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Assignment - R&R
AJ decided the best way to pull herself out of her "Cam" funk was to flirt with the ever so charming Daniel.

"Well sugah, you could start by findin' me either some champagne or some vodka for this juice. It's blah, Ah' tell ya."

The southern belle charm poured from her. She smirked over at Chandi, the challenge was issued. This would now turn into a game of who could get that apron off him the fastest.

Of course, she couldn't let 'Vok feel all left out. Leaning over, she whispered in his ear.

"You think you can handle this?" with a slight giggle, she reached for her glass and smiled.
Chandi was always up for a good challenge, and with and competitor like A.J. she knew if nothing else it would at least be amusing, and if it resulted in the ever-adorable Daniel sans is aprons well that would just be a perk.

“It would be ace if you could fetch me a cup of lemon myrtle green tea.” Chandi had always had a deep love for lemon myrtle tea as a child and it was always harder to find good lemon myrtle tea outside of Australia. Giving Daniel a brilliantly charming smile and a wink, Chandi gave him a swift slap to the backside. “Now get going, you wouldn’t want to keep us waiting for our drinks to long.”

Chandi was in a particularly playful mood and was desperately trying to avoid that fact that their happy vacation might be ruined by all of the odd occurrences that were going on.
“Is that the plan ya’ll?” Kei quirked an eyebrow, “T’get drunk before noon?” She said before finishing off the last of the fresh fruit on her plate, what she really wished for now that she’d finished breakfast was a decent pair of board shorts, a swimsuit and one of her surfboards that were nestled back in her room on the Island.

She really wanted to experience some of the local beaches, weird vibe or not. This was supposed to be their vacation after all, and it was being destroyed by what was probably paranormal activity or something.
“’Cause I’m all for ya’ll getting’ drunk of y’asses, but I think I’d rather sit on a beach with a drink, if I’m gonna get drunk at all today. This dinin’ room is just too stuffy.” Kei ran her fingers through her short hair, adjusting the towel she wore.
Daniel quickly stood at attention following Chandi's unexpected thump to his posterior, his eyebrows jumping a tad as embarrassment crept into his cheeks. "Of course ladies..." he said with a slight bow and a smile on his face, making sure to take two good steps beackwards before turning from the table lest he be caught off guard again. About the room conversations had dropped to a casual din, the previously boisterious chatter now partly quelled by relaxed spirits and full stomaches. The group of The Guardians sat amongst themselves tossing ideas back and forth about where to purchase some new clothes should they want to follow Kei's idea and head to the beach, or if they should just want to venture out in general.

A few moments later as Daniel returned with their drinks, a small bottle of vodka for AJ and a small plate of tea leaves with strainer and pot of hot water for Chandi, voices were hushed and glances casted at the door as a new couple entered the room, sticking out like sore thumbs. It couldn't be helped though. They had just arrived at the hotel some five minutes prior and were as such, fully dressed. But alas, it wasn't the fact that they were dressed that drew glances and whispered comments, but rather just how counterpoint they were to each other.

The first, a moderately hansome young man who couldn't have been any older than 20 and who's features went unflattered by the overly serious look on his face, was dressed impecibly in a tailored grey suit and tie, stark white shirt, and finely polished shoes of the same smart grey that adorned his body. His hair, of shortish length and an almost strawberry blonde, was combed in and extrodinarily orderly fashion and he looked intently about the room from behind thin rimmed spectacles. He was the very picture of uptight and some in the room imagined him so tightly wound that if he so much as sneezed he might explode.

His companion, an older woman in her late fourties maybe early fifties, stood in sharp constrast to him. At 6'4", she was a full head taller than him and dressed like she was half his age. Long black hair with the slightest hint of grey was pig tailed down to the small of her back, resting against the ruffles of the slightly to small blue and white dress of a fashion one might find on a doll or in an old fairy tale. Contrary to her companion's almost frightening peircing eyes, her's were filled with friendliness......and curiousity. There was something innocent about her. A child-like nature that spoke against her years. In front of her waist she held a small basket by the handle as another woman might a purse by the straps, and smiled warmly at the waiter greeting them as they were approached and informed that this particular breakfast was only for those affected by this mourning's mishap.

The were a few words exchanged between the girl-woman and the waiter before he went off to retrieve a manger, her stalward companion muttering something incoherent to himself the entire time. A few more quieted words were exchanged and she showed him something from her basket, and the two of them were promptly waved in as both waiter and manager stood aside. They began to walk around the room, following no set path, looking for nothing in particular, the young man still muttering and murmuring to himself as he strode about with purpose, the woman moving with a grace and poise fit for a princess as she thanked people for their compliments (whether geniune or not) on her dress.

The four at the table exchanged off hand remarks and laughed quietly amongst themselves as boy and woman continued to stroll about the room, each taking different paths. Every so often the boy would stop and rub at his eyelinds beneath the rim of his glasses, lips ever moving, and the woman would stop and kneel, picking up and dropping something into her basket though no one ever got a good look at exactly what it was. Their table grew quiet a moment as the young man began to circle it, paying them no mind while he continued to mutter and murmur, looking distinctly displeased. And he was just about to walk away from their table when he walked behind AJ's chair and something quite unexpected happened.

Her wings extended to full length, her body jerking upright in it's chair as some unseen magic felt it necessary to expose her to any who might happen to be looking her way at that moment.

Her sudden motion caught the young man by surprise, drawing his attention, as well as a few other patron's, and without missing a beat he tapped her on her shoulder twice and whispered something sounding remotely obscene, and just as suddenly her body relaxed and her wings disappeared. He let his hand linger on her shoulder a moment as he looked around a second or two, finally leaning down and whispering an apology in her ear. Across the room the older woman was giggling, having seen the whole thing and secretly knowing the embarassment that would consume the young man the rest of the day. He shot her a look to turn the most brazen of men to stone, and she responded by sticking out her tongue before turning to skip her way out the room saying "All done." just loud enough for Chandi to hear.

He took his hand from AJ's shoulder and followed this overgrown little girl back into the hallway, leaving the group of more than slightly confused heroes to turn to AJ, the same question springing from their lips almost in unison.

"What was that?"
"Ah have absolutely no idea." she muttered as the turned to watch the pair leave the room.

This was weird. Even for her it was weird. Granted, no matter how many times she encountered magick, it never caught her off guard as what had just happened.
Was it even magick? she wasn't sure. The whisperings in her ear, the apology. She wasn't sure what to make of any of it.
Grabbing the vodka bottle, she dumped some into the juice, then some more. Picking up the glass with a bit of a shaking hand, she drank it down as fast as she could.
Eyeing what was left in the bottle, she picked it up and killed it too.

"Ah have no idea..." she said again, taking a moment to look at each of them. Maybe the look of confusion on her face was just mirroring what she was seeing from everyone else.
Kei’s comfort level had definitely gone way down since the arrival and departure of the duo, the woman had freaked her out more than the man. The woman was practically a walking, talking, oversized doll; not something she really wanted to see in her lifetime.
“They were definitely a little rattly.” She commented, trying to will the mental image of the woman out of her mind, “Think they got somethin’ t’do with the clothin’ fiasco?” Kei leaned forward on the table, looking acrossed at AJ.
“What’d he say t’ya?” the surfer inquired, “I mean ya don’t hafta tell us, but I’m just curious.” Her dark eyes were focused on her teammate.

The Hawaiian figured that there was no way they were going to get a relaxing day now, not with the arrival of the twilight twins, as Kei would be calling them in her head from now on.
“And why do ya think he went f’ya? They magical or somethin’?”
Watching A.J. down the entire bottle of vodka after the entire fiasco with small dark and creepy and the giant doll woman just made Chandi more aware that maybe she should have gone for alcohol instead of good ole’ fashion tea. Because she was feeling that her choice of drink defiantly was not strong enough to calm her nerves after the little fiasco they’d just witnessed. “I think they were capturing something in that basket, the woman mentioned something about being ‘all done’ right before she left.” Chandi threw her opinion out there, taking a sip of her tea as she tried to stop her hands from shacking. Why they were shacking she didn’t know, all she knew is that every time she’d ever set foot back in Australia things never ended well. Maybe she was cursed, or maybe her parents had a hand in making her life hell well she was back in her homeland…whatever the reason for it Chandi knew that any hopes she’d had of shopping and relaxing had just left the room with that creepy duo.

“Maybe one of us should try and contact De, he might have a clue as to what’s happening.” She suggested, remembering that mister tall dark and dreadlocked had made a mention of the good ole’ land of Oz having a lot of supernatural happenings going on. “Do we have a way of getting a hold of him?” This was an afterthought, Chandi didn’t remember much of the previous night and couldn’t remember if De had left them with a number he could be reached at or not.
Slurping down the last of his coffee, which should have been much much stronger considering the morning he was having, 'Vok looked up at his lovely companions and scowled. He was getting tired of this mystical crap. If it wasn't long lost World War II pilots falling out of the sky it was honest to god haunted houses sending shivers down his spine. He was beginning to wonder what he was even doing on this team, for he was much more accustomed to the likes of Adam Strange than Doctor Strange.

Looking around the room, 'Vok finally decided to add to the conversation, "Me doubt De thought his phone number would be makin' any difference to us. It's not like any o' us knew we would be needin' to get ahold o' him in a rush anyways. Remember this was supposed to be a laid back bit o' fun down under. But now it appears that we've got ourselves mixed up in some sort o' mystical hoopla once again. And now we's gots Amazon Princess Barbie and Pygmy Power Ken stickin' their noses into it as well. I guess all we can do is wait fer the big man to come back fer us. But if you ask me, our current wardrobe and the sudden appearance o' that weird duo is nay a coincidence."
De made his way back downstairs a second time, this time fully dressed and in a completely different suit. As he breezed through the front door of his building he patted himself down, making sure he had all the essentials. Keys, cash, gun and clips, wallet, phone, and a ballpoint pen. As he climbed into his car he was relatively sure that he had everything he needed for the day, though with the information he'd just received over the phone that morning he was a bit distracted and was beginning to pay more mind to that old saying "You can never go home again." As it stood, there was only a fifty/fifty chance that this entire trip wouldn't blow up in his face, and he knew he stood a better chance of surviving the week if he was in the company of his comrades.

As he started the vehicle and began the drive back towards the hotel, he wondered if the others were having any fun yet. Between the beaches, clubs, shops, and people, the city could be full of wonder. It could also be fully of creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. But seeing as how it was the middle of the day, what could possibly go wrong?

Back at the hotel, the "twilight twins" had already made their way out of the building, leaving everyone they passed with a more than slightly confused look on their face. However, in their wake things in the hotel were starting to return to normal. Staff memebers were finding thier uniforms tucked away in closets and drawers, lockers and cabinets. And guests who happened to be returning to thier rooms found their suitcases once again packed with their rightful clothes. Of course, those still on the lower floors and by the pool were unaware of this recent turn-around, but that suited quite a few of the guests just fine.
AJ sat there for a few more moments, trying to shake the feeling of supreme weirdness before she stood and excused herself.

"Ah'm going back upstairs..."she let the sentence trail off as she walked away. Her tone had been one of preoccupied absentmindedness. One she usually only got when she was thinking of Cameron.

Making her way back up to the room she had shared the night before with 'Vok she closed the door and leaned against it. Her eyes were closed as she let her weight settle on the door. What had happened downstairs was weird. But then again, everything that had happened since they had gotten to Oz was weird. From the night before, to waking up cuddling her Skrull shapeshifting teammate.
Angelee's eyes opened and a smile started to play across her lips. She had no clue as to what, if anything had happened last night. Her pink hair had fallen so that it formed a curtian before her eyes. But the smile was unmistakeable. Sure, things were weird, but she woke up this morning with 'Vok...and had enjoyed waking up that way. Although her first thought when she rolled over had been of someone else, upon opening her eyes that thought had fled completely.
Leaning her head back, she pushed her hair out of her eyes and walked to the bathroom, only to be a bit shocked to see their clothes piled up in the floor.
"This just keeps agittin' weirder and weirder." she muttered.
As De cruised along on his way to the hotel, he couldn't help but wonder what sorts of trouble the others had undoubtedly gotten themselves into in his absence. The whole lot of them had probably found some way to get kidnapped by Zombie Pirates, or electirc emus, or some creepy little blonde girl from another reality who somehow knew things that know one else could know. But even then it would probably be easier to bail them out of one of those situations than it would to bail them out of jail. Fighting off demons and pirates and evil ostriches was easy enough. Dealing with the possible reppercussions of people's names reachig other people.....that could be difficult.

Granted, a few minutes ago he'd been of the mind that said everything was goingto be alright, but there were precious few times in his life when that was true. And following shortly after those few times, all hell had broken loose. He was flying along now, exceeding the speed limit by quite a bit, but his plates were still registered with the government so local police forces didn't bother him. Of course...his stickers were expired....
Pushing her chair back from the table, Kei stood up, readjusted her towel and gave her teammates a bored look.
“I’m gonna watch some tv,” She told them, “come get me if anythin’ interestin’ happens.” She turned towards the exit, giving them a finger wave over her shoulder.
Kei was hoping she would be able to find a surf competition on one of the sports channels; it was the next best thing to actually being at the beach.

Finding her key-card, she unlocked the door to her room and stepped inside quickly. Not that she minded being in a towel anymore; she was more frightened of bumping into giant doll-lady all by herself. Kei knew that was irrational, but rationality wasn’t ever her strong suit.

Exhaling deeply she dropped down onto the hotel bed, grabbing the remote from the nightstand.
“this sucks.” She thought to herself, “I’m in Australia, in fabulous weather and I can’t even take advantage o‘it without bein’ arrested f’public nudity!” Kei blew out a long breath, scanning her room briefly, and realizing a moment later that the open suitcase on the floor was no longer empty.

Her shorts, tops, and swimsuits were back in their rightful places. A grin broke acrossed her face as she threw the towel on the floor and sprinted acrossed the room to the bag, she grabbed her favorite aquamarine bikini, and a pair of loose khaki shorts; she pulled both on and made a beeline for the door, in hopes that Vok and Chandi were still in the dining room.
Within moments the sounds of running water could be heard from AJ's room. Along with the humming of what sounded like "Born on the Bayou." but one couldn't be too sure.
Steam swirled around the bathroom as AJ let the towel drop and stepped into the shower. The almost obligatory sigh of "aaahh" that emerged from behind the glass cut the humming out.

AJ closed her eyes and let the warm water flow over her head and down her wings. Tilting her head up towards the shower head, it was as if she was letting all her worries flow down the drain with the water.

And then the singing started...

Which probably wouldn't have been too bad if she hadn't chose Broadway musicals...
As De continued his drive towards the hotel, quietly humming to himself as he cruised with the radio off, people within the hotel itself were starting to return to their rooms to find their clothes waiting for them. Word quickly spread, causing most of the casual diners enjoying breakfast to retreat to quarters in order to dress properly and get a start, no matter how late, on their day. Staff members quietly excused themselves, slipping away into locker rooms to redress, appearing once again much more comfortable with their appearance. Daniel, trying to be ever courteous, stayed withing calling distance telling himself that he'd change once his last party had departed for their rooms and was just on his way over to clear the table following Chandi and 'Vok leaving for their rooms when Kei made her return, appearently having missed them on her way down.

"Ah. Hello there. Something I can get for you?" he asked.

Outside, De parked his car whilst quietly muttering to himself. Trying to peice together the events of the night previous with the call he'd recieved this morning while at the same time trying to devise a proper way of paying back his little sister for her previous transgressions. Swinging his keys on his index finger as he entered the hotel, still completely oblivious to what had happened to his commrades this very same morning, he made his way over to the front desk and began inquiring about their rooms. Sure things in Australia could get a little strange at times, but that didn't mean he couldn't still show his friends one hell of a day and night on the town.
Slipping back into the quite and comfort of her room, Chandi padded across the room to the small clock radio sitting on the nightstand she flipped it on and turned up the volume, the soft strains of Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘At Last.’ Filled up the room. Swaying softly to the music as she discarded the towel that had become a makeshift dress she surveyed her closet relieved to find her designer clothing all nicely hung up and back in there rightful spot. “Thank God.” Chandi feared she may have had some kind of mental breakdown over the lose of her clothing, but thankfully that wasn’t going to happen now.

Haphazardly pulling out various articles of clothing and tossing them onto her bed, the petite woman unconsciously allowed her illusion to fall as she was in the confines of her hotel room. To her it was a blessing and a curse, for she couldn’t leave it up forever yet it allowed her to move among the normal populace better. “Someday.” She muttered, knowing that day would probably never come. But a girl could hope, so with that thought Chandi grabbed an armful of clothing and made her way towards the bathroom, she was after all in dire need of a good shower. So with the last strands of ‘At last’ filtering through her hotel room Chandi slipped into the shower leaving the door to her bathroom open so that she could still hear the music as she showered. With a tiny giggle Chandi almost felt like she was on vacation, despite the morning’s earlier happenings this little trip had been far more relaxing then most trips she’d ever been on.

Fifteen minutes later Chandi was all showered up and ready to jump head first into this day, the radio was still playing though she couldn’t recognize the song it had a catching beat and she began to sway to it as she riffled through the pile of clothing she’d drug into the bathroom with her. Discarding anything that would make her appear like she was on a business trip, which in all actually was at the moment almost her entire wardrobe because of her previous job’s requirements. So finally she found herself slipping into a nice floor sweeping chocolate colored bohemian skirt, which was only floor sweeping because Chandi was short. Pairing the skirt with a nice pink tank top and white mesh shrug, once she was dressed she slipped on a pair of white flip flop sandals and brought the human illusion back up. Allowing her hair to remain curly and kind of wild looking Chandi slipped a pair of oversized sun glasses on her head and riffled through the piles of bags she had around the closet trying desperately to locate her purse, which really couldn’t be classified as a purse so much as a oversized shoulder bag.

Once she was all put together Chandi flopped down on her bed, turning the radio down and television on she began channel surfing while she waited for someone to give her a ring and let her know what was their next plan of action.
Kei turned her attention to Daniel, “No, I was just hopin’ to catch my friends.” She replied, noticing that he was the only staff still roaming the room sans clothing, “Guess I missed them.” She shrugged her shoulders, snatching up a stray grape from what she guessed had been Chandi’s plate.

She headed back for the doors when a thought struck her and she turned back around, the cute kitchen help looked a little bit like a surfer to her; maybe he knew a decent beach.
“I have a question for ya, where’s the best place to surf?” Kei asked Daniel, as she tried to covertly check him out a little bit more. She figured she might as well take advantage of the situation while she still could, “Unless ya don’t surf, and then I’ll just ask the front desk.” Kei commented popping the grape she’d been holding into her mouth.
After just missing De’s arrival and Kei’s surf bound descent to the lobby, ‘Vok dropped Chandi off at her room and made his way down the hall toward his own door. Or maybe it was AJ’s door, and she had been but kind enough the previous evening to let a poor wayward alien crash there. Either way, he was almost sure that was where he would find his uniform waiting for him, considering that was where fate had helped him leave it. Of coarse that was assuming that it had indeed returned along with the rest of the guest’s attire. But the thought of finding his clothes quickly left his brain when he walked through the door of the room.

The Skrull found his senses under attack immediately upon entering the lush apartment, making it difficult for ‘Vok to think straight. Which was nothing new really, considering AJ had that effect on most men. But unlike ‘Vok at that precise moment, most men did not have to endure the pixie’s glamour in full force while staring at her naked silhouette through the steam-covered glass of a frosted shower door. One could, without question, consider ‘Vok’s timbers to be officially shivered. It was only the whimsical, lyrical work emanating from behind the shower door that stirred the pirate’s thoughts from the lustful for the briefest of moments. If he wasn’t mistaken, ‘Vok thought he heard his intoxicating faery friend bouncing effortlessly between Creedence Clearwater Revival and Andrew Lloyd Webber. ”Only AJ”, he thought as he approached the misty doorway that she had left standing wide.

With a twisted grin that could mean any number of insidious things, ‘Vok called out to the otherwise occupied woman, “Not sure that I know that one me lass, but if you give me a chance, me might be able to hum a few bars for ye’. Or I could always handle the more taxing aspects of this here exercise, freeing you to better concentrate on one thing at a time.” That being said, and with his form now reverted proudly to its natural green, ‘Vok stepped into the welcoming warmth of the almost ethereal mists, without so much as a second thought, having shed his makeshift magenta tunic seemingly without conscious thought, effort or the ability to do otherwise.
Her head rose upward as she had heard his voice. The smile that had been curling her lips did nothing but grow wider as the door opened and ‘Vok joined her in the shower.
“Well, that answers that question…” she thought to herself as she let her gaze trail over her teammate.
“Ah should warn ya sugar, Ah’m a bit of ah water hog. Just ask Chandi.” Rinsing the fragrant suds from her long pink hair, she couldn’t help be giggle, just a bit.
Leaning up to whisper to him in her breathiest of voices…
“How long have ya been dying ta do this?”

Some time later, after their efforts with “water conservation” and “team building” were finished, AJ sat on the edge of the bed, sliding her feet into a pair of black strappy sandals. A glance over her shoulder at ‘Vok, still lazing about on the bed, she tossed a pillow at him and smiled.
“Come on darlin’, Ah’m sure they’ve either left without us, or are waiting impatiently.” She did a few turns in front of the mirror, catching a glimpse of him watching her as she did.
“You like it? Chandi bought it for me in New York.” She motioned to the amethyst colored sundress that she was wearing. Landing at just above her knees and looking very flirtatious.
Taking a moment to pull her hair up in a ponytail, not the most glamorous of hairstyles, but functional, she turned her back on the mirror and looked at ‘Vok. Silently for a few moments, doing nothing more than admiring him with a playful smile on her face, she couldn’t help but compare the parallels. He was absolutely nothing like Cameron or any other man who had ever entered her life for that matter. He was fun, dashing, could be anything anyone ever wanted, and completely accepted her for what she was without giving her any grief over it. And what was better than that, he knew exactly who she was and didn’t care.
Reaching out, she gave a tug at the sheet and laughed.
“Come on Romeo, there’s more fun ta be had. We’ll get back ta this later.”
"Sorry love. Not to big on the surf." Daniel replied, looking a little sheepish as he continued to clear the table, taking his time as to keep paying attention to Kei lest she have any other questions for him. "More of a Rugby sorta fella. Course....I have been meanin' to take a few lessons....."

Down stairs in the lobby, De was still chatting away at the front desk, giving some bloke more attention than he had expected, and certainly more than he was comfortable with. De had, after all, gone up to their floor and seen where the rooms were located the night before...but for whatever reason felt like making with the googly eyes at the guy behind the counter. It was funny watching him squirm. After the large dredlocked man made yet another comment about how pretty his mouth was, the clerk hurriedly picked the number for one of the rooms, paging it immediately in hopes of finding someone to come downstairs and rescue him from his unwanted admirer.

The phone in the joint bedroom rang noisily as AJ continued trying to get 'Vok up and off the bed. They'd been in the hotel less than 24 hours and already the crazy hat hit the fan so the playful pixie had no objections to leaving the premises for a while to enjoy that good ole Australian sun, with it warm beaches, clear blue waters, and over abundance of taned and toned hotties of all shapes sizes and genders.
As ‘Vok commented on Chandi’s good taste in all things fashionable, the phone in the adjoining room began to ring loudly, alerting the Skrull and his friend that the outside world did indeed still exist. With nothing but a bath sheet wrapped around his green frame, Xlorvok bounded off the bed and made for the receiver. “Ahoy? . . .Aye . . . Aye. All right mate, we’ll be right down.” ‘Vok tipped the handset back onto its base and grabbed for his uniform which was now hanging off the back of a nearby chair. “It seems that your hunch was spot on me love. That was the front desk. The gent said that our friend was waiting for us downstairs, and by the rushed and dare me say uncomfortable tone to his voice, I would say that he was referring to De.”

The duo completed the finishing touches on their excursion preparations and made for the lobby. The metamorphic properties of ‘Vok’s uniform had been put to good use, transforming his skin tight magenta gear into a casual deep blue suit that complemented AJ’s look quite nicely. He considered sticking with his natural green skin and cragged jaw line, but figured after the laundry mishap, he didn’t need to jar the hotel guests any more than they already had been. The lift doors slid apart quietly when the car reached the ground floor and with a playful swat on the bottom ‘Vok scooted AJ from the elevator. It only took a moment for them to spot their large friend waiting across the room. They made their way over to him and began to tell him of the morning’s brouhaha. “Not that me minded the free show, but it was hinky all the same. What do ye think big man?”
“How long are ya workin’?” Kei asked him, leaning on the table he was clearing off, “Maybe I could find a beach, and give ya you’re first lesson after work. Start ya off on the right foot.” She gave him a flirty smile as she leaned in just a little bit closer to him, using every tactic she had ever learned to get him to agree. She was in Australia to have fun, and teaching Daniel how to surf would definitely be a high point.

After all, she hadn’t had anything resembling a date since they were in New York with the Avengers, and Kei felt like she had really been neglecting her social life lately. Not that being a Guardian really meshed well with a social life, but she had an opportunity to change that and she was going to try her hardest to take it.
“Unless ya aren’t interested,” She continued, “I guess I haven’t even asked ya whether or not ya are seein’ anybody. My bad…” She upped the wattage of the smile, running her free hand through her short hair, “Are ya?”

Kei didn’t know where the rest of the team was, but right now she couldn’t honestly care. If it were an emergency they would be able to find her somehow. She wasn’t all that worried, Kei knew that the team had their ways of finding each other.
AJ following 'Vok down in the elevator and was actually quite glad to see De. Even after the mornings "adventures", she was still unsure of why she kept getting that creepy weird vibe. She knew it had nothing to do with Vok, he gave her vibes that were far beyond creepy or weird.
Giving De time to try to get the guy behind the desk to give him his number, Angelee finally piped up.
"So, was tha laundry mishap just here, or did it happen all ovah Oz? Tiger's right, there's some strange things afoot here. And instead of ah vacation away from all the voodoo, looks like we got sat smack dab right in tha middle o'it."
"Sounds like Brownies to me. Or Imps. Possibly Bushwicks. Probably Imps though. Tend to be the most playful of the lot, though Brownies aren't without their streaks. Not really my area of expertise, though I do know things like this usually don't happen on such a large scale. Maybe a flat or two will get hit. A University party if you're lucky. But a whole hotel? Sounds wiggy to me."

De said as he winked at the desk clerk again.

" lot up for a little fun in the sun? Maybe a little shopping, a little drinking, and a little beach side hijinks? Say? Where's the others?"

De hated to be so selfish, knowing he should have been asking that question out of curiousity for his friends, instead of a means to help cover his own caboose, but old habits died hard and he was in the state of mind where self preservation was of the utmost importance.

"Me!? No! I'm No, I'm not." Daniel said, before an embarassed look washed over his face.

He straightened up a bit and tried to regain a bit of composure. Her question about him seeing anyone had caught him a little off guard and his answer to such coming out a little louder than he would have liked. Today was shaping up to be quite a good day for him, and looked like it could be a pretty good afternoon as well provided he didn't mess it up somehow.

"I uh...I get off at four. A bit after the lunch rush, but if you're still free then I'd love a lesson or two."
"Imps hmm?" she paused for only a moment before snickering a little to herself. "Ah' knew ah' felt somethin' funny an' it wasn't Johnny boy..." one delicate eyebrow arched as she smile at her Skrull playmate, as if challenging him to say a word.
Clearing her throat, she turned her attention to the matter at hand... fun.
"De' mah friend, ah'm up for anythang you've got planned. So let's get this show on tha road! Ah' ain't lookin' forward to seein' Spooky when we get back. Ah can just imagine how pissed off he's gonna be. So we might as well just enjoy ourselves and sink into as much hedonism as we can."
Giving Daniel a sweet southern smile, she asked him to ring up Chandi's room and have her get in gear and meet them in the lobby.
"So, what's tha grand plans?" she really needed this right now. After all the crap that had been throwing at her recently, to be able to just kick back and enjoy friends, booze, fun and 'Vok... life was starting to smile on her.

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