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Making Movies: Elektra
This is the place to discuss the Daredevil spin off.

Reported 27/3/2004
Source ComicsContinuum

The Elektra movie will begin production in five weeks. The film, a spin-off of last year's Daredevil film, will star Alias' Jennifer Garner, who is reprising her role from Daredevil. Earlier this week, Garner was named Female Star of Tomorrow at ShoWest.

Sources have confirmed that Typhoid Mary will be a villain in Elektra. Elektra is being directed by Rob Bowman and is targeted for a February 2005 release. Expect casting announcements "very, very soon"
Reported 06/04/2004
Source!?!?) talked to "Alias" star Jennifer Garner about her upcoming ninja-themed spin-off, which takes place after her apparent demise in "Daredevil." "I trained after the junket last night [for "13 Going On 30"] and got up this morning and will go again tonight and I'm loving it. I love that aspect of it. I don't know if it's because of dance, but we've added in pilates because I need to add the flexibility. I'm just loving that. I'm working with my sai guy because the sais are my swords." Garner also noted a return to the classic red pajama look is coming.

Can you not just hear the fanboy drool dripping on the floors of a cinema near you already?
Jennifer Garner in Elektra's red pajamas?!?

Well....I officially have nothing negative to say about this film.

(And yay! Typhoid Mary makes her big screen debut!! Because as we all know...the only thing more attractive than a crazy chick, is a mass murdering, multiple personality having, gun-toting crazy chick! Hehehehe Big Grin )
Looks Like Terence Stamp has been confirmed as playing Stick in the Elektra movie. His last 'big film' role was as Chancellor Valorum in The Phantom Menace but for most comic movie fans he is probably best remembered as General Zod in Superman The Movie.
Actually, his last movie appearance that I am aware of was as Tara Reid's father in "My Boss' Daughter." That horrible Ashton Kutcher flick from last year. Not that I saw the film, but it may put a face to the actor's name for our younger, less informed members.

He also did a wonderful cameo on Smallville last season, as the voice of Jor-El. And for the record, he played General Zod in Superman II.

Just keepin' ya honest, Local,
The Mighty Thor
Well spotted. I was just testing to see if anyone else read these things...


According to IGN's Filmforce, 26-year-old actress Natassia Malthe has nabbed the role of Typhoid Mary in the Jennifer Garner-fueled spinoff movie. (I created a little manip to give you a flavour Wink)

This follows yesterday's news that "ER" vet Goran Visnjic (Dr Dr. Luka Kovac) is joining Garner and Terence Stamp as part of the cast. The Hollywood Reporter reported the actor is in negotiations to star as the male lead opposite Jennifer Garner in "Elektra" for helmer Rob Bowman ... Elektra is assigned to kill Visnjic's character by the Hand over something his grandfather did; however, she ends up falling for him.
MTV News had a tidbit about the Jennifer garner-fueled spinoff and some other Marvel film news: "Marvel Comics fans who were disappointed with Jennifer Garner's black leather Elektra costume in 'Daredevil' have cause to rejoice: she'll be wearing a red outfit closer to the heroine's comic book garb in next year's 'Elektra' spinoff, which is shooting in Vancouver with director Rob Bowman ('The X-Files').

I know this isn't really news as it was rumoured a while back but it is good to have further confirmation and even though it may not be the silky red pyjamas cum teddy she usually sports at least they are making more of an effort to give her a costume in red. it's a start eh Wink
Dark Horizons has a set report from the Vancouver location of the Jennifer Garner-fueled spinoff. "Director Rob Bowman won't have her leaping from rooftops and isn't relying heavily on special effects, opting instead for crazy camera angles and a more character-driven story, with movies like 'The Cooler' and '21 Grams' as his reference points. 'We have our share of blowing things up, I've learned a few new weapons and I'm definitely, definitely fighting. It's not like I'm in a period piece, in a corset, or talking Shakespeare,' Garner promised. 'But it is very much driven by Elektra's darkness and what happens when she comes back to life, and what that second life means: whether it's redemption or whether it's a dark place from which you can't be redeemed. It's very dark and honest.' To that end Bowman is employing similar lighting techniques (and the same cinematographer) he used on 'X-Files' to lend the movie a look in line with its story. His goal, at least partially, is to reinvent the way comic-book movies are done. 'Because Elektra is a tortured soul, and in the middle of an emotional crisis, I thought this would be the right way to go,' he said."
Superherohype has a full picture of Jen in costume.
Excellent costume. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of the people who complained about her black outfit, but this is a nice tribute to the character and still retains a good deal of real world functionality. No complaints here.
Posted 26/07/04
From San Diego Comic-Con

Before the Fantastic Four panel at Comic-Con International began in full force, Marvel Studios' Avi Arad staged a short presentation on Elektra.

"Yesterday we finished Elektra finally," Arad said. "We just finished principal photography. And, as you know, today when you finish principal photography, it's just the beginning with CGI and all it takes to finish it."

A short behind-the-scenes clip was then shown, with Elektra star Jennifer Garner introducing and narrating. "I'm so happy to playing this character again," Garner said. "And I'm so happy to be playing this character in red."

"We left her in Daredevil at the beginning of her real darkness and when we pick her up in this movie, she is light years beyond.

"I read so many Elektra comic books and I realize how much this world means to people and how much I don't want to screw it up for them."

The clip featured the red-clad Elektra in action sequences and also showed for the first time Terence Stamp as Stick, Goran Vinsjic as Mark Miller and Will Yun Lee as leader of the Hand and Natassia Malthe as Typhoid Mary.

The film opens on Jan. 14.
Superhero Hype has an image of the first movie poster over here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... hp?id=2059</a><!-- m -->
Excellent poster first of all. Quickly portrays the image they need to get across without being to flashy or crowded or overdone. Possibly the only thing I would have done differently there is to tie Jen's hair back in a red scarf/bandana to truely have her reflect Elektra's iconic visage.

Secondly, January 14th!? Really? Wow. I honestly wasn't expecting to see this movie until next summer, but a beginning of the year release is certainly something I won't complain about. Also I'm glad to hear that the principle shooting is done as that means there's no chance of someone getting hurt as I'm typing this and delaying shooting.

January 14..... Wow.....
The official site is now up and running guys n gals Wink

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Movie Trailer: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Pick your bandwidth and enjoy.

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