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El Cazador
Ok, as much as I'm in to pirates right now, I picked up a book that compiled the first 4 issues of El Cazador. So far, I like it alot.
I'll give you a full review when I finish reading.
Just out of curiousity....what does it mean? El Cazador? My friend thinks it loosely translates into "The Beheader" but isn't sure. Any chance they explained it in the book?
I read that same book Chanty. Great Art and an excellent premise. Hope CGE doesn't decide to up and cancel it all of a sudden.

Truth. There was a real world ship called El Cazador which sank in the 18th century. Perhaps it is some reference to that, I think a more accepted translation is "The Hunter".
Having finally gotten around to reading this over the weekend (I misplaced it) I gotta say I'm disappointed that the series was dry docked. It was pretty cool and definately interesting.

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