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Justice League Unlimited
Ok, the second half was cool...not just "cool." but "WOAH COOL!"

I loved Batman in "surround sound." Batman, Bruce and Terry. And the interrogation scene was great.

Two Thumbs up from Chanty (Although, I still miss Flash!)
Just wait, in two weeks we will finally be getting a Flash episode in which he is paired with the Atom. Sounds like fun to me. Although it is odd that Atom has been in more episodes this season than the Flash.

Although Michael Rosenbaum, the voice of the Flash, did get some work in last night's episode. In it he reprised his role as the Scarecrow member of the Jokerz. I think it is funny that this guys voice is basically Rosenbaum's impression of Christopher Walken.

It was a great second half to this two parter, made all the better by the cameo appearance of Hal Jordan. I never saw that coming, and it made me giddy as all get out.
Another board I visit had a thread running as the show was airing. Reading it gives you a pretty basic idea of what's going on and who's saying what up until you get to about 8 posts in a row that either read "HAL JORDAN!!!" or "HAL ****ING JORDAN!!!" Though I will admit, I was left shocked, awed, and downright giddy when I saw him. I mean.....Hal fricken' Jordan....
Was not as thrilled with part two of this one as I was with "Weird Western Tales." It was actually a letdown. There should have been more Batman Beyond, old Static and especially Warhawk. So may possibilities yet none taken.

And the wife kept waiting for Guy Gardner to manifest the same way Hal Jordan did. :-)

Glenn Walker

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