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Chapter Three: The Salvation of Paradise
The Cloak couldn't help but wonder what that was. Was it a speach.....or a rant? Advice.....or a warning? Words spoken from experience....or the words of a yep. That dead guy was definately moving. But he was also talking. So that meant....vampire, right? Zombies couldn't speak or something like that. And why did she trail off like that at the end? It was annoying when people didn't finish their sentences. He should know after all. When he had lips he wasn't the most articulant of people.

Some of us might have abilites. Some of us might not. Some of us might have bodies.....and did she say Telepath? What did that have to do with anything? Weren't they here to take care of something for Strange? Where was Strange? Shouldn't he be here? Wasn't he around earlier? Where'd he go? And how were these people breathing? Weren't they on the moon or something? The moon.....

The cloak needed eyes. It needed eyes in the worse way. It had been years since it had actually seen the stars. The New York skyline wasn't the most accomodating to viewing the heavens, and while at college Jen had resigned to leave him in the care of Strange who never wore him, but instead merely magically curbed the hunger he was cursed with in the Doctor's home.

Without even realizing it, the cloak started to drift further away from the group, some sort of primal urge to visually grasp the heavens overcoming it. It had no organs of it's own, which while depressing was completely forgotten in that moment. It had no eyes with which to see, nor had it a mind with which to process the input, but it had to see the stars. It had to see.....the light. The act of maintaining it's shape was given up, the living cloth falling to the surface and rippling across it like a twisted hybrid of snake and river.

It couldn't jump. It couldn't fly. It wasn't even sure it could teleport as it was on the moon and not on Earth. But it was on the moon. It was among the stars. But it had to see them. It had to.
Abby looked around at the group. It was definitely an interesting bunch to say the least. She knew that there had to be a reason that all of these people were gathered. Each one had to have been responsible for some task.

What am I bringing to the table. I don't have any special abilities like the others in this room, but I am must have some purpose, or I wouldn't be here, right?. She couldn't help but think to herself.

She did have one major question though. Where did Logan get off acting all high and mighty? If we are supposed to act like a team, why did Dr. Strange bring him here?
"Thanks for the advice Vic. This Pietro guy though, don't let him ruin any image of speedsters. You really don't know speedsters till you've met a Flash." Barry whispered back to Victoria before he looked up at Iron Fist "Sure looks like eavesdropping to me." he said with a roll of the eyes. "No offense."
Victoria snickered a little at Barry's remark to Iron Fist before replying to the man.
"Yes, You heard me correctly. In my reality, I am the last and only tie that the cosmic force known as the Phoenix has to Earth. That's why I'm referred to as the "last resort". Sure, I've got telepathy, telekinesis and can shape shift into some pretty neat things, but in the end, it always comes down to summoning the Phoenix when a situation gets too bad. Don't worry, I've been a host for it for a very long time, I have it well under control." This speech had almost gotten routine for her. So many times she would see people cringe in fear at her mention of the Phoenix Force, she had gotten used to having to diffuse their fears.
Now however, she knew she would have to talk to Dr. Strange before they left. Since his little spell session with the Phoenix, it had been blissfully silent in Victoria's mind...and that worried her. Even during the last assignment, she could barely coerce it into a small display of fire and light. Something was definately wrong, but she wasn't going to tell anyone that.
"God Hank, I miss you..." she thought absentmindedly as she sat there next to Barry. Bringing her attention back to the here and now, she looked over at Alex Elder, then back at Iron Fist.
"Why do you ask about the Phoenix? If you've got some grudge against it, take it up with Strange."
"I only asked because not too long ago in my reality, a team of mine and I just got done fighting an incarnation of the Phoenix force. It had bonded to a mutant named Typhoon. She already had the incredible power to control the Earth's weather. It took all of her concentration just to keep that power under control, and when the Phoenix force assumed control of her body, it overwhelmed her and she lost her mind. She went on a killing rampage, and it took over 2 dozen of my operatives and myself to finally bring her down. She was also a teammate of mine, and I was the one who had to deliver the killing blow. I didn't want to do it, but all of our other options had been exhausted. On that very same day we lost Jack of Hearts, Wolverine, Mimic, and Beast. It frightens me that you have that same power at your disposal, although you seem to be controlling it as opposed to the way it had taken over poor Ororo. Please don't view what I'm about to say as a threat, but I must say it anyway. I am prepared to do what I have to if the Phoenix gets out of control. It's what Ororo wanted and I'm assuming that you would want the same if it ever came down to you possibly hurting your loved ones."
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
It was a simple gesture really. Victoria's eye's locked with Paige, then she turned to Barry at her side. She said nothing for a moment, but when she turned back to face Iron Fist, the small red diamond on her forehead had begun to eminate an eerie almost evil glow.
Her dark brown eyes narrowed as she stood up and got right in his face.
"If that's not a threat, I'm not the whitest white girl in this room. " her voice was quiet, but the intonation of her words would have led anyone to believe she was at her boiling point. The words cut the air like the sword at her side.
"I will not stand here and rationalize my powers with some guy in a mask. If Dr. Strange had any reservations about my abilities, I wouldn't be here. Plain and simple. And as far as you doing what you need to do....go ahead...I dare you." again, her voice had an edge to it as she stepped away and with a swirl of her cloak, walked out of Uatu's chamber.
Logan's eyes were fixed on Victoria, had been ever since he had heard her name. What little attention he had given to the woman before him evaporated into nothingness. Lady Essex now consumed his thoughts, and he did well to guard them. The Sinister look alike was a telepath, a group he had never had particularly pleasant experiences with, especially Xavier. But reading minds was just like hacking a computer. The better the hacker, the more information found. Yet, the better security system, and the better the computer is at keeping you out. If need be, he was certain he would be able to protect his more intimate thoughts from wandering minds, but the fact that he had to shield them at all annoyed him.
However, it was a small price to pay. Observing Essex would prove to be interesting. He had been keeping a close eye on her, watching her converse with the others, listening closely to the words exchanged between them, and osberving her little episode with Iron Fist which resulted her in leaving the others. She had a temprer, a bad one, something that could prove quite dangerous in the future. But what interested him more was what lay on her forhead, and the display it gave when her temper flared.
It was a familiar sight, one he had seen many times before, but not from her. He didn't know if her world's Sinister was Nathaniel Essex, he didn't konw if her world had a Sinister, or if she was her world's version of Sinister, or more appropriately, Sinistra. However, the similarities between her and the Siniter he knew were too numerous to be mere coincidence. There was a connection, and until he found out what it was, she was to be considered a threat. Especially if he had her what she had said correctly. If she really was in possesion an ancient force more powerful than any he had seen.
"The Phoinex Force. This little crusade may actually be worth my time afterall."
Very slowly, a small and confident smile crept upon his face.
The petite blond listened as Victoria spoke her peace about the dangers of these missions, nodding her head in agreement with much of what the pale skinned woman had to say. She could remember clearly in their last mission being flung across the room by Victoria, and Paige knew she never wanted to experience that again. Albeit it had been her own fault, she was bull headed and that lead to trying to prove she worth when she had clearly been in over her head. Moving away from Logan for the time being Paige mentally thought up numerous ways she could get through that icy personality, that is if she even wanted to waste her time on trying to get to know the man.

Can’t be any worse then tryin’ t’ get t’ know Spidey. Paige thought, momentarily wishing that more of the veterans of The Watch were tagging along on this mission. It was times like this that she realized just how much she’d gotten used to her teammates, and it seemed like Victoria could use Hank’s calming nature and Tessa’s loyal friendship at that moment. For it seemed their new teammates didn’t trust her for the mere fact that she housed the Phoenix Force inside of her. Shifting her weight from foot to foot, Paige’s features were soon set in a fierce glare as Iron Fist ‘threatened’ to take out Victoria if she got dangerous, the threat soon lead to the Victoria leaving the chamber, which resulted in Paige’s hot temper rearing its ugly head.

“Who the hell do yuh think yuh are?” Paige demanded her icy blue gaze turning to Iron Fist, and her petite hands were clenched at her sides as she fought with all her might not to attack him. She’d already attacked on teammate before and that hadn’t ended well for anyone. “Victoria isn’t a danger t’ any of yuh, so yuh damn well better apologize for yuh’re behavior just now.” She continued taking slow steps towards Iron Fist, “She’s saved our asses more then anyone of us could count, and ah’m sure before this mission is over she will have saved yuh’res as well.” Paige huffed as she now stood only mere feet from Iron fist, and soon she glanced around at everyone else in the room her gaze shifting from one new teammate to another, daring any of them to comment. “What nobody else wants to ramble on about how she’s a threat? Or how yuh’ll kill her if it comes down to it?” The young girl was pissed and she wasn’t going to stand for any of them assuming things about Victoria, or Barry for that matter.

“Yuh, do yuh have anything to say?” Paige demanded as her gaze landed on Frankie who had yet to say anything to the rest of the team.
After witnessing the conversation between Iron Fist and Victoria, and then Paige's hissy fist, Abbey had had just about all she could take. She stood up and started walking towards the blonde and the man in the mask.

"Hold on, hold on. Based on what I just witnessed, nobody threatened anyone. It seems like he was just simply stating that the 'Phoenix Force' doesn't frighten him. He also said that she seemed to have good control over it. Sounds like a compliment to me." Abbey took a breath before she continued. "We need to keep this team idea in mind. We can't just go blowing up over a small understanding if we are ever going to make it together. I suggest that you two kiss and make up before we get our orders."

Stepping back, she watched carefully to see how the two would react and she waited for what the others had to say.
Whipping her head around to lock her icy glare on Abbey, Paige bit the inside of her lip to keep from attacking the other blond flat out. “Wasn’t a threat? Wasn’t a threat my ass.” Paige growled advancing on Abbey as the other blond tried to play peacekeeper between her and Iron Fist. “The man just flat out offered t’ kill ‘Toria if things came down t’ it. Now t’ mah southern mind that’s a threat.” She was breathing heavily and fighting with all her might not to go all female hulk and smack this girl silly. What right did she have to come in here and pretend like she knew anything about any of them, after all nobody knew anything about any of them other then their names. “Oh and if yuh think ah’m going t’ kiss and make up with him yuh’ve got another thing coming. After all ah’m not the one he should be apologizing too.” Paige clenched and unclenched her fists and wished not for the first time that Pete Wisdom or Jonothan had been brought into this crazy world saving gig, because they seemed to be the only two people in the world able to keep Paige's temper on an even keel.

Tapping one combat booted foot on the ground as she weighed the options in her mind, soon choosing that decking Abbey flat out probably wouldn’t be the best of ideas. Then she’d probably be labeled team bully or something by all these newcomers. “Look ah’ve said mah peace, now it’d be best if y’all don’t go assuming things about Victoria before yuh get t’ know her. Same goes for mahself and Barry…because frankly we’re yuh’re guides in this little gig and if yuh want t’ make it through this without losing yuh’re minds it’d be best if yuh wised up and took ‘Toria’s earlier advice.” Her blue eyes still blazed with bridled rage as she silently counted to ten in her head and took a few steps back from Abbey. “Ah’m not here t’ bully any of yuh. Just understand that Victoria and Barry are like family t’ me and ah’m very protective of my family.” The petite blond slunk away from the group not caring what any of them might think of her outburst or her as a person. Soon they’d come to realize why it was Paige got so angry over Iron Fist comment, and why she was so protective of Victoria and had it been Barry she would have been protective of him as well.
The cloak ceased it's movement once it had drifted far enough away from the group. It could still feel the others behind it, an easy task given the fact that they seemed to be the only living things within miles, and a few of them seemed to be getting warmer. Agitated. Upset maybe. It really needed eyes. Someone had probably said something to someone causing someone else to get all heated. And skin. It missed having skin. Thus was the way of things. Jennifer got upset whenever that Dale person came around. And Strange felt absolutely livid whenever a certain vampiress showed up. It was just the way people were.

Eyes and skin. He'd have to borrow both soon. Ripples washed acrossed it as it sat in place on the floor, waiting. Hesitating. Perhaps Strange would agree to wear him briefly. Just long enough to see. But they were on the moon. No air. No breeze to feel upon whatever skin he was borrowing. But the stars. It had to see them.
Standing in the corridor outside Uatu's chamber, Victoria paced back and forth for a few moments. It wasn't hard to hear Paige's outburst or Abbey's muffled reply. She groaned outwardly at it and almost stepped back inside to keep Paige from hurling herself at Abbey. Husk had a temper that burned hotter than her own, Victoria passed it off as all the southern blood flowing through those Guthrie veins.
Taking a deep breath, she leaned against the wall and called out softly.
"Dr Strange... Stephen...I need to talk to you. Astral form or not, I still need to talk to you before you address everyone else, before we leave. I need to know exactly WHAT you did to the Phoenix Force before we left on the last assignment." It was as if she was talking to herself, but she knew Strange had a way of being everywhere at once, so it didn't matter. Her voice was soft enough that she knew the others inside would not hear her.
"It's too quiet and barely answers when I call or doesn't answer at all. To say I'm worried is an understatement, I've already got people in there threatening to kill me if need be. Not that that bothers me, I mean, bigger men have tried." she gave off a half hearted laugh and closed her eyes for a brief moment.
"I can't spend this entire mission worrying about whether or not the Phoenix is playing a game with me, or that something is wrong with it. There's too many people's lives on the line."
Taking another deep breath, she exhaled slowly and did her best to clear her mind of the churning thoughts that filled it.
A low but cruel chuckle exited Logan's mouth as he watched the verbal confrontation between the team erupt. He found it amusing that so many of them were already at each others' necks, but at the same time, it confirmed to him just how poorly constructed this team was. He assumed that the time delay before they went on their mission was Dr. Strange's way of trying to get the 'team' to get to know each other. Which meant that he wanted a foundation of trust to be formed so the 'team' would be more effective. It was a futile gesture.
"It's a futile effort. If he wanted this to be even remotely productive he'd assign ranks, form a dictatorship among the team were only the select few who were experienced or qualified would lead and distripute orders. It wouldn't form friendships that some are trying to make, but it'd be the most direct course of action and it'd get the job done. This is leaving to many opportunities for future conflicts, some of which could cause the failure of this mission and more importantly waste more of my time."
He glanced over at Victoria for a moment. She appeared to still be trying to compose herself after Iron Fist's comments. He would leave her be for the moment. Now was not the time to try and learn more about this Sinistra, to try and learn of the connection she may have to Nathaniel Essex. He would wait, and watch, knowing that an opportunity would soon arise.
His attention returned to the team, looking them over. He was relieved to see that the blond southener known as Paige had left him alone, but judging by her previous persistence, he had a feeling she'd be back. For a brief moment, he saw a striking similarity between her determination and that of Jean Grey's, but that moment quickly past. Most of the team seemed to be 'socializing' for the most part, while a select few were watching from afar as he was. He began to lock their appearances into memory as well as their characteristics, finding it the only productive thing he could do while he waited for this expidtion to get under way.
Franki just watched Paige slink away after her outburst, “Considering he did say that if he perceived Victoria to be dangerous to the rest of us he would kill her; now, without Victoria actually requesting that deed it would be categorized as a threat, no matter how well meaning he thought he was being.” Her blue eyes drifted from Abbey to Iron Fist, and finally rested on Paige, “I don’t know what in the hell this Phoenix Force is, and to be honest I don’t care. But for the sake of everybody how 'bout we not talk about it unless Victoria brings it up; it’s obviously her responsibility anyway.” The young investigator gave them all her most serious expression, hoping that at least some of these people had enough brains to listen to her.

Feeling that she had made her point she walked over to where Paige had skulked off to, deciding she might as well make an attempt to get to know these people, and the blond seemed like she might be the one least likely to grind on Franki's nerves.
“You always blow up like that, Blondie?” Franki asked the younger woman when she got nearer to her, “Pretty impressive actually." She gave Paige a half-smile in attempt to show that she wasn't trying to be antagonizing.
”I watch the goings on before me without so much as a glance in their direction. I do not look away from my appointed focal point, but yet I see their every move. Humans are all the same: forever pushing the limits, trying to find the edges of each other’s patience. Of coarse how they react to being pushed varies with each specimen. Some step back and watch as I do; others seek to resolve their differences; while the rest will almost always push back. It is human nature, and nothing even I could do would prevent the basest of human reactions. But with the bad comes the good, and I am sure that these heroes were chosen for the light of their being that most certainly outweighs the dark. I sense Stephen’s approach. He will set these adventurers upon their next task, and as always, I will watch”

As the heroes felt each other out on the surface of the moon, Dr. Stephen Strange was elsewhere, making preparations. But even in his Sanctum Sanctorum, far from the Watch’s location at the Blue Area of the Moon, he easily detected the powerful mental call of Victoria Essex. Knowing that his physical body was safe in his Manhattan home, he projected his astral form to the distressed woman, hoping to calm her fears. With an iridescent glow, he appeared to her as if he was levitating mere feet from her. For the time being, he concealed his form from the others, knowing that Victoria needed his undivided attention. “I am here, Victoria. Two weeks ago, when we first met here on the Moon, I placed a simple containment spell upon the Phoenix entity, hoping to ease the turmoil that threatened to consume you. However, I never intended the spell to shock the Phoenix in this way; only to quiet its voice while you became acclimated to your new surroundings.” Holding his hands in an arcane formation, Dr. Strange briefly peered into Victoria’s mind, curious as to the cause for the Phoenix’s odd behavior. He was only inside her mind for a moment, when the Phoenix lunged at him, obviously holding a grudge against the Sorcerer. Stephen retreated quickly, knowing that he, Victoria, the Watch nor Uatu himself could survive if the Phoenix truly lashed out. Doing his best to hide his concern, he once again spoke to Victoria, “I fear that the Phoenix harbors some animosity toward me. I am sure that in time, it will return to its normal unpleasant self. And when it does, I have no doubt that you will be ready to contain it. But until then, I will remain vigilant. The Phoenix force will not be allowed to sink its talons into you. Come now, let us get under way.”

Deciding to remain in his astral form for the task at hand, Dr. Strange turned to see the Watch gathered nearby. They seemed to be squabbling amongst themselves, something that didn’t surprise Stephen in the least. This group contained a few very distinct persons that would no doubt try the patience of the team. They would learn to work together eventually. The Sorcerer revealed himself as he approached the Watch, glowing brilliantly in the dim light of the Watcher’s chamber. “Thank you all for accepting my invitation. You have been recruited by my associates and gathered from a handful of realities in order to come together here as the Watch. Your presence will help to insure balance in the universe.” Sensing the Cloak’s need for external perceptions, Dr. Strange reached out as he spoke and collected the obsidian cloth around his form of pure energy. The Sorcerer paused briefly, giving the Cloak a moment to take in its surroundings. But knowing that the Cloak sustained itself on the energies of others, Dr. Strange removed the black shroud after only a few moments time had passed, fearing what may happen if the Cloak was left in contact with his astral form for very long.

After indulging the mystical being’s needs, Dr. Strange waved his hands meticulously, creating a shimmering white portal amongst the heroes. “The time has come for you to depart. On the other side of this doorway, you will find a world on the verge of paradise. It is a utopian society in the making, but it is a world that should never have been. It is a world that must cease to exist, and for that to happen a young girl by the name of Kya must survive to destroy it. It is your task to see her through the trials of the coming days, and deliver this world’s savior from those who would seek to destroy her.” And with that, Strange’s astral form dissipated as his portal expanded to envelop the Watch, sending them hurtling through time and space.

The next thing they knew, the Watch found themselves in the middle of a bustling village. There were no signs of technology anywhere. Most of the buildings had well-attended stables attached, each of them containing at least a few horses. The townsfolk, who seemed unable to see the heroes at first, wore clothes of simple design with no trappings of modern influence. The road beneath their feet was made of cobblestone and the surrounding buildings were simple in their structure. But there was something odd about them as well. They seemed almost otherworldly in their design. Dr. Strange had been ready for the this though, for as the heroes materialized in their new surroundings, his last spell took effect, transforming the clothes of the more extravagantly dressed among them into something better suited to their new environment. With the Watch physically prepared for the world around them, the cloaking spell fell away, allowing the native peoples to finally see the newcomers to their reality.
The cloak had no eyes with which to see the Sorcerer. No ears to hear his voice. No mind into which he could speak. And as he wasn't physically there, his energies could not be used as a becon to announce his arrival. Instead the cloak found itself caught unawares when it was suddenly swept up in the hand of powerful magics, mental, spiritual, and mystical energies washing over it like a clensing shower.

By god the stars....

If it were possible it would have wept. Countless in their numbers. Unfathomable in their expansiveness. Endless in their brillance. It was not the most beautiful thing it had ever seen. They were beauty itself.

"Thank you....." was all it managed in a humbled tone before the Sorcerer broke the tie, leaving it to slip once more into it's world of shadow and darkness. But there was light. It had been so long it had nearly forgotten. But there was light. The sensation of reverence and joy that had consumed it remained even as it was thrust into the new reality, its connection with the earth and its shadow realm reforged, serving as the anchor and brought it's spirit back down from the heavens.

But the reminder did not serve to cause it sadness, but merely reminded it of hope. They were out there. It was out there. And no matter how dark things may seemed....there would always....always be light.

As it came to it's senses it could feel many more people around it now and quickly reformed its effigy of a man. Makeshift shoulders hunched forward and the head tilted towards the chest a bit in order to create the illusion of shadow covering a person within. There were not enough bodies for them to be back in New York, for beyond those in the area millions more would have been felt. No....they were somewhere else. Indeed the good doctor had in fact finally sent them off to where ever they were supposed to be to do whatever it was they were supposed to do. And in that moment, for what the Sorcerer had given him, it was all to happy to oblige.

By god. The stars.......
Victoria said nothing as Dr. Strange made his explainations to her about his containment of the Phoenix. The whole situation did not sit well with her, but now again, was not the time. She followed him silently and listened in on his description of their new assignment.
Once through the portal and on the other side, it took her only a few moments to gather her bearings. Pulling the hood up on her cloak, and motioned to Paige.
"We better find this Kya...and do it discreetly." she said as she closed her eyes for a moment and concentrated. The diamond on her forehead seemed to disappear from view. At least she wouldn't have to play any mind games with the villagers to mask any of their appearances. And that thought alone made her think of Hank again.
Opening her eyes, she let out a soft little sigh and turned back towards the others.
"There are no leaders here...we know what we are supposed to do. I'm off to read some minds and see if I can find our mark and find out exactly where "here" is. Stay out of trouble...and remember, I'm only a thought away. Feel free to join me if you like." she turned and began to walk down the cobblestone street.
Abbey looked down at her new garb. It fit nice and all, it was just quite a bit different than she was used to. The tight black pants were no different, but the white, billowy blouse with the tan corset was cool. Even the knee-high, black riding boots were awesome. She looked up at the sky, winked, and mouthed a small thank you to Dr. Strange. He had left her with her sex appeal. It was something that she relied on heavily. She took a moment and she ran her hands down her silhouette and easily found her guns and her knives carefully concealed somewhere amongst her new outfit. She also realized that her bag had been transformed into a leather satchel. Squatting close to the ground and then jumping up into a back flip, she realized that these clothes would do just fine. They would offer no hinderance to her skills.

She looked at the rest of the group as Victoria explained what she was going to do. Deciding it was best to go find out more about the town and it's inhabitants she decided to follow Victoria. Afterall, things could go a bit more smoothly if they worked together.
Iron Fist was still a tad shaken from his encounters with Paige and Victoria. He hadn't intended to cause that much of a stir. "Before we set off, I would like to apologize to both Victoria and Paige. What I said back on the moon was not intended in the way that you perceived it. I was shocked and amazed that Victoria has such a degree of control over such an entity of chaos. I was, in a skewed kind of way, complimenting her on her abilities. Yes, I know what I said came off as a threat, but it was merely one honorable person making a form of pact with someone whom he recognizes as another honorable and moral person. I would hope and expect any one of you to do the same for me if I were to become something that I feared. So, if you will accept my apologies, I would like to lend my assistance along with my friendship in helping you." Danny waited for an answer from Victoria, or a slap in the face, whichever came first. No matter what the response, he knew what he was trying to do back on the moon, and hoped that she could see that what he said was the truth. "In K'un L'un we were always taught to uphold such a code of honor with those we respect and revere. I have the utmost of respect for you, Victoria, and hope that we can build upon that respect. You are free to read my thoughts if you don't believe me." Danny looked around his surroundings for a moment. Now that I think about it, this place doesn't look all that different from K'un L'un. It almost seems displaced in time. Something's not right here.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Alex had watched the team testing each other with a detached interest which belied his physical or mental age. Ekimus had been schooling him hard to mind his temper and not rush in without a thought. It was difficult at times not to dive headlong into the situations which presented themselves to Alex. He was still technically a teenager and thus felt it was his right to act foolishly without thought for the repercusions to follow.

But this was different. At the moment he felt no feelings towards these people or their quest other than interest. From what he could gather, the majority of them did indeed seem to be parahuman. These 'heroes' were indeed a mixed bunch. He sensed good in them all, shining like a beacon to his vampiric lust, although in some it was deeply buried beneath a troubled existence. No doubt he would learn more of this as time went on. As the tension in the Watcher's chamber escalated, Alex elder could not help but be reminded of his initial thought. "They are just like comic book characters. Even down to the team bickering." he almost chuckled as that thought had entered his head, reminding him of the happier days of childhood spent reading adventures rather than being in them. He had always wanted to be up there, flying and fighting for a good cause. He just didn't think it would happen like it had. It had taken his death to bring him to the life he had dreamed of. Perhaps the price was too high. Perhaps not. He had seen much in his few years since his death of which the world around him knew nothing.

And now here he was in yet another reality, something that he had never really thought about although now that he did, what was heaven or hell but another dimension? And he knew for a fact that both of those existed, for better or worse. The moon had dissolved from view leaving them in this almost idyllic village. The sorceror had seen fit to draw Alex's hood up over his head, protecting him from the harsh sunlight above. "That could have been the shortest trip in history!" thought Alex as he pulled Ekimus' scarf tighter around his face, leaving only his eyes uncovered. Patting his jacket carefully he was pleased to find he had an ample supply of blood packs. It didn't look like there was a friendly blood bank in the area and the last thing Alex wanted to do was start feeding on the local animal life, let alone the population. "I wonder if they have dragons here." he thought as he licked his lips behind his makeshift mask, the thought of dragonblood making his mouth water. "Oh stop torturing yourself kid!"

Stepping forward after Victoria, he said. "Perhaps there is a tourist information office in the village square?"
Victoria looked over her shoulder at Iron Fist as she was turning to walk away. She paused only for a moment before replying to him.
"It's a natural reaction to it really. You don't want to know how many times I've had my life threatened because of the Phoenix by people who just didn't understand. It's a difficult burdeon to bear and a weaker person would have crumbled under it a long time ago. I, however was not created to be weak." she smiled ambiguously and continued on down the street.
To Alex's remark she could only chuckle. "Alex, I somehow doubt it. Looks like we got set down right in the middle of some sort of medieval Disney World."
She continued to walk down the street, her conversation with those who followed her took a dulcet whispered tone.
"I've been to a lot of places in my days, but this one..." she didn't finish as she slowly started to pick information from the minds of the villagers around them.
Watching the townspeople as they walked down the street, Abbey felt that something was not quite right. Dr. Strange had mentioned something about a utopian society.

In her travels with her parents she had learned a lot of things about anthropology and archaeology. Her parents had done some extensive study into the lost city of Atlantis and it inhabitants. It in itself was a utopia. Abbey hoped that she could use the information she gathered about it's people to gleen information from this place.

The big thing about these societies was that they usually have no monetary system, and are generally ruled as a monarchy. The young are usually raised by the whole village as opposed to one single family. Maybe that's the key.

She thought that thought real hard, hoping that Victoria would pick up on it. We need to find out about this girl, and it's highly possible that the townspeople will know just about everything about her. It is also a good idea to figure out how this place is run. If I can get the basics, I can probably figure it out.
Barry looked at the new clothes the Sorcerer had given up, and he looked quite satisfied. "Black never was my color, but damn, it looks good on me." he said with a chuckle as he made a little spin to show of his clothes. Simplistic black wide pants with a nice black vest. "I'll meet you in a sec." Barry said as he sped off, taking a look through town.
As Victoria and most everyone else seemed to have gone walking off into the village Paige realized that it was now just her and Frankie standing around like morons. “Ah’m going t’ miss mah combat boots.” Paige moaned, after all her combat boots had come in handing many times before. Their especially useful if you want to knock a thug out that’s attempting to attack a teammate of yours. “Looks like it’s just yuh and me, seems ‘Toria’s managed to gather a following already…” Paige smirked up at the much taller woman, not forgetting that back in the chamber she’d had the nerve to call her ‘Blondie’ a nickname that only Kyle had used on her. Hey ‘Toria, looks like yuh’ve got the lot of them with yuh. So be careful and don’t let the rookies get on yuh’re nerves t’ much. Paige projected the thought out into the open, knowing that Victoria would pick up on it.

Taking a quick glance down at her attire, Paige noticed she wasn’t wearing white uniform which she’d gotten back during her first mission, though it’d been altered a little to replace the ‘N’ on the jacket to a ‘W’. She’d become so used to the utility belt that seemed to hold a wealth of things that she hoped Dr. Strange had altered that only a little. “Nice outfits…” Paige sarcastically stated still not thrilled about not having her normal uniform on. As she said this she noticed she wore a belt with little leather pouches on it and with a small smile she mentally thanked Dr. Strange. “Plus side, ah’ve still got mah handy dandy utility belt…just it a slightly different form.” Paige realized she had been talking a mile a minute and should let Frankie get a word in edgewise. After all Paige hadn’t made a very good first impression on the team and her motor mouth wasn’t helping her out much with her first impression.
Franki tried to hide the amused smirk she had on her face as Paige babbled on, “At least one of us got to keep the utility belt, Blondie.” Franki remarked, noticing that her own had been confiscated so to speak, though some of her belongings still remained, “Mine seems to have been confiscated with the rest of my uniform.” She took inventory of her new appearance, a pair of soft leather laced tall boots, comfortable brown breeches, and a black chemise top tucked into the pants. She was thankful it wasn’t a dress, and that it was not restrictive in any way.

“Though the Doc did let me keep my rope.” She indicated to the coiled rope that was tied onto a leather belt around her waist, “You’re the vet here Blondie, but I think we should do some investigating of our own. Go in the opposite direction of the rest of the group, it will take less time; not that I’m disputing Vic’s talents, but I feel useless just standing here.” Franki looked at Paige as she re-tied the piece of leather holding her dark hair back.
“It’s the investigator in me, I guess.” She shrugged, continuing to look at the people around them, “This place just doesn’t feel right.”

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