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Justice League Unlimited
Actually, I have always thought that at one point or another he would but I didn't think it was going to be then and there.Smile I mean...that was simply uncalled for.
Ok, what gives with the singing already?

First Batman then The Question..

oh, and as I sat there watching that episode, it hit me who did the voice for The Question. Jeffery Combs..aka Weyoun from Deep Space Nine (or as Jeremiah and I call him... Vorta Boy.) anyway, it just seemed..well...weirder than Batman singing to get that visual in my head.

all around it was a pretty decent episode though.
Is that the same jeffrey combs who was in Re-Animator/Bride of Re-Animator, The Frighteners, and who also played the ferengi investigator Brunt in DS9.. boy he get's about eh Wink

edit: now that I think about it Jeff Boy is probably right up there with Marc Alaimo as far as being popular in Trek for playing non humans, I'm sure he's also played an Andorian (the blue guys with the antennae) in Enterprise a few times.
Yes, Jeffrey Combs played all of the parts that you mentioned. He was especially good in The Frighteners with Michael J. Fox.

He is a great character actor. This fact is evidenced by the fact that he, at one time, played Liquidator Brunt and Weyoun in the same episode of Deep Space Nine, and you would never know it was the same actor. I realize the make-up helps considerably, but the voices were like night and day. I am a big Jeffrey Combs fan, and to hear his voice as The Question on JLU was very cool.
It's not so much the fact that The Question was singing in this weeks episode that caught me off guard, but rather What he was singing. I mean, given what he'd said earlier, why in the bloddy blue blazes would he be singing that kinda song?

Also....did anyone else but me think this week's "villain" looked like she'd make the perfect Power Girl?[/spoiler]
Actually, [spoiler]that was Powergirl.

You'd have to investigate to be sure, but I believe that Powergirl IS indeed a clone of Supergirl. Or some such thing.[/spoiler]
[spoiler] Oh, come on, she's the Earth-Two Supergirl, always has been, always will be, no matter what the continuity of the moment says. ;-) [/spoiler]

While I don't think we've seen anything spectacular yet this season, I have enjoyed the last two episodes which have seemed like rewritten (but good) Batman and Superman episodes.

Sooo, when are we going to see any of those great JSAers they teased us with in the first episode? [spoiler]Besides Power Girl, that is.[/spoiler]

Glenn Walker
See, that's why I never make assumptions when it comes to DC continuity. Because invariably, there will always be some Earth 2 contradiction to throw in the mix that only serves to confuse me.

Not to mention I know that whenever I am in doubt in the realm of continuity, Glenn will always be around to bail me out.
Whoa there buddy. While I respect your opinion and massive knowledge of the DC universe, I have to say the episode.... [spoiler]with the Big Three and Mongol was something spectacular.[/spoiler]

It's rare that a cartoon can convincingly portray emotion....but there were few scenes in that episode that weren't just dripping with it. As was said, the final moments of Kal and Van-El, the glimpse into Bruce's paradise, the brawl between hero and villain..... Spectacular.

But then again...I am rather easy to entertain.Smile
No...actually you aren't Truth. I've tried, and unless you dance like a trained monkey.... nevermind..

Anyway, I have to agree with you there. I think so far that Justice League Unlimited has blown the cartoon of the last few years out of the water. Granted, I do miss seeing Flash and Martian Manhunter more often, I do enjoy getting to see characters they said they'd "never" do.

Oh, and Green Arrow rocks.
Speaking of characters they'd never do, what happened to the Flash? I can't recall having seen him in an episode yet. Everyone else has been in an episode or two by now, while the Flash still hasn't made his JLU debut. Surely they aren't sufferening from a lack of stories or opportunites where they could include him...[spoiler] the episode with Morgan and Mordred would have been a great chance to use the him.[/spoiler]

I mean...he's in the opening which means he's still part of the team, and yet he's still nowhere to be seen.

Hmmmm....maybe he's the one the League's using to do all the footwork involved in tracking down new members.
Truth, my man, after the viewing of each episode of "JLU" so far this season, me and the wife have said in unison the same thing - "Where's the Flash?" We're both getting pretty irritated.

As for "The Man Who Has Everything," I have issues with that episode, hell, I've got whole three year subscriptions. Too much to go into here on the spur of the moment but I'm writing a serious rant for Comic Widows. I'll let you know when it's up.

Just as an example, read the original source material for the episode, then watch it, then think about the subtle messages that might be sent to an impressionable child, especially a female child.

Wonder Woman is the foremost fictional example of female empowerment, and yet here she is brutally pummeled into submission by a man (there are no scrapes or bruises or blood in the comic) and then has to be saved by a man. This is female empowerment???

Better go now before blood pressure goes up even more...

Ok...if you didn't see this last episode of JLU....just go throw yourself in front of a train. Life just isn't worth living if you missed this weeks adventure.

I must have tweaked out from beginning to end of this eppy just from the sheer brillance of giving this character a episode all his own. I's Him!!! Just thinking about it gets me so giddy I feel like typing in "leet speak".

Man...I don't even know If I want to post any spoilers as it would completely ruin the experience of seeing this character in all his glory for the first time. And may I just say the wrote him perfectly. That's always how I've seen him portrayed in the books but to see him in motion and to hear him voice all those lines you just know he's gonna say.....


Hands down my favorite episode this season. I know, I know...I haven't even seen them all yet, and I know both McGuiness and Hawkins are coming.....but c'mon. It's......him!!

Mini Spoiler:[spoiler]Ok....justa few small spoilers as to some more JLU members. Huntress has indeed made the cut, and so has the Star Spangled Kid, though they may have called her something else during the show(Star and Stripe I believe...but it's so totally her). Fire and Ice, Dr. Light, Aztec, Elongated Man, and some guy called Vigilante are also in.[/spoiler]
Ok, I was lost on this episode from the beginning and didn't get hooked until about 10 minutes into it.
I don't know...I just couldn't "get" it...but eh, we all have one like that..

and still NO FLASH!
I'm sorry but I was hooked as soon as I saw him. Hehehe...comic geek goodness. Only one element was missing, but hopefully that will be added if and when he get a second episode.
Would that missing element you speak of be his best friend in the world, fellow Leager Blue Beetle?
You just know it is. As far as "second stringers" go, he and the Beetle had the type of friendship that would rival the likes of Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. Sure Bats and Supes are close, but every once in a while you come across two characters that are just so dynamically opposite, yet close as brothers that it's just a pleasure to read. Booster and Beetle were those types of my eyes anyway.

I mean here's Booster running off chasing scheme after scheme, and yet somehow or another he always managed to drag along sensible minded, level headed Beetle for the ride. And you just knew that if one got hurt, the other was going to be about a hair away from killing someone. Case in point, when Doomsday nearly killed Beetle, Booster was livid, ready to take on a foe he knew he had no chance of beating and ready to fight to the death.

Seeing the two of them together in an episode would be a great tribute to those days.

We're going to just have to agree to disagree, Truth.

I sincerely thought, and continue to believe, that the Keith Giffen era of Justice League was the worst incarnation of the team. There were moments, yes, but that thing went on for years. And so, every time I think of Blue and Gold I get the heebie-jeebies. I just can't deal with it. I mean, come on, how would everyone here feel if one day the powers that be took your absolute favorite heroes and turned them into a Mad Magazine parody and it was IN continuity????

I also think of the original versions of the Blue Beetle, and that cool Dan Jurgens initial series for Booster Gold - these were great characters, with potential, with promise, with history. Now they're clowns.

The best thing about "The Greatest Story Never Told" was that this was the original Dan Jurgens Booster Gold, and not the Keith Giffen clown - and thank god there was no Beetle to be seen.

Is it just me or did they totally drop the ball by making Dove a guy and completely femming him out?
Nova Wrote:Is it just me or did they totally drop the ball by making Dove a guy and completely femming him out?

It's just you. The JLU episode perfectly portrayed the original Hawk and Dove. Maybe someday animation will portray the vastly inferior second version of the duo, but JLU did it right.

Now I'm not saying the newer version of Hawk and Dove wasn't good, it's just that it pales in comparison. And for some reason DC Comics hasn't saw fit to reprint that great series. I think we're lucky that the JLU producers are true fans.

Glenn Walker
I'm glad you replied to this Glenn, I was just going to say "Scroll back a page, you'll see the answer to your question."

My complaint with JLU is that they are running reruns, ALREADY? What, we got 4 new episodes and now we are getting reruns...esh.
Did anyone else here see this week's episode, "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales"? I thought this was by far the best of the season so far, too bad it's the last story! I loved seeing the animated versions of Chronos and Terra-Man, and Jonah Hex's veiled references to his trip to our post-apocalyptic future were hilarious! I can't wait for part two.

Glenn Walker
I saw it. Well....most of it. My tape cut off the last few minutes as it has a tendency to do, but I agree that it was a sensational episode. Hex, Pow-Wow Smith, Zor...I mean...El Diablo, and Batlash. Gotta say though I'm not to familiar with them, they all had great personalities. Well, maybe El was a little under developed, but Bat had some nice nuances to him.

And not to start an argument....but I think "Wake the Dead" is perhaps the best of this season. <_<.......
Was "Wake the Dead" the resurrected Grundy episode? I have it on tape but need to rewatch it, was doing other stuff while it was on. We'll talk later on that one, Truth. ;-)

Honestly I would have preferred The Whip to El Diablo, and thought it was the Whip at first. Bat Lash and jonah Hex were both dead on. I think Pow-Wow Smith was updated in a PC way though, not that that's a bad thing.

I watched the episode with my wife Jenn and she wasn't familiar with DC's Old West Universe either, other than Hex - who she only knew from that animated Batman episode and the future version. We actually had a great discussion afterwards about the Western heroes and sat and read some old books. Nice cozy way to spend a Saturday night.

Jenn's not a comics reader by any measure by the way, she reads a few she likes and knows the terrain enough to keep up with me, but it's always cool to be able to share this stuff. So on a personal level, this was a great episode. :-)

Glenn Walker
Man, I can't wait to see Batman Beyond on here!!! I've been waiting for tonight's episode for MONTHS now!!!

This is going to be soo cool...and if it's not, it'll get my "Avengers Disassembled" rant! LOL

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