 million in ticket sales, it was announced today by Jeff Blake, Vice-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group. Spider-Man 2 debuted yesterday in 4,152 theaters.

"We are off to a phenomenal start on what looks to be a magical six days for Spider-Man 2," said Jeff Blake, Vice Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution. "Spider-Man 2 may be the best reviewed film of the year, and now it's clearly being loved by audiences as well. Sam Raimi and the producers and cast have delivered a great film."

The $40.5 million figure shatters the existing opening day record of $39.4 million set by the original Spider-Man, which opened in May, 2002. The film also set a new record for openings on a Wednesday.
I'm hoping to get to go see it tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it!!!!
I'm gonna go see it tonight Big Grin I was hoping to go opening night, but my plans ended up changing.
I went to go see it at the !2:00 a.m. showing on opening day, and let me tell you, you will NOT be dissapointed. There were a few cheesy/campy scenes, but it was far outweighed by the utter COOLNESS of the movie. I would LOVE to see it again. The Jameson parts of the movie were some of the best parts in the WHOLE movie!

When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
ok, I LOVED IT!!

[spoiler]especially the Dr. Strange remark[/spoiler]

I have to say, Aunt May was probably the best part (storyline wise) of the entire movie. I've found Kristen Dunst (in the last movie and this one) lacking. I can't see any sort of onscreen chemistry between her and Toby Maguire.
It makes me hope that they bring Gwen Stacy or Felicia Hardy into the next movie.
Heh this could go in the pub, but I think it's better suited to this thread at the moment...

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Oh my god! That link is entirely TOOO COOL!

Someone had too much time on their hands! But it's great.

Local doesn't get Spider-Man until July 15th, so we have to keep our spoilers at a miminal!
Thanks Chanty Wink

by the by, I found this great little article over on which sums up my feeling towards a well made comic book movie perfectly.


‘Spider-Man 2’ recalls comic book nirvana

Posted July 6, 2004
By Raymond J. Keating

Why has "Spider-Man 2" been such a wild box office success, with many critics calling it the best comic-book movie ever made? As I left the movie theater after midnight Thursday night, the answer struck me. I felt, just a bit, like a kid again.

Some of my most powerful memories of growing up on Long Island revolve around superhero comic books. I can still remember the fantastic anticipation while peddling my bicycle with friends to 7-Eleven to buy the latest issues of "Captain America," "The Avengers," "Spider-Man" and others. The excitement was just too much to ride back home without first reading at least a few pages while sitting on the curb. Turning the pages with the color and action almost jumping out remains vivid.

Just as gratifying was unearthing back issues at the nearby flea market. It was like we were young archaeologists, catching up on what had happened earlier in the universes of Marvel and DC comics.

As will be the case with kids, it sometimes became an all-consuming passion. I've thought often over the years about that unique time when true innocence combined with utter joy.

For good measure, those comic book tales were not written down to children. They certainly, and fortunately, did not have inappropriate adult themes, but they weren't simplistic either. Marvel Comics particularly specialized in heroes who were less than perfect, along with some villains whose origins perhaps generated small sympathy. But the line between good and evil was unmistakable. Virtues like responsibility, honor, courage, self-sacrifice, friendship, loyalty and love were celebrated. At that time in the 1970s, my parents did not need to worry about the comic books I was reading. (Unfortunately, the same cannot be said today.)

To this day, I'll just as enthusiastically engage in a debate over which comic books were better, Marvel or DC (it was Marvel, of course), as I will over politics, religion or economics.

Spidey and other heroes also sparked my lifelong love of reading, and probably were big reasons why I enjoy rummaging around bookstores today looking for those special finds. But, even when that just-right book is discovered, it never approaches the euphoria I felt when once spotting that new issue of "The Fantastic Four," for example, on the spin rack at the convenience store those many years ago.

"Spider-Man 2," though, recaptured some of that youthful glee. The film offers the full comic book package, and then takes it to dazzling heights through marvelous special effects. Just like in the "Spider-Man" comics, there is Peter Parker struggling to balance his crime fighting with his job, school, friends and love life. Newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson is still outrageous. And Doctor Octopus, like any good comic book villain, is driven mad by a science experiment gone awry. While Peter struggles over being Spider-Man, this movie doesn't get too brooding and dark. To the contrary, it combines high adventure, solid storytelling and some laugh-out- loud humor.

After all, comic books are supposed to be fun. Above all else, "Spider-Man 2" is a fun film. I left the theater with a spark of the joy I felt growing up with comic books. I was swept away, and loved every minute of it.

And just like the comic books of my childhood, questions from the first "Spider-Man" movie were answered, with new ones left hanging for the next time. But, as a kid, I only had to wait until next month to be satisfied. The next "Spider-Man" movie isn't due until 2007. I have far greater patience today, but three years - ugh!

At one point in "Spider-Man 2," Aunt May said she threw away Peter Parker's comic books, which no doubt generated sympathy in the audience. However, while my baseball cards got away, I was not so foolish with my comic books. They remain tucked away in boxes in a closet. "Spider-Man 2" reminded me why I held on to them for all of these years.
No spoilers.

I thought the first one was better, and I thought this one didn't live up to the hype. It was good, but not great. Just my opinion.

Don't want to say more so not to spoil the fun for those not seeing it yet. Please keep in mind - I'm real picky about movies and I get infinitely worse with comic book movies.

But can you believe 180.1 million for the holiday weekend?

Friggin mindblowing that is!
You know that lovely Alex Ross art from the start of the movie? You ever fancied owning some of it...

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